Monday, February 27, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Well yesterday was interesting. The Stevens Point Paranormal Club (SPPC) presented the evidence we collected over the last two weekends to the owners and the staff of Club Forest.
Freddy and the team who work all the tech stuff were amazing. Some of the videos and photos can be seen on FB but I will post them to my website. There is also two links on my website to SPPC where you can see not only stuff from Club Forest, but other places the team has been.
Saturday I thought was just going to be a day of presenting, but I was wrong. Jennifer has some new equipment to try out and I wanted to get back into the basement to see if I could kick out the ghost that had all the negative energy. Jennifer had this camera or I'm not sure what it was but it read the heat areas in the room. When you looked at the screen it was all red, yellow, greens and spots of blue. She also brought her divining rods with her. Well in no time I had the ghost answering yes and no questions by turning the rod in my left had all the way around or crossing the two rods to form an X. Once we made contact with our two "good" ghosts, we asked them to leave the building so I could sage the room and call on the angels to take the "nasty" ghost out and away so there could be peace in the building. So how did I do it? Here is what I did. I called on my guides to help me with protection. I cast a circle around me and Jennifer, who taped everything, and then I burned some sage to clear the area while I called Arch Angels to take away the entity and heal the area. When I was done I opened the circle and left the burnt sage in the room. Then when I was done we called the two back into the building and started to use the rods and the spirit box to communicate.
Freddy pointed the thermal camera at me while I started to channel Reiki energy to our two ghosts so that they could have some energy to keep up the communications. While I started to channel, my hands looked red in the camera then Freddy said my right hand started to turn blue (meaning the temp was dropping and getting cold). As he was telling me he was seeing blue, my hand and arm started to tingle and feel cool. I wish we could have gotten all of it on video. It was an amazing experience. When we were done talking they called my name over the spirit box. That was very cool.
So I hope you can see the pictures and find the website to see and hear some of our recordings from the nights the team members were there.

Jennifer Nagorski snapped this picture as she saw a blue light fly across the room she was in as we were investigating a haunted supper club in Plover.

Valerie Kedrowski was asking the ghost to turn on the flashlight on the table when this was taken.

There is a small spot of light on the back of the booth over by my jacket.

Bar stools that were reported to fall off the table.

stairs to the basement.

The rooms that one of the ghost didn't want me in. It made me feel sick.

outside in the parking lot.

A mist that formed and then in the next picture is gone.

This was the next photo after the mist picture.

I had the feeling that someone was standing by this tree watching us going around the property.

The door to the area that was said to have to most activity. We had the most activity in the basement.

More mist that just formed. Again we tried to recreate it but it didn't work.

Photo after the mist.

This area of the bar was said to have activity.

This was the room we had the most activity in. Voice recordings and the flash lights turning on and off to answer yes and no questions

Ok with that said: Where were we? I know we were talking Spirit Guides. How many of you have tried a meditation to meet your guides?

Well get comfortable and turn your phone off. Light a candle and play some peaceful music in the background. Nothing loud or with singing.

Set your intent. What is it you want to learn with your meditation? Spirit guides, I want to be able to meet you and know what it is you do for me.

Then close your eyes and create where it is you will meet your guides. My first meeting was in a field and a Native American man leading a horse came to me and we started to walk the tree line and talk. He and I always meet in the field or there is a horse to take me to him. Then I have a great oak tree that I meet my protector guides at.

So experiment with it. Most important do not judge, but do remember to journal about it so you have it as you move forward with your work with them.

Next week we will talk about how to get information from your guides. Do you hear it? Do you see it? Do you just know it? We will explore all that next week.

Don't forget March 3rd, I'm teaching Reiki in Shell Lake at Vitality Village. March 31, I am in Wisconsin Rapids at an Expo at the Mead Hotel. March 24th, I'm back out with the team in Stevens Point. So look for more ghost stories!

Check out my website for all the information and links to SPPC.



Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. I was smiling through this whole blog...I love the photo's, they sure make you think!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Wendy! This was soooooo interesting and Fun!!!! It is always a blast being allowed to join in on the adventure. ;)

    Big Hugs~

  2. It was pretty amazing. The stuff we were able to pick up on. There is more on my Facebook page and then the Stevens Point Paranormal Club site as well. There is a link to the SPPC on my website. :)