Monday, October 10, 2011

Mystic Monday's

Ghosts—Are they real? Many of us are told as a child that, ghost are not real. Social conditioning teaches many of us that are in tune with the other-side to turn off our abilities as children and be "normal".
With the popularity of reality shows today and the ghost shows that are out there, I figured why not do a blog on ghosts. After all it is close to Halloween.
 The world of communicating with the other side started up again for me after the birth of my second son and my training in Reiki started. It was Christmas time, which I soon learned is a 12 day event, that the veil between the worlds thins out and it's easier for spirits to cross over to visit the living. It was during these 12 days I started to feel watched. Then I started hearing a favorite song of a friend of mine who had died that year. I made an appointment with my Reiki Master to see if my friend would show up so she could talk to him and figure out why he was around. Very personal story so I will just say ‘yes’ he did show up and he wanted me to know he was ok and I could stop worrying about him.
 A few years later after a few more experiences, I started to go out to rumored haunted places to see what I'd pick up. I've included pictures of the Bloody Bride Bridge in Stevens Point, WI located on Hwy 66. Walking down the path at this small park I felt like my friend and I were being watched. When I sat at the bench I asked him to start taking pictures as I began to channel Reiki energy and then it happened— I could feel someone sitting next to me. The feeling is more of a ‘pins and needles’ felling in my hands, or sometimes it’s just a knowing that someone is there. If you look closely in the photo there is a woman sitting just to my right. You will see the outline of a person and it looks like she has a cape over her shoulders.

 So I bet you're wondering what it's like to talk to ghosts. Ok, well it's different than talking with people. Have you ever watched Ghost Whisperer? It's kinda like that, but for me, I hear them in my head yet the information always comes from the right side. So if you watch, you can tell when I'm getting information because I'll tilt to the right to listen, but the words spoken are in my mind. When I'm with clients most of them like to hear something so I'll talk my half of the conversation out loud and then tell them what I am being told. Ghosts are people, so just like people, everyone is different in how they present themselves. Some will send a quick visual.
When I read for a group of women, they all wanted to contact a grandma that had recently passed to see how she was. The grandma came to me and flashed me a picture of her hands all knotted at the knuckles. I told the group she is showing me her hands and she had big knuckles like she had joint problems. She says her hands do not hurt anymore and they are pretty again like mine. Meaning, young looking. Then she flashed me my big mug that I make hot choc in. And I heard ‘tea’ when the women wanted to know about the grandfather. I also was shown a lake and fishing boat. I told the group what I saw and they started to laugh at me, because the grandfather loved to fish and his "tea" was a big mug of tea spiked with alcohol.

Most ghosts I run into just want someone to know they are there. I often give them the option of crossing over into the light, when I communicate with them so they can move on. Some choose to go and some don't. I've never had anything as of yet get thrown at me. I've walked into some places where the energy is very negative and I've just walked right back out. Why put yourself into a bad situation.
 My favorite ghosts are those that start talking while I'm on a tour of any kind. My first experience with this was at the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee. Mrs. Pabst told me to correct the tour guide. Ok, so first rule is to pass on what a spirit says, but when one is in a group of 30 people, maybe wait til the end of the tour and do so privately.
 I also rented space for a short time at a spa in St. Paul. One night another Reiki Master and I were working together on a client. The room we were in was at the bottom of the stairs to the 3rd floor. As we were sending Reiki to our client, the door to the upstairs flung open and crashed into the wall. Now the spa was rumored to have 3 ghosts. I yelled up the stairs, “Hey trying to work here, if you do that again I'll ask the angels to help you leave. It wasn't funny you scared us all and we are trying to help this woman heal some issues.” I went back to our tiny room, asked the guides to guard the door and we began to relax into the energy again. Not more than 5 minutes later the door flew open again and crashed into the wall making us all jump. I'd had it with this wise guy. I yelled up “Do it again and I won't ask the angels to help, I'll ask them to cross you over and you won't be here anymore.” It stopped.
 We have a cabin in Hayward, not far from Capone's Hideout. In fact, I could walk there. My mom and I toured the year before it closed. As we walked up the driveway I could see the outline of a man in a suit with a gun in the lookout tower. As we continued through, two men followed me up the driveway taunting me. Both wore suits and hats and carried tommy guns. They kept calling me ‘Johnny's girl’ and wanted to know what Johnny's girl was doing there. I put up some white light around mom and I and we went about our tour.  We got some good pictures around the place, but we were not able to take pictures inside.
 I am leaving on retreat for AZ and will post pictures from there when I get back. I am going to visit the vortexes in Sedona.
 If you have questions please ask. I enjoy writing this blog so that I can help others to find themselves and maybe study what I know. I'm here to help you, so please ask questions!
On that note,
Have a wonderful week and I hope to have photos for you next week.
October 22, I will be on the Ghost and Graves tour through the Wabasha Street Caves in St. Paul.
October 29th I will be in Eau Claire at the Best Western for a holistic conference. I believe it's $5.00 at the door. I will also be on a tour of Mounds Theater in St. Paul that evening. I hope to have pictures from that posted as well.

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  1. I am completely amazed and totally fascinated by all of this, Wendy, and looking forward to your next post.