Monday, May 28, 2012

Mystic Monday

Happy Memorial Day All!

Did you know Memorial Day was called Decoration Day? Now I kinda did because my Grandma Crotteau used to call it such when I was a kid. She told me that it used to be Decoration Day because it was a day to fly the flag and visit the graves of loved ones who had been crossed over during battle. (Okay really she used the word died but that's such a nasty word for me I can't use it. We’ll go there at a later blog.)

However, Grandma wasn't far off.

Memorial Day was Decoration Day and it was started back after our Civil War as the women across the states decorated the graves of the fallen Union and Confederate soldiers to honor and remember the lives they gave for our Great Nation.

In the 1900's the name was changed to Memorial Day and a date in May set. May was chosen because most of the women committees across the states were doing their decorating in May.

Memorial Day had also made another change. It changed into a day to honor and remember all of our fallen soldiers in all wars that America has been involved in.

For me this holiday is near and dear not because of a soldier who had fallen in battle but of an old man who was near and dear to my heart. My Great Uncle Hank was very proud of his service in the Navy during WWII. He was a gunner on the USS Oakland during the war. I was a child when he died but at the foot of his grave a small U.S. Flag proudly stands along with his service plaque.

I ask this one thing of you all today on this Memorial Day. As you have taken time to read my small Mystic Monday blog, please take a moment and give a short prayer to our fallen loved ones who fought so bravely to keep America Free. And for our current soldiers please ask the angels to protect every one of them as they protect our right to freedom.

Blessings to you all and with that I step down from my tiny soap box.

Now let's talk angels shall we.

We left off last week with an intro to the archangels and some angel talk that spread to a few comments. Loved them, keep them coming!

I want to say piano music and classical music attracts angels so play it frequently to invite angels into you space. J Thanks to Dawn for that reminder!

With all of the reading I've done with Angels all the information makes my head spin. I want to help you communicate and reach angels but I want to keep it simple because wow it just shouldn't be hard.

Here are some pointers to start with to invite angels into your life.

Keep your area clean. Angels like an organized place. They are not fond of clutter. So clean your stuff up.

Angels like music that is classical or instrumental. They also love piano music I'm told. To connect with them play these types of music for mediation or quiet times.

Angels also love flowers. Star Gazer lilies are huge from what I’m getting as I write this.

Colors blue, pink, gold, purple are some great colors to use on your angel altar if you have one or just to have in your mediation area.

Angel alters are just putting a little spin, shall we say, on your altar if you have one. If not, no big deal. If you have an altar and want to contact the angels you can use a small statue of an angel or angel pictures to help decorate your altar or space. When I read I have angel cards from Doreen Virtue that I use. Any color for an altar cloth works. Please though don't confuse all of this inviting as worship. The angels are you helpers from God to keep you on your path and to help when you ask for it. They are also God's ears so to speak by being messengers.

An altar can be anything I have an old trunk I purchased at a yard sale. I have to buy a new cloth, but I have my candles on it and stones that I use during mediation. I keep my cards next to it and my sage and palo santo wood on it. Then I have a picture of a friend who has crossed over that acts as my son's guide sometimes and pops back and forth to check in on me. I have added a chunk of Celestine to it as well to help kick the vibes up in the area for meditation and communication. Oh and my journal is on my trunk so that it is handy when I need it after meditation to write things down. Your altar is just a focal point for you to help you ready yourself for meditation.

Stones…  I love to use stones with my meditations to kick my energy up a bit. Amethyst with blue lace agate is amazing. Celestine rocks with energy and the angels love this gem so work with it and wear it if you want to communicate.

Scents. Dragon's Blood, Amber, Lavender are great for raising vibrations to communicate with your mediations.

Candles I use white, but purple, blue and gold are will do wonders. Purple and silver together are a good combination I'm again being told as I write this.

These are just touching on what we can do to boost our vibrations to communicate with angels. Remember to help you the angels need you to ask to give them permission to help. We can continue to discuss angels, but please give me your feedback on where you'd like me to go on this subject. Because it's so big.

Blessings to you all,


Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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  1. Grandmothers are awesome, aren't they miss Wendy? :)Thank you for talking about Angels, I never tire of hearing about them :)Also I really liked what you said about taking a moment to remember the soldiers.

    Have a wonderful day!