Monday, August 25, 2014

Mystic Monday

Today is the New Moon. Time to banish things that aren’t working for your highest good! It’s also a good time to start looking into your shadow self and what it is you are in need of healing from.

So there is our subject for today and one that is new to me. I did want to go on and continue with the Twin Flame but I really need to do some more research and work on it before I present more information here and how to heal. But that does lead us into healing our entire self, which we must do in order to be ready for a Twin Flame relationship, and we can’t be totally healed unless we look at the shadow self. 

When we are children and we act out or express emotions that are not acceptable we are told to “stop it” or “you can’t do that or say that”. We learn to stuff those emotions down and lock them away. But what becomes of all of them? What happens when we don’t express the negative?  

The shadow self is created. It’s the dark half to the lighter half of us that is accepted. It is the place we may fear to look into because it’s all the unacceptable things we may be. The shadow is not evil it’s just the bad and ugly we refused to deal with. When we heal this and learn from it in ourselves then we can heal ourselves on a soul level and be in a better place. This helps us in turn create a better reality for ourselves by taking care of the negative and taking responsibility for it. Owning it and working on it. We are human and we make mistakes, we judge, we do all it is that makes us human. 

By working with the shadow and not letting the shadow control, but help us heal it, we then create a better place for ourselves spiritually which will manifest into our lives.
So start with meditation. When meditating ask yourself what needs to be looked at. What’s causing your feelings? What is it you need to look at?

This week I leave you with that and good luck.

Blessings All,

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Watch for it!

Here it is…coming this fall will be the release of Whispering Breezes! If you’ve read When It Leaves you know there’s some unanswered questions about Angie Leiberman and this book will answer them! Keep a look out tomorrow for the full cover reveal! I’m soooooooo excited : )

Monday, August 18, 2014

Mystic Monday

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Let’s jump in since my brain is going a mile a minute with subjects, so excuse my thinking if I skip around.

I’ve been doing some research on Twin Flames and romantic relationships. This twin flame thing is something I am still trying to grasp so I’m not going to try to explain it as of now and I’ll save it for a later date when I’ve mastered it myself. However, a few weeks ago we did talk about the concept and what makes a soul mate different from a twin flame and other relationships. I understand this better now so I’m going to do my best to explain because I kinda had an “Ah-ha” moment last night when reading a book on Soul Mates and Twin Flames.

In the beginning we are created by the Father-Mother God to become this "soul" being that is connected to them so that we learn lessons to evolve our soul so that we can eventually evolve our soul in order to be closer to our Father-Mother God and stay in the perfect state of heaven and unconditional love. In our creation Father-Mother God split our soul into twin flames so that our soul could experience different lessons in different ways. Okay, so I’m new to this and I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of this knowledge I’m being presented with, so I don’t fully understand, nor can I answer questions entirely yet. From what I do understand, you and your twin flame are not on the planet at the same time and when you are you will come together to bring about a change in humanity and our way of thinking or doing. You know your twin flame by the intense feeling they stir in you. However, you can only be together once you have both worked through your emotional baggage and karma lessons. This brings us to other relationships.

Your soul mate is a person you are on the same energy level with working out the same lesson with. You may be working through the same charka lesson to strengthen that chakra and energy within your soul. This person you may marry and it’s all good because you belong together and you’re happy with each other experiencing unconditional love within that relationship. And for this life time that soul mate may be your “one” because your Twin is on the other side learning through you and your experiences here and maybe this is not the life you two will be together.

It’s been said that you will not find your twin flame until you are both on your last life on this planet. Now there is some debate out there, so again, as I learn I’ll let you know what I’m learning so you can figure out what you are going to believe or accept.

Now let’s talk karma marriage. This so explains and wraps up things for me in my life in a huge way! Karma marriages are when two people come together in a husband-wife relationship to balance karma that was traumatic to the two of them in a past life or life times they’ve had together. In that past life they may have hated one another so fiercely that only the relationship of a husband-wife marriage could balance that hate. I believe, after reading this and soul mate ideas presented in this book, that I was reading that a marriage could in fact be with a soul mate and a karma marriage. But that’s just my opinion based on an experience in this life time. So this for me explains why people may have multiple marriages in this life. I can see where someone may marry two or three times and not have success of staying together because really the marriage was supposed to be so that the two could work out past karma or situations so that both can evolve and meet the person they are supposed to be with.

Okay, so in this book I am reading the author mentions using the Violet Flame and a mantra to use the Violet Flame in order to clear negative karma built up over lifetimes so that you can clear through karma and emotional baggage to then be a step closer to attracting your twin flame or the person you will be with in order to experience unconditional love and work your soul to the end goal of being closer to the Divine so that you can stay on the other-side where everything is perfect or Heaven. Now when reading this my brain clicked and moved sideways to Shamballa Reiki or Shamaballa Multidimensional Healing as it’s now called. In Shamballa there is Silver Violet Flame and a mantra that is the same as Violet Flame. St. Germaine, an Ascended Master gave us the knowledge of Silver Violet Flame. This flame changes negative karma from past lives and helps you raise your vibrations. The Silver Violet mantra is, “I AM a being of silver violet fire. I AM the purity God desires.”  Repeat out loud three times.

Violet Fire mantra was given to us by God and is the same as above just take out the silver. You are to repeat it out loud three or more times in a sitting position in a chair with your palms up resting on your legs. Personally I don’t think God cares how you sit when you are meditating and saying it, but if you are a by-the-book person this is how it was given in this book I am reading. Violet Flame is so strong it transmutes all negative karma over all your life times thus clearing your karma slate for your “the one” to come in.

So you guys think on that for this week and let me know if you try the mantras and what results you are seeing. With bringing more positive into your life by repeating the mantras and getting rid of negative karma you should notice some positive changes taking place.

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Blessings All,


The One

You can call it karma
Or something that was meant to be
But you found each other
You’re blessed abundantly
You bring the best out of one another
And you get each other-that is true
Every day you grow in love
In special ways for you
You build each other up
From day to each year
You’re one another's rock
The one you love so dear

Patti Belopavlovich