Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Finally...I'm back!

Hey there everyone! 

Well it’s been awhile since I posted a blog here myself and all my other social networking sites have been quiet for the past month. This has been due to packing and getting ready for a move to a new town. Exciting—yes, but a lot of work and a pain in the rear-end. 

With that behind me and most of the unpacking complete, I finally had time to sit with a cup of coffee and, well, write a blog post! This past weekend I decided to make one of the upstairs bedrooms my “writing cave” and worked on getting that all set up. Hopefully now the creative writing juices will start flowing again. I have sooooo many WIP’s started that I really do need to get writing and complete them! Never fear, I will have several new releases this year in both the horror and romance genres!

Last week we finally had a day where we reached 60 degrees after a LONG winter…only to wake up to 2 inches of newly fallen wet, heavy snow on Monday. It seems Old-Man Winter will just not give up his hold on us! The new house has a really nice deck out back with a great yard. 

I’ve envisioned getting my patio furniture all set up, the grill, and planting some flowers. 

Guess it might be a while yet because there’s more “yuck” predicted in the weather forecast for this week. 

So to chase the winter-blues away I made the blog a little “Springy” looking, lol. At this point anything colorful makes me feel better.

I can’t tell you how ready I am for some nice, warmer weather to get here! I know, soon enough I’ll be complaining how gosh-darn hot it is, lol.

This weekend is Easter Sunday…I wish you and your family a very wonderful and blessed day.

I’m planning a special surprise for next week…so watch for the coming updates!

I’m hoping all is wonderful in your world and just know I plan on things getting back to normal : )


Monday, April 14, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Holy Cow! Where does time go? It’s the middle of April already. Look for me at the event in Eau Claire, WI.  April 24th. There is a link to it on my webpage. www.intuitivewendy.net

Okay Dates:

Hey, Tuesday is the Full Moon! Which means what?  Full power energy for manifesting! So get out that list and burn it so that the Universe can help you match your vibration with what it is you wish to have in your life.

Friday is Good Friday and then Easter Sunday. 

So this week I was going to talk about visualizations and I think we will stay on track and go there.
What you want to do is read through this and then try it. Remember, it’s okay if you don’t get all the steps and it doesn’t matter if you only hold it a few minutes. As you practice you will be able to hold a vision longer and see it more vividly. Here is where I have to practice as well. It’s been a while since I’ve meditated. You know how everyday life gets in the way. 

First, set your space. Turn off harsh lights, make sure the kids are outside playing and the house is quiet. Turn off your phone and any other distractions. You will need a candle as we are going to use it to help practice visualizing.

Next get comfortable. Sit in a chair, sit on the floor, whatever it is you need to be so that you can relax. I play some instrumental music in the background. Take three, deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth. As you do, let go of all the stress from the day. Now ask that as you go on breathing normal that you will continue to relax with each breath. 

Now I want you to light your candle. Look into the flame. Note the way it moves. See the colors of the flame and the wick in the middle of the flame. Now close your eyes and see the candle. The color of the wax, the colors of the flame. When you can’t hold the flame in your mind any longer, open your eyes and look again at the candle. Then, when you are ready close your eyes and see the candle and flame again. How long can you hold the image? Remember it doesn’t matter how long you can hold the image at first, you will get better.

Practice this week and next week we will do a meditation on clearing and restoring balance to the chakras.

Have an amazing week and don’t forget to manifest on Tuesday!

Blessings All,

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Well, looking at the calendar there is no moon to talk about this week. But we are working towards a full moon in a little bit so you should be working on Manifesting. The full moon marks the night when manifesting energy is at its highest. The night after the full moon is time to banish what isn’t serving your highest good. I know it can be confusing. I have to look it up a lot to remind myself when I get out of practice.
From what I have been hearing from other healers and psychics is we are entering, this year, a time of compassion and when things start to move for all of us. Last year was pretty stale and we were discovering our lessons and what it is we are working on. Well, this year if you’ve done your homework, or are in the process of doing your work, things are going to start happening! Now, if you are like me you are saying, “About time!” right? I have no patience what-so-ever when I’m pretty sure of what I want. I’m a, “See, Want, Have” kinda girl. 

Compassion. What are we talking about here?

As defined by Webster… Compassion : sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Now this is linked with the heart chakra and using the compassion energy from that chakra in everyday life. This is part of the energy shift we are going through as a planet. It’s a more female energy than what we are all used to. Male energy has ruled for a long time and this shift is going to put us all in a different way of thinking. It’s no longer all about me. It’s, what I do effects the greater good, so how can I make the most of what I do? Is what I do in this moment for my greatest good? We are human and not saints or angels. So it’s ok to not feel this way 100% of the time. To have “me” time is okay and to do things for “me” is okay too. A day of lazy is okay if that’s what you need do to recharge. 

Kuan Yin is the goddess of Compassion. Call on her for help. Mother Mary can also help you with all matters with love, compassion, and releasing that which isn’t helping you in this area. 

Well I took a break while writing this to give a reading to a client. It never amazes me that I need to remember rule #1 and remember it’s not my information to judge, or figure out. Just speak what you get and say it. I was kinda holding back because I got a name of a man and it didn’t feel right at this reading, but I was wrong, it was as it should have been. I asked the client did the man’s name mean anything to her, and she was like “No, No man in the family, but the family is connected to a town with that name...Hello! Yep, I had to laugh at myself for trying to fit the information in and guessing where it was to go, and not just saying it and letting her figure it out. Well from that point on I told her that the information I get is for me to speak and for her to put together. So I came up with a few more pieces, but the one that struck home the most was describing hunting and the dog that went hunting with her loved ones that were crossed over. I love when the guides give me something to describe that only the person knows. The dog I told her about was the dog her father had owned and she even knew the name. Amazing!

I am so blessed. I wish I had more clients so I could do this more than here and there…So call me people…lol!

I will be in Eau Claire, WI at the Best Western the weekend after Easter on Saturday. There is a link on my website for more information. It’s a spring psychic fair. It will be fun! I can’t wait to see my friends at Maple House Arts. I will have copies of Mystic Monday the Book to sign and sell. 

Did I tell you guys I do parties? Well I do, so go see the website and get your date booked. 

Blessings All,