Garland & Lights

Winter Calloway was planning a very special gift for her man for Christmas. She wanted to give him something he deserved…something he would never, ever forget. With the preparations made and the perfect details laid out, she puts into motion a memorable surprise that would, at least for her, end very merry and bright. Sometimes revenge really is the sweetest gift of all.


Winter stood in front of Brice, tilting her head from side to side. Upon closer inspection she realized he really wasn’t that good looking. His eyes were a little too narrow and set too close together. His nose was rather short and fat, reminding her of a pig’s nose. His lips were plump and she’d always disliked the disgusting way his kisses always seemed so wet. She shuddered now at the thought of them. And she had to chuckle when she noticed the flab around his mid-section. “What the hell was I thinking all these years?” she said aloud. She hadn’t even noticed until right then, that his ears stuck out a bit and that the right one sat a smidge higher than his left. And he had the balls to say shit about me.
“Hey,” she said as she smacked his cheek repeatedly. “Time to wakey, wakey, asshole.” She wasn’t at all surprised when she didn’t get a response. She took the pitcher of ice cold water she held in her left hand and tipped it into his lap, as the loud cracking sound of the slap she delivered to his cheek with her right hand broke the silence of the room. “Wake the hell up, I said!”
Brice’s eyes opened as he came to with a startled jerk. He tried to focus, looking around the room dazed and confused. He didn’t understand why his vision was blurred or why he felt so groggy. “Where…the…” he slurred, when he saw Winter in front of him
“Nice to see I have your attention,” Winter spoke, as she patted his cheek again, but lightly this time.
He tried to focus on her outline as she walked away, but became aware of and distracted by the coldness in his lap. As he shook his head, he felt something scratchy and snug around his throat. What the hell is that? he wondered. He forced himself to lean forward, not fully comprehending at first why he couldn’t move, but felt a stinging in his arms and chest. His eyes closed involuntarily as his head slumped forward and seemed to be swimming.
“Uh, uh, oh no you don’t, sweetheart. It’s time to stay awake,” stated Winter when she returned. “I have a few surprises for you, my darling,” she sneered. She lifted his chin hard and fast, snapping his neck backward.
Brice’s eyes opened once again, as he tried to understand what was going on. His mind seemed to be cloudy, as if he was dreaming. That’s it, he thought trying to reason through the fogginess in his head. I’m just having a bad dream. He was straining his eyes, blinking them open and shut, trying to focus and wake up.
Winter sat in the chair and leaned back, holding the ends of the strands of lustrous garland. As she wrapped the shiny material around her hand, her eyes never left Brice. When she saw his eyes beginning to close, she gave a good yank on the silver garland. She smiled when he began to cough, then let out a squeal. “What’s the matter, babe?”
As each minute ticked by, Brice labored to regain a clear head. Fighting through the confusion, he vaguely remembered drinking something, a movie…but nothing more. He suddenly felt an increased pain in his private area. At first he thought he had peed on himself, because he could recognize wetness in his lap. But why is it so damn cold?
“Sweetie, you’re not looking so well.”
“I…I don’t…feel…goo—,” he stuttered.
“Well, now don’t you worry none. It’ll get much worse…and honestly, I wouldn’t bet on it getting any better,” Winter stated matter-of-factly.
“Me, what? Do you have a question, hon?”
Brice inhaled deeply, hoping the nausea he felt rising in his throat would pass. He tried again to move, but felt the same stinging as earlier. He tried to move his leg, finding he couldn’t budge them at all.
“Nice and tight, aren’t they?”
“Babe, you really need to snap to here, or I may have to take matters into my own hands,” she informed him when she saw his eyes begin to shut. She then chuckled at her own little joke when she pulled on the garland once more, smiling when his mouth gaped open and a scream came forth. “Ah, music to my ears.”
The last shooting pain cleared a great deal of the haziness from his mind. With his eyes wide and his vision sharper, Brice saw Winter sitting across from him holding the ends of the garland, still wearing the Christmas lingerie. “Winter, what are you… doing?”
“Why honey, I’m giving you the Christmas present you deserve,” she purred. “You lying, cheating, bastard.”


By Bernie on April 24, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Garland & Lights is another spooky little story by author Savannah Rayne. This one is all about revenge, Christmas, and a really bad boyfriend. Wish it was longer.

ByRosemary rosiebear Pfeifferon April 7, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Even though this is a short story,it is one that so many women some time in their lives unfortunately fantasize about.Its the holiday season and a woman named Winter,has a very special gift for her beloved of 8years. Is he worthy of this gift?,you bet,because Winter has caught him cheating on her. Realizing that he is a jerk and wants him to pay for what he has done,she devises a very special plan for him.... very creative writing makes the reader smile at her revenge,and even cheer for her !!!

ByKindle Customeron April 24, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Garland & Lights is another spooky little story by author Savannah Rayne. This one is all about revenge, Christmas, and a really bad boyfriend. Wish it was longer.

ByAmazon Customeron January 10, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Very quick read. Loved the story!!!! Can't wait to read more by this author!

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