Monday, August 20, 2012

Mystic Monday's

Hi All,

I am writing this blog before I head out on vacation. It might be a bit short this week. L

I plan on posting next week’s blog after vacation as I might run into some ghosts as we are traveling to some historical places in MI this week. I'm not officially ghost hunting this week, but one never knows when one will be crossing an earth bound over or run into something while touring older places.

This week I want to introduce you to Nemeton Reiki, or as it will be renamed—The Nemeton Energy System.

I channeled Nemeton Reiki in 2010 while healing from a relationship. At work one day I was feeling pretty down in the dumps. When I took my break I drove up to the Como Conservatory to soak up some much needed plant energy. Plants are amazing healers and I couldn't wait to get around their energy so that they could assist me with a self-Reiki session to help me feel better. I walked that day through the flower garden and stopped to hold my hand above the Star Gazer Lilies to feel their energy. Then I picked a bench to sit on under some tropical trees and when I grabbed my notebook to write, I saw a hanging basket with a Lady Slipper in it. Lady Slipper was one of the wild flowers my grandmother Vera had taught me about as a child up at our cabin. I went over to look at and smell the Lady Slipper, and when I went to put my hand over it, I heard that I must use the energy of the flowers and trees from my childhood for healing. Right away I saw a symbol from the Lady Slipper and was given an idea of what to use it for. Then I saw another symbol for the Star Gazer Lily, and again a feeling of how to use it.

I then started to talk to my friend Vicky, in England. We discussed this information and what I should do with it. She helped me with bringing in a druid tie to the system, and I wanted to keep to my Norse roots as well, and that's how I introduced a Rune symbol to call upon tree energy to work with. Over my work with writing the manual, the Goddess Nemetona has blessed me with coming to me giving me information to pass on to people about the plants.

Nemeton Reiki uses plant and tree energy to assist one in keeping your energy balanced. Instead of using universal life force energy, it uses energy from Mother Earth to help you balance your energy, distress, and maintain wellness. Nemeton means—sacred grove. Druids use to hold their rituals in sacred groves and had a special wisdom with trees. The Goddess Nemetona oversaw these sacred places. The name Nemeton Reiki came about because this system included tree and plant energy and who better to call on than Nemetona, to help with sacred Earth energy.

This system has grown from a form of Reiki. Over the last year many students in America and England have been attuned to the energy. These students have also experimented with the energy and have used it with their Wicca and Druid practices.

I use Nemeton every day for protecting my car when I'm on the road to protecting my own energy.  I use energy borrowed from trees such as Pine for clearing, Oak for strength and Willow for boosting my psychic abilities. Ground Ivy has been a big one to help with balancing my energy and helping me to see a clear path of issues that seem jumbled up to me.

I know this is a quick blog with just a snippet of information. To learn a little more please see my website at  and click on Nemeton Reiki.

I am in the process of updating the manual. If you work in nature and love trees and plants, this is a system you may want to check out and work with. I am sorry I had to make this blog a short one. We will visit this topic again when I am back from vacation, as I really would like to get into a good 101 blog about this amazing energy system that can help you with so much.

Blessings All,


Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. Thank you,
    I am back. It was fun. I ran into some ghosts. Pictures will be posted this Monday :)