Monday, October 3, 2011

Mystic Monday's

Welcome back everyone! The move is over, although there's still much to get done, lol. I know many of you were disappointed there were no blog postings last week and I do apologize again. So, without any more delays, let's get back to seeing what Wendy has to say this week...

Hi All,
Ok let's get to it!
Reiki 101.
Attunements set Reiki apart from other healing systems such as Healing Touch or Quantum Touch.
What's an attunement?
Well during an attunement the Reiki Master will align your chakras and then after opening your aura, draw the symbols to the level of Reiki you are attuned to, into your aura.
Attunements can be done in many ways and can take from 5 minutes, to an hour depending on the Master. My first one took 45 minutes because the Master I was working with, took me on a meditative journey as she drew the symbols into my aura. When I attune someone it takes a few minutes. Reiki attunements can be given via distance or in person. Distance attunements can be given in real time or in Reiki Balls. I’ll leave Reiki Balls a topic for another day.
 Once you've been attuned you may start to feel in your hands, a sensation of heat, or pins and needles. When you feel this, Reiki is flowing and you should put your hands on yourself, a friend, a pet or family member, plants love energy too or just give it back to mother earth. As you get used to Reiki energy you will be able to turn it on and off by yourself. You can Reiki just about anything such as the food you eat, water, your pet, (my lab is a Reiki junkie, she loves Reiki). I, Reiki things around the house to keep the house energy clear. There is no limit.
 Another thing that may happen when you are attuned is, you may start to have psychic abilities. I did, but I had them as a child and turned them off as I grew older. They came back slowly once I was attuned.
During all this you should be drinking plenty of water every day to help the energy flow. It is suggested waiting 28 days to adjust to the energy before getting your next attunement.
 Some places on the web offer an all in one Reiki Master attunement. Some of these can be good and others bad. Do your research on the person offering these before you purchase. There are some links on my website for some Reiki Associations with directories of Reiki Masters you can check out.
I have basic prices but I flex with people’s needs and often trade attunements or sessions for other things.

This was a quick put together so I'm sorry if it seems choppy. : ) Ask questions, questions bring wisdom.


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  1. This is fascinating, Wendy. I can't wait to learn more.