Monday, September 22, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All, 

We’re going to take this Monday a different way today after we know out some dates.

Today: Fall Equinox the day of balance. (Wow I had an “ah-ha” moment...we’ll get to that) Today celebrate the balance of energies. Day and Night are equal today so what can you balance in your life? If you are like me and see dead people…lol…then today may be a day almost as powerful as Halloween. I find on Earth energy days it’s a surprise as to what is going to happen to me from the Other Side.

Wednesday is the New Moon. That’s right, let go of all that crap that no longer serves your highest good!

This weekend I went to Body Lab USA’s expo in Hudson, Wisconsin. (Stay with me, I promise this is not going to bore you today) I went to get worked on and clear my past emotional garbage and my current garbage. I learned some amazing stuff which we will get to later. I was hanging out with some friends, Joe and Lisa of Maple House Arts (love Lisa’s creations) and as I was scoping the crystals and gemstones I heard Joe say to a customer (and Joe I’m sorry dude, this may not be exact) “Jesus was a healer and we’re supposed to follow in Jesus’ steps so it’s only natural that these healers (in the room) would do what he did, laying on of hands to heal the body, mind, and spirit.” (Okay Joe, I may have added because I couldn’t remember with my squirrel brain exactly and I was listening while picking my bling). But I woke up Sunday morning to write this blog and my brain was going on not only this, but what it is I do, what am I, which ties into the releasing I did with Will and trapped emotions not only from myself and my past lives, but the baggage I found from grandparents and great-grandparents, that I inherited. What? You inherit emotional crap? Yeah you do.

So now you all are thinking my Goddess, she is crazy! Crazy, what the h-e-double hockey stick is Wendy writing this Monday? 

Well let’s open that can of worms, shall we? (By the way, comment on this blog today and Savannah and I will pick a lucky person to win a signed copy of Mystic Monday the Book

Here we go! What is a Witch? What is a shaman? Am I just a nut bag? Oh, and let’s throw in Druids! What else? I could go American witch because what are our backgrounds?  

When I was sitting in an Italian restaurant with a friend about a year ago we were waiting for our food to arrive and—St. Paul has a big Italian population—this old woman hunched over with a brown colored dress comes over to our table points a finger at me and yells at the top of her lungs, “STREGA”. Well, what the hell? So I asked my friend as casually as I could, what does Strega mean? He had no clue, so on my way home he calls to say that Strega means Witch. To which I start laughing. I said, “Well I guess I saw her and you didn’t, so I see dead people and to her someone who sees what I see is a Strega.” 

Witch: When you hear witch what do you think of? The stereotype black dress, pointy hat, hag with green skin and a wart on her pointed nose? Or do you see a field with a ring of people in robes out in nature worshiping Mother Earth?  

Witch defined by Webster’s is: (lol this actually is kinda funny)

A woman who is thought to have magic powers.

A person who practices magic as part of a religion (such as Wicca)

A very unpleasant woman.

Full definition:  1. One that is credited with usually malignant supernatural powers. Especially a woman practicing usually black witchcraft often with the aid of the devil or familiar. 2. An ugly old woman. 3. A charming or alluring girl or woman  4. A practitioner of  Wicca  5. Witch of agnesi (Math…Yuck, okay that’s scary all by itself)

Humm….kinda enlightening there… right? 

Shaman: Someone who is believed in some cultures to be able to use magic to cure people who are sick, to control future events, etc.
A priest or priestess who uses magic for the purpose of curing the sick, divining the hidden and controlling events.

Again Webster Dictionary

Okay now let’s let my friends across the big pond laugh some at Webster. Are you
guys ready?

Druid:  A member of a group of priests in an ancient British religion.

That’s it! Really?

Hey I just thought of this…

Psychic: Used to describe strange mental powers and abilities (such as the ability to predict the future, to know what other people are thinking, or to receive messages from dead people) that cannot be explained by natural laws.

So there’s a lot right there to think on. So what do I do? I talk to your crossed over loved ones (see dead people). I use the universal white light to release energy blocks helping you to maintain balance and wellness. I can tell you the path you are on and if you continue where it could go. I also have started psychic surgery. I have an ability to go back to your past lives and heal there so that you can heal here in this life. Crazy right? Doing what I do never ever stops amazing me. Learning new things and doing them is eye opening to me. Where am I going with all this? No clue! Ha!  

We are coming up on Halloween, Samhain. The end of the wheel of the year and starting of the new. It matters not what label others put on you, it’s you being comfortable with who you are inside and what you do and what you can do. I challenge you to find the start of your path if you aren’t on it yet and create your own label if you need one. Witch, psychic, crazy freak sister (as my brother use to say) I embrace them all. Strega…yeah, okay, whatever. I guess I am if that is the word one has to describe what I do. But I know I’m much more, and more is to come. You all are born with the abilities I have. We are all born with the ability to play football, some of us need a lot of practice, and some of us are Aaron Rogers. I when it comes to football I throw like a Don’t get discouraged! It took me lots of self-study and finding the right people to hang with and learn from to get where I am today. I am still learning. I am doing Psychic Surgery now… well, learning still. I’m also growing in other areas. This is a powerful time of year to find your abilities and work on them. 

You’re not crazy; you are you and the higher power out there loves you unconditionally so go and practice!

Have fun this week my friends. Do what gives you joy and makes your heart sing…


Monday, September 15, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Thank Goddess the Packers pulled a win! LOL. I was watching football as I started to write this….

