Monday, October 15, 2012

Mystic Monday's


Hi All,

Last week we talked about the other side and what our loved ones can do when they cross over. We touched on charts and how we pick and make agreements with people on the other side to come into life with us and help us learn lessons for our souls to evolve.

So this week let’s pick up kinda where we left off and talk more about charts and how they outline our lives. I think my biggest challenge here will be how to keep it simple and not run one way or another with this.

On the other side we choose to incarnate to this world to learn lessons to evolve our souls. We chose our spirit guides who are souls that may need to learn the lessons that we also need to learn but they just choose not to incarnate and learn from us. These guides also help us keep on our path. Once we have our guides and the decision to incarnate we figure out what it is we want to learn and how we are going to get there. We choose the people we will have relationships with, our family, or friends. We can choose places of “outs” meaning when we come to an age and we think we’ve learned what it is we need to have learned we can choose an out or death to cross over and be done. We can choose our death and anything we need for challenges in life to get us to the lesson and the learning we receive from the challenges we face.

Ok what does this mean?  First you figure out if you’re ready to incarnate and what lesson you want to learn. Then you pick your family and the people around you to help you learn your lessons. Most of these people will be from your soul group. A soul group is a group of souls on the other side that you are in. These souls continue to support each other and incarnate with each other so that they all meet their goal of evolving. You can incarnate several times with the same person if you two haven’t learned your lesson to try to teach each other in different ways. This doesn’t mean however you won’t meet someone from a different soul group along the way.


Do you know someone who survived an accident where nobody should have walked away?  Chances are that person had an out they didn’t take at that time.

Children who have horrible illnesses have chosen to go through that not so much to learn a lesson but to teach the people around them a lesson. Same is true for murder victims. Most of the time these people are more evolved than those around them and are choosing this to teach a lesson out of this horrible situation.

When something good or bad happens to you, you can ask, “What am I learning from this situation?  What do I take away from this?”

Past Life Memories are also tied into your charts and the people you are with. Strong connections to a person you just met may mean you have a past life connection with them. I’ve gone under hypnosis to do some past life regression work and discovered that my ex-husband and I were married in a different life. This time around we learned what we needed to learn from each other and I think a little of it may have been pay back. I’ve also discovered that people I have a strong connection to are people I was connected to in other lives. This goes back to the soul group. My best girlfriend, who I met in college and don’t see enough of, was a nanny of mine in a past life.

To sum this all up your chart is like a story outline. There are lessons you want to learn and choices you make throughout that will bring you to learning these lessons. Choice A and Choice B may take you to the same lesson, but Choice A may be a little more difficult or less difficult depending on what you need at the time. The people you choose in your life are there because you chose them to teach you something or you are teaching them something. You may find the love of your life but know you had another lined up just in case the one you wanted went a different way.

I know there will be a lot of questions out there or discussions to start so please ask away. This is only the tip of the 101 class that could be taught on this subject. J

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Blessings All,

Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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