Monday, February 20, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
What a night on Saturday! I can tell you what but not the where, as of yet. Saturday was the first night I met the team. After being in the establishment for a few minutes I started to have visions about the place. So while the team took out all their cool gadgets and computers, I started to write in my notebook as to what I was picking up. As the night went on we experimented with a voice recorder, EMF readers, flash lights and digital thermometers. The ladies on the team had brought a few mini mag lights and we had a few purple ones but one red which was cool cuz we could use the two different colors to make requests to the ghost to turn one color on and off vs. the other. The Spirit Box though was by far my favorite. A spirit box is a little radio that surfs the fm stations continuously, when you ask the ghost a question it can answer via the radio frequencies.
So down to the basement we went. Right away I got hit with a feeling of being sick to my stomach, which usually means whatever is there doesn't want me there. So I backed off and had to ground myself to feel better. Once I did, we went into a small room in the basement and I tried to communicate with what was there and wanted me out. I got nothing. We brought in the spirit box and closed the door with the lights off and Freddy started to ask the ghost simple questions like what's the first letter of your name? And if you want us to leave say— out. Which it did; which was cool. So we left to go to a different room.
The ladies had two flash lights and the thermometer in the other room. They were asking the ghost to turn the light on and off while taking the temp of the light without activity and with activity. Without activity the temp was about 60 degrees. When asked to turn on the red flashlight the ghost did and the temp dropped a few degrees. We asked the ghost to drop the temp and keep it steady for a minute or two. We could feel the temp drop quickly; immediately and the thermometer read 53 steady for a minute or two. We thanked the ghost and started to ask yes or no questions with the flashlight. Asking the ghost to turn the light on for yes and off for no. It was very active for about a half an hour. Then we had about an hour of time that there was no activity and I couldn't feel anything in the building. A few of the ladies and I went outside to walk the property and take some photos where we did get a mist that appeared and disappeared and we could only see it on the camera and not with our own eyes. It was very cool.
Now because the evidence is still being examined and presented I cannot show any photos or get specific until next Monday. So the story continues next week when I can post the mist photos.
We also had an orb that was in photos with me in our booth and when I left the booth so did the orb and when I sat down again it was back. That was very interesting.
Next week we will also get back on track with spirit guides. I've been working on Nemeton Reiki again which is been widely accepted in England. I have been called to add a circle casting before the healing sessions. So once again I'm back to the computer for an addition to the class. :)
Please check out my website for upcoming classes. March 3rd is the next Reiki class. I will be offering all three levels. March 31 I am at the Mead Hotel in WI Rapids, WI for a Wellness Expo with BodyLabUSA.

As always Blessings to you all,
Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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