Let’s see what’s up this week for dates you should know. Body Lab USA has an expo in Hudson, WI this coming Saturday. So if you are in Western Wisconsin check that out!

This week I think we will continue with our energy work. Last week we talked a little about the root chakra and today we will move up one chakra to the Sacral Chakra. This chakra sits between the naval chakra and the root. It is about two inches below the naval. It is orange in color. It is the center of our self-worth and self-acceptance. It is also about keeping our lives balanced between work and fun. 

The sacral chakra is connected to our emotional and physical wellbeing. Some stones that help this chakra are anything yellow. Tiger’s Eye, Cornelian, Yellow Jasper are some examples.

 To keep this chakra healthy: Meditate on it. During meditation take a look at your sacral chakra. How is it spinning? Is it just right? To fast? To slow? Does it look dull or is it shinning bright and clear? If it is dull put a spark of the Divine White light in it and set it loose to clean out any of the dirt and dullness. When the white light is done and you see the chakra shining bright yellow set it spinning at just the right speed and let the white light go.

Take a look at your Root Chakra just to review it or check in on it. How is it doing?  Is it spinning just right? Does it look clear? If not, repeat the above with your root chakra until you see it shinning bright red.

Remember to cut your energy cords several times a day. If you need to, carry a stone in your pocket to help you with your energy for the day. I switch mine up depending on what I think I need help with for the day. This week I’ll be carrying Rose Quartz for my heart chakra.

Good Luck and Blessings All,

Monday, September 8, 2014

Mystic Monday

Tonight is a Super Moon so watch for it tonight and manifest under it! 

I want to take some time to thank Robert and Vicky over in England. Robert is speaking at an event and will be talking about Nemeton Energy System, which has become very popular over there with people who practice Earth base rituals and religions such as Wiccans and Druids. Some are mixing it up. We do have a Facebook group you can check out. 

Today I have a few things in mind I want to touch on and who knows, maybe it will get longer than it should and maybe it will spark some thinking and comments.

This weekend I was home in central Wisconsin reconnecting with some friends. One friend and I had gotten on the subject of death as a family member of his had passed on. Here is what I believe based on the experiences I have had with clients. 

When we cross over our life shifts to that of the other side. The other side is actually where we belong with all of our soul group members and our Mother and Father God. The other side is unconditional love and acceptance. Life on the other side is filled with everything we loved to do. So if grandpa loved to be on the lake in his boat fishing all day, chances are that is what grandpa is doing on the other side. Death is not something to fear because it’s not the end. It is a transition back to where we originated. Our friends and family meet us there and help us through. I believe we ourselves judge our life at our life review. We look at the moments in our life and learn from what we did and did not do so well. We learn from the pain we experienced the joy and all the in between. We also learn from the pain and joy that we caused others. If we haven’t learned all that we contracted for in that life we then figure out if we want to come back to this Earth and do it all again to work out karma or to just learn the things we may have not learned. I believe our friends and family once crossed over can pop in and out of our lives leaving us feelings or clues to they are watching over us. I believe a crossed over loved one can be a guide to my children or give myself guidance once in a while. Can a crossed over loved one return quickly to incarnate again in this same life say as a child or grandchild? I say anything is possible. Keep an open mind.

Then the subject of why do we have to do bad things or make bad choices or date someone we know isn’t our “one”. It’s all lessons. And this wasn’t only said by me. As I was sitting in a group of girlfriends this all came up and we started talking about lessons. One of the younger women in our circle asked why would she date this guy if he wasn’t her “one”. Another friend looked at her and said because he has something to teach you. I said because you need to experience what it is he is teaching you but you are also teaching him something. He may not be your “one” but he’s your one for now so enjoy the time with him and learn what it is you like and do not like in the relationship and it will help you as you grow. As for the “bad” choices we make it’s all about lessons we are learning to evolve your soul. If you do not learn your lessons you may have to come back and repeat them until you have learned what it is you have set out for your soul to master. This is why in life we repeat some behaviors and have patterns. We get into ruts because we are not learning what it is we are supposed to. We aren’t seeing the big picture so to speak and we are stuck until we do.

We have been talking about chakras and our energy here on the blog lately, along with twin flames and soul mates. We have been talking about how you have to clean up your emotional baggage so that your “one” can come in.

So with that in mind I’d like to introduce the Root Chakra.

The root charka is located at the base of your spine. It is red in color. Its job is to keep you connected to Mother Earth and her energy. Security and inner strength are also linked to this chakra. This chakra is about your basic needs and survival.

When we work with this chakra we learn to honor our needs and take care of ourselves. We release negative energy through the root chakra back to Mother Earth so that she may recycle it, returning it positively charged to the universe. This chakra helps to keep us grounded. To clear this chakra, when meditating, visualize the chakra and look at it as a spinning ball of red light. Take notice of all the dark spot and how it’s spinning. Does it feel like it is too fast, or slow? See bright white light of the universe down through your chakras until it reaches your root chakra. Once you’ve drawn it to your root chakra watch the white light clean your root chakra and set it spinning at just the right speed. All the dark spots, all the dingy and dirty areas disappear. Once you are done and see this chakra spinning and clean, send the white light through your root chakra to Mother Earth. Slowly start to move your body and come back to a non-meditative state.

So there are some topics to get you thinking. Have an amazing week!

Blessings All,