Monday, January 16, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Well I have been very busy this weekend with teaching a Reiki class all day Saturday and another Reiki Master level class on Sunday morning. I had enough time to drive home and run a quick trip to the store before the Packers game started!

This weekend during class we had an interesting discussion about using Reiki symbols without being attuned and traditional vs. non-traditional.

When you practice Reiki you get an attunement to the energy from a Reiki Master. Some Masters charge outrageous amounts for you to learn Reiki. There are online Reiki courses you can take that are cheap and there are even some that offer how to attune yourself to Reiki. So what's the best?  And can you use symbols that you are not attuned to?

In a Reiki attunement a student is given the Reiki symbols by a Reiki Master. The symbols of the Reiki system being used are placed into the student's aura. The attunement also aligns the chakras and clears out any energy blocks the student may have. This turns the student into a clear channel for Reiki energy. The attunement also protects the student from energy backlash from clients. Reiki energy flows one way from the Universe, through the practitioner from head to toe out the practitioners hands and into the client where it goes to where it is needed and out the client’s feet into mother earth.

So in my opinion a distance vs. an in-person attunement is no different. I have received some pretty powerful Reiki attunements from Masters via distance. In person is nice though because you build a personal relationship with your Master. One is no better than the other. My advice is have a session with a Master and go from there. If the Master feels comfortable to you and the two of you click, then go with that Master.

Self-attunements, I've never studied, so I’m not sure what to say on that subject.

Now as far as using symbols from Reiki systems you're not attuned to, I'd say yes you can, but it won't be as powerful or as pure of an energy as it would be if you had the attunement to the system the symbol is used in. However, I have an exception to this, and that is, I have a student who was shown a Kaurna Ki Reiki symbol as I was attuning her to Usui Master level. So I told her to go ahead and use Kaurna Ki because the angels and guides want her to have it. She is being attuned to it by her guides in sessions and other attunements she has had.

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional.

Traditional Reiki is Usui Reiki and it teaches hand positions the practitioner uses on the client to treat the client with Reiki energy. There is also no mention of guides and you physically touch the body. Attunements are passed in person only.

Non-traditional Usui Reiki teaches all that traditional teaches only no hand positions and we talk about guides and using tools such as singing bowls, stones and aroma-oils to help release energy blocks. Reiki is the switch that turns on the healing energy in the session and the session grows into more with intuition taking over to give the client what they need in their session.

Ok so I threw a lot out there to think about and hopefully post about this week. Next Monday we will revisit the moon due to the 23rd  being the day of the New Moon.

Blessings everyone,


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