Monday, January 9, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hello All,

As I was looking through my moon phases I remembered I had to write this blog, so what better subject for this week since today is the Full Moon the most powerful night for Manifesting.

There are a few phases the moon goes through that can help or hinder your manifesting and banishing or removing of energy.

We will start with the Full Moon. When the moon is full manifesting energy is at its most powerful. To manifest positive things into your life, write them down on a piece of paper and then burn it on the night of the full moon. I do a little ritual with writing out what I want. I gather my cauldron, my lighter and my paper with my wants written out on it.   I say something like Dear God, Goddess, Angels and Guides I am ready for (my wish) to come into my life. Then I light it and drop it into my cauldron, as I do this I say something like sister moon hear my prayer for my (wish) as I release it to the Universe and know it will be answered. Once there is nothing but ash left I dump it under my favorite tree and ask Mother Earth to nurture my wish as it will come to me in divine timing.

Full moon gives way to 14 days of Waning which is a great time for removing things from your life that no longer serve your highest good.

The Dark Moon is three days prior to the New Moon. This is a transition period between what you are releasing and what you are asking to come into your life.

The New Moon is the power day for removing what is not for your highest good. The day prior to the New Moon leads into this energy. You can do another ritual as above if you wish.

The New Moon gives way to the 14 days of waxing or manifesting. To manifest tell the Universe what it is you want. Spell it out in detail so you're not settling for anything just short of what you want. Affirmations are stronger during this time as well. You can manifest and remove whenever you feel it is right for you but doing so with the correct moon phase adds power to your desires.

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  1. Hello Wendy,

    I so much enjoy your post and I love the way you explain things!

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and insight with all of us. Wish I was going to be at a few of the places you were going to be!!!

    Have a wonderful day~

    Big Hugs~

  2. Thank you Robin I wish you could make it to some of my events as well. I'd love to meet you. :)

  3. Hey All, Good question on FB today. Can you burn your intentions that you want manifested today? Well you could but the moon energy may work against you. We are now in waning, which means to release. So start meditating on what you want released from your life. What doesn't serve your highest good?
    on the 13th day of this moon phase we'll be at dark moon which is the powerful moon for releasing.
    More next Monday.