Friday, August 3, 2012

Igniting Dearie

Author  ~ Jazmine Devyne…
Thank you so much for having me on your blog today, Savannah. I’m a longtime fan of Hugs & Nightmares! I’m excited to share with you and your readers a little bit about my first erotic short story Igniting Dearie. I also have great news... Igniting Dearie is free on Amazon, now until Saturday night at midnight! Everyone please download your copy and if you enjoy it, leave a quick review on Amazon. I love hearing what readers think. J


Dearie is a shy but curious woman that dreams of venturing into the world of kink. She is interested in exploring what it means to be a submissive, so her best friend invites her to a munch where she meets Slate, a dominant man that ignites the fire within her. Will she submit to him or let her shyness keep her from experiencing all he has to offer her?


It was nearly noon when Dearie came to a sudden halt outside of Allure, the bar and grill where she was supposed to meet her friend, Belle. She wouldn’t be nervous at all if Belle was the only one she would be having lunch with. But somehow, Belle talked her into coming to the Saturday munch that her group of friends held the first of every month. The munch was a safe and social gathering of like-minded people that were interested in kink and the BDSM lifestyle. She wouldn’t be in this predicament if she had kept her mouth shut when Belle was talking once again, about her Master, Devlin. Belle met him at the munch six months ago and they had been nearly inseparable since. In fact, Belle informed Dearie this morning that her Master asked her to move in with him. Dearie had to admit, while she was happy for her best friend and roommate, she was sad that Belle was moving out. That was yet another reason she agreed to come to the munch this time. If she enjoyed it, it would be another way she could spend time with her best friend now that they would be living apart. It also couldn’t hurt for her to start making new friends and who knows, maybe she would find her own special someone.
If truth be known, Dearie was keenly interested in the lifestyle her friend was so fond of. Her boyfriend Dirk had broken up with her, stating he was bored with their relationship and sex life. Although it stung to admit it, she had also been bored with their routine of sex with the lights off, in the same few positions, with nothing new in the horizon. Her shyness was holding her back. Dirk hadn’t tried to coax her out of her shell. He was nearly as boring and shy as she was. Now, Dearie was dying to try something new.
Dearie needed a real man. A manly man that wasn’t afraid of being in control. One that thrived in a position of dominance that would help her blossom the way Belle’s Master did for her. Belle was no longer a shrinking violet. Devlin had taken her under his wing and Belle progressed from caterpillar to a beautiful, confident butterfly in a matter of weeks. The difference in her was lovely to see. Before that, Belle had always been a sweet, meek and soft spoken young woman. Now, she was so bright and happy. Her Master not only made her see her worth, but he molded and shaped her into a stunning, vibrant, albeit sexually exuberant darling.
Dearie wanted that.


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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog today Savannah. I'm a big fan of Hugs & Nightmares! <3

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy Hugs & Nightmares and I really appreciate you being a part of it! I've read Igniting Dearie and I have to say it is a pretty awesome read. I wish you much success with it and all your future works. You're an extremely talented writer!