Monday, June 18, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
We are going to continue with energy today now that you had a feel for your own last week.
You're going to need your journal or a notebook if you haven't started one.
Let's start with pushing and pulling energy. Remember our ball of energy that we created with our hands and working the ball of energy with our palms facing each other?  Ok now let’s work that ball. Start by stretching the ball that starts out about baseball or softball size to rubber ball dodge ball size. It's ok to have to sensitize your hands again. What do you feel when you stretch the ball to a bigger size?  Remember to keep your palms facing each other. Can you stretch your ball to exercise ball big?  Write down all your experiences for future references.
If you need to sensitize your hands and let's start with pulling your hands apart, keep the palms facing each other.  If it helps, pretend you are working with taffy. Slowly, stretch your hands horizontally. How far apart can you get them and still feel your energy buzzing between them?  Again it's ok to have to stop to sensitize your hands and start again from where you left off. Once you've gotten to your maximum stretch where you can feel the energy between your hands, slowly start to push them back together to make you ball once again in the size of a baseball or softball. Give it a positive intent and send it off to the universe. Write down your experiences in your journal and if you haven't made it to your maximum stretch continue to practice. The more you practice the stronger your energy will get.

Next we're going to stretch vertically. So start with your ball in a baseball or softball size. Remember to keep your palms facing each other and then slowly start stretching that ball into taffy. Can you stretch it by keeping one hand by your waste and the other to your head?  Again as before if you need to stop and sensitize your hands again then continue. Picking up where you left off your goal is to stretch your taffy (energy) as far apart as you can reach. When you have then slowly push your energy back to the baseball or softball size that you started with. Give it a positive intent and then send it on its way to the universe. Write down your experience and what you felt. Include how many times you had to sensitize your hands. How strong was your energy on a scale of 1 to 5?  Journal that as well. Practice, Practice and more practice! : )

Moving on to Meditation:
This week we are going to practice the Rainbow Meditation. I believe I introduced this once in a past blog but we're going to revisit it to help us with raising our vibrations and moving our energy and grounding our energy.
Get into your meditative state. Start your music, shut your phone off, light your candle.
Visualize the universal white light coming down from the universe into your crown chakra. Draw then white light down through all of your chakras. When you get to your feet, plant your roots and ground the energy of the white light into Mother Earth.

Now I want you to see a rainbow big and bright. Pull the down the Red color, energy from the rainbow the same way as you did the universal white light. Remember to ground the energy into Mother Earth through your feet like you did with the universal white light.

Do the same for all the colors of the rainbow. Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. When you are done run White light again. If you are feeling like you need to ground, push your extra energy through your roots and let Mother Earth take it away. If that doesn't work hold on to some stones or go out and ask a tree to help you ground. Yes, this works as funny as it sounds. If you go to a tree and ask they will help you ground. Again write all this down so you have a record of how you feel and what you are feeling.

That's all for this week. Have fun practicing and don't be afraid to ask questions if you need to. Have a great week.
 Blessings All,

Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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