Monday, July 23, 2012

Mystic Monday's

Hi All,

This week I was going to talk about Indigo Children and then this weekend something happened that pulled at my heart and inspired me to go a different direction. Next week I'll tell you all about my experience on my ghost investigation on the 28th.

So what's this Mystic Monday about? This weekend I had the experience of holding my son's pet leopard gecko as I had the vet put him to sleep. Our little Snappy has been in our family for many years. We have raised him from a baby. It's been my routine every morning to go downstairs to my son's room, change Snappy's light from night to day, water and spray him then remove any yucky stuff in his cage. My “mom duty” also included buying him crickets. He was healthy and a joy to watch. At night I would change his lights from light to dark again to make sure he would stay warm throughout the night. Needless to say, I have become very attached to him. So when he became sick I put out a call to friends to send healing energy to him. I drew Nemeton Reiki symbols in his cage and prayed to the Archangels to help him recover. Saturday I took him a vet who I found that specialized in reptiles. I had to drive him into the Twin Cities as our local vet did not care for such a small animal. The reptile vet told me he had a very bad eye and mouth infection. She didn't think even if she gave Snappy an intensive antibiotic treatment which would be a long road for him to recover, he'd make it. She recommended putting him down. Even though I knew this would be a possibility, it didn't sink in until then. So there I was crying over this little gecko asking the Arch Angel Uriel to help him. I asked the Goddess to help him with his journey and asked my grandmother and my friend John to take care of him. I worried for him. I was holding him there in this room he was snuggled into my neck to find warmth when the vet came with his injection. I gently handed him over and then she gave him back when she was done so I could hold him. She left us. I looked at him in my hand telling him it would be okay, asking the guides for help. Channeling Reiki as I tried so hard not to cry over this life I was responsible for as it was the only thing I could think of that would ease his suffering. I felt him relax and then I heard

"We have him Lass, He's fine," and with that it was over.

Later that afternoon I was on the phone with a girlfriend who is an intuitive and she asked, “What is wrong I know there is something wrong.” I told her and she said he's here and he is so grateful that you did this for him, he was in pain and his stomach also had problems. He was ready to cross and he is fine. There is a female spirit with him. Well I knew who that was.

So why did I tell you this very personal story? I tell you this to ease your mind as to what happens to our beloved pets. From dog, to cat, to the smallest lizard or fish our pets can cross over and be taken care of by our crossed over loved ones. Reiki can help with the process or just calling on our loved ones, angels and guides will assist our pets just as they will surround us in love and light when we are ready to cross and join them.

There is the belief that animals have one collective soul they all belong to instead of individual souls like we humans have. So when they pass they join the one large soul they all make up. When you have Dog as your totem animal you have the collective knowledge and spirit of all dogs as you totem. Your crossed over pet dog may be the vision you are given when you call upon Dog your totem.
It is my belief that our animals may wait for us on the other-side just as our relatives do. I believe my dog Patches from my childhood is waiting on the other-side with my Great Uncle and other family having a grand time chasing chipmunks all day. If life on the other-side is like it is here and people are able to do what they love to do then why wouldn't your beloved pet be there as well?
There have been reports by people who feel their crossed over pet come into their home and pop in and out, just as people do to check up on us. I had a client ask me to do a healing session for her dog via distance since the dog was very sick and she thought my presence may stress the dog out. So I opened up a channel and connected with the dog's energy to send Reiki. I received messages for the owner from the dog and communicated this to the owner. She told me days later the dog crossed over and she was able to comfort the other dog and ease the transition for the sick dog.

Reiki can help not only a dying pet by easing the fear and transition, but also that of the owner. By giving a Reiki session to the owner and pet together, Reiki will help the owner with the grieving process and accept the animal’s fate. The animal will pick up on the owner’s peace and stop worrying about the loved owner and turn inward to accept the peace and healing Reiki will provide. Reiki energy will also help calm fears and connect our pet to the guides as it transitions. As I write this I am hearing a small voice whisper even the smallest of pets have an angel to help them crossover. This angel is their connection to the Divine just as our guides and angels are ours. God/dess loves all life. I think this maybe another blog about nature spirits. J  I am always amazed how stuff comes to me and I have A-ha moments. J

So I leave you this Monday with the knowledge from my small nature angel messenger who whispered that, even the smallest animal has an angel to keep him/her connected with the Divine and provide comfort and encouragement.

Blessings All,


Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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  1. Thank you Wendy for another great blog! I'm sure a lot of readers today found comfort in your words and in knowing their beloved pets are happy.