Monday, June 25, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All!
I have been thinking a lot today about what to write and I couldn't come up with one thing. I mean, I had so many that I wanted to write about I just have no clue where to take this one. So I'm just going to write and we'll see what happens.
I wanted to start talking about stones and tools you can use to help you heal. Then I got some news from a friend that a friend of his passed away this weekend. That did two things, it reminded me that a friend I had loved dearly was murdered 10 years ago and his birthday is coming up soon, which lead to the second thing of talking about the other side and crossed over loved ones and what they do. But then Sunday I did a card reading party and the overall issue that came forward was "power". Power meaning your power, your personal power. The power you have by saying “No” and how that power is given away to people in your life or by getting so wrapped up in something you feel like you can't do without it and guess what, yep your power is gone. With those ideas out there, here is this week's Mystic Monday.
What is the other side like? What happens when we die, natural or unnatural death?  Is it different if we die by our own hand or someone else? I want everyone reading this to understand what I am going to tell you is based on
1. My views
2. Research I've done and 
3. Experiences I've had with clients and their crossed over loved ones.
I never use to question what happens to us when we die. Being raised Catholic, I was taught bad people go to Hell, good people go to Heaven and those of us that live in the gray of good—but some bad whatever bad is—go to Purgatory to wait or atone and become worthy of Heaven. To take your own life is the worst sin possible and you damn your soul by doing so. That's what I was taught.
What I've learned since starting to practice Reiki, developing my childhood abilities of communicating with ghost and reading everything and anything on Wicca, spirituality and energy healing, along with networking with other healers and psychics is this. In a nutshell, I have learned that on the other side we contract to learn lessons on this planet to help our souls evolve. We have helpers with us in our spirit guides and guardian angels. God loves us and is all forgiving, but you have to ask to be forgiven and it's as simple as I am sorry I did...please help me forgive myself and please forgive me. I have also come to believe in a Mother God. The Goddess. For me I knew her as Mother Mary as a child. She answered my prayers for help to aid sick animals. She helped me become an energy healer. I have learned through the death of a friend that I loved dearly that love doesn't die and it can be taken with you. On the other side our loved ones have lives. Isn't that crazy? They are off doing all the things they loved to do over here with no limits. They are surrounded by the unconditional love of the Universe or the higher power you believe in. When I found out my friend was killed, I read a book by Sylvia Browne and in the book she talked about murder victims. She said that people who choose to leave and go back home to the other side by being murdered do so to teach the people around them lessons and that by being the victim they are actually a higher evolved soul then the ones they are teaching. That gave me some comfort. My Reiki Master also said something similar to this at a different time.
I once had a client ask what of her brother that committed suicide. Where was he and was he ok? I believe that just like any other person who crosses over a suicide person had to review their life but they do so with special care. We all have our spirit team and crossed over loved ones that wait to greet us on the other side. But when a suicide person arrives over there he or she is wrapped in a blanket and loved, and given time to heal from the trauma before the review starts and then guess what happens, because they checked out before their lesson was learned and they are sent back to fulfill their contract. Yep, suicide isn't the answer, you're damned in one way, you get to come back ASAP and do it all over again.
Now here is what I've been told of the other side from people who have crossed over that have visited clients during sessions. Pain or illness is gone, any deformation such as hands crippled by arthritis are normal again. On the other side everyone is young but can present themselves as you would know them in life. Crossed over loved ones, live on the other side. They enjoy things like fishing, the lake, cars, animals and what not. If grandma loved flowers and spent time out taking care of flowers in the yard, she might have an amazingly huge flower garden on the other side. The grandpa who loved to fish has that boat and lake to fish on as well.
That wraps up my snippet of what the other side is like for now. Again, this is my experiences and research and a bit of my opinion stated above. I'm not trying to start arguments or a debate with anyone. I'm just writing a little of what I'm being guided to write about this week.
Personal Power. The one big thing about personal power is do not give it away and if you have, take it back because it's yours! Stand in your power. Make your choices and live! That is the message I'm being told to give you all. Having to consult with your deck of cards over just about everything from, “do I buy shoes today or not” is giving away your power. Your guides and your tools are there to help not to lead you around like a puppy on a leash. It's ok to say “No” to people when you don't have time to do things for them. It's ok to take time for yourself to meditate or catch a nap you need badly. It's not being selfish it's taking care of you. You are like “whatever, I don't have time to take care of me”. I say “whatever” back at you, because you can make 5 minutes.
My challenge to you this week is to make 5 minutes for yourself to close your eyes take two deep breathes, and center yourself then connect with your guides or your higher self or higher power.

 We'll talk about tools and stones next week. : )
Again with this blog I don't mean to offend anyone so please do not seek to start an argument that I am not looking for. I was guided to write today's blog because someone out there needed to hear something that was written. I will say that the above is what I believe after having researched by reading and attending workshops and by experiences I have had through clients that I have given readings for and my personal experience with a crossed over loved one.

Blessings to you all!
Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. My challenge to you this week is to make 5 minutes for yourself to close your eyes take two deep breathes, and center yourself then connect with your guides or your higher self or higher power. YEAH JEN! lol :)Seriously I belive the above statment is so imperative that when I wrote my book on how to have a better life I came up with almost that exact assignment for readers.

    1. LOL...the challenge was from Wendy, but you know me, I will be doing my very best to remember to "breathe". You know a very smart person told me "All you HAVE to do at ANY given moment is BREATHE. Everything else can wait." And it really is the only thing we HAVE to do! I think those were some of the most life changing words said to me ever, and you know I've shared them with you : ) It keeps life in perspective <3

  2. My deepest condolences on your friend. My Grandmother also had a friend that was murdered. I think it's hard for people to understand the kind of feelings that something like that brings into your life. It’s not just the sadness of death, a sadness that never goes away, but it also makes those left behind that where close to that person feel fearful and fills us with a sense of how mortal that we really are. It's just a bad feeling. I am sorry :(


  3. Wendy, I think this is one of your best blog posts ever! I know, I say that every week, but this one is special. I too am sorry that you lost such an important person to you, in such a senseless, tragic way. I'm glad to know that those I've lost are happy and enjoying themselves...even now : )


  4. Thank you Ladies! This one was hard to write because I could write pages on the topics. Guess that will go in the book. :)