Monday, June 13, 2016

And so it begins...

Well hey there!

Today starts a new chapter in my life. For the next six weeks I will have my mornings free as the triplets I watch go to summer school in preparation for entering 4K this fall! Time sure does fly and I can’t believe I’ve been watching them for just over two years already. 

It seems like it was just Christmas time and I was getting excited about these changes and the prospect of writing more. Now the day has finally arrived!

So I will now be devoting (with any luck) those free hours to writing. I’ve set myself some goals and I am going to do my best to achieve them. I’m aiming pretty high, but hey, I figure “go big or go home”, lol.

After the six weeks I will be back to watching the kiddos full-time temporarily until they start school in the fall. Once I go back to “part-time” I will again devote those free hours to writing and furthering my career as an author. 

Time has always been a struggle for me. I’ve always felt guilty when I’m not writing and instead taking care of responsibilities or, god forbid, enjoying life and time spent with those I love. Throw in a rare “me day” and the guilt complied 10 fold. And if I was writing I felt guilty about letting household chores go, while locking myself in my writing room for hours on end.

Never mind trying to promote books already published, getting on social media, making valuable connections…etc. etc.. I seriously need 48 hour days to make everything work! I admire those writers that have managed to do it all…and keep their sanity!

With these changes in my daily schedule I feel I can now join the ranks of those who succeed in making their dreams come true…without sacrificing too much in any one area. I will write during the week and do as much promo as I can squeeze in. The same goes for social media interactions. Evenings and weekends will belong to me, my friends and family. I swear it sounds so easy, yet a nagging little voice keeps saying, “we’ll see”, lol. Let’s hope my plan works out : )

And a very special heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who have been patient, loyal and understanding. Without your love, support and encouragement to continue, I more than likely would have given up a long time ago.

So there ya have it! I’m a girl with a plan and on a mission! I have lots to do and plans for some fun events as well. I hope you will hang around and enjoy this amazing time in my life with me!

Savannah Rayne