Monday, April 9, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
Jennifer and I had such a great time at the old First Ward School that we talked the team into going this last Saturday.

We all arrived about 6pm. Justin gave Freddy, Val, Missy and Shannon a tour while Jenny and I played with the kids(ghosts) in the Kindergarten room. Right away I heard the kids say “you're back” and “Cheese”. They wanted their pictures taken a lot while we were there. Cheese was the word of the night.

We played Ring around the Roses. Our flashlights were set in the middle of the floor and I skipped around them holding hands as Jenny and I sang. Then we sang and asked the kids to skip around the off flashlights and look at all the orbs in the photo.
The next photo all the orbs were gone. At that moment we had said "We all fall down!"

The kindergarten was by far our most active room for the night. We had pictures of me with orbs sitting around me when we asked the kids for a group photo.
When the tour was over and our group was back Freddy and I stayed in the Kindergarten room where we had a little girl manipulate Freddy's Walkie Talkie and talk to us. If you click here you can listen to it.
That was pretty amazing. Most of the activity we caught was early in the evening from 6pm to about 11pm. Then it got slow. We were all pretty tired and with Easter get-togethers with our families on Sunday, we cut our night short.

Val caught some action on the floor with the old nurse's office. Freddy and Shannon, with Justin and Jennifer (Val and I joined late) had some great fun in the attic with a ghost working the flashlights and knocking on the rafters and wood up there.
Justin did touch base with me about the area in the basement called the "hole". He found an old coffee can with a lock of hair and some letters in it. But I guess most of the can had rotted away and the letters fell to pieces when he tried to read them.

I caught a light orb in the stairway and one in the attic. If you look at the wall by the teacher's desk, I thought I could make out a woman's face and part of her body. I'm going to leave it up to you guys to tell me what you think of that one.
That's about all I have for this investigation.
Next week I will be at an Expo in Ashland, so I'll tell some about that and then I think we'll get back to healings and spirit guides.
I hope everyone had a great Easter! Let me know how you like the the pictures and what you think of the recording.

Blessings All,
Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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  1. Absolutely loved it, Wendy! Thank you for sharing~