Monday, October 22, 2012

Mystic Monday's


Hi All,

Before we get started let's run down some dates for this month to keep your eye on.

Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th, I'll be in Stevens Point, Wisconsin at Kristin's River Walk for the Ghost Tours. I'll be doing readings. If you book a bus tour you will get priority booking for readings. If you just stop in I can fit you in somewhere. Saturday night is still looking good. Go to my website for the link to order online

Monday the 29th is the Full Moon. Remember to Manifest!

Ok— Halloween. Samhain in Celtic tradition is the night before the “New Year”. On this night it is believed the veil between the living and the dead thins and is easily crossed by the dead. For me and my friends that are healers and mediums, it's a time for reflecting on what no longer serves our highest good and releasing it to the universe. It is also a more powerful time to be able to communicate with crossed over loved ones. However, here is my word of warning: Because the veil is thin it is very easy for lower energies and negative things to cross over. It is important if you are going to be trying to make contact you do so with protection. Set up your space and casting a circle of protection or calling on the Arc Angel Michael for protection are good ideas and strongly encouraged. This is not a time to "play around" so to speak because you have no clue what you could let in. On this night traditionally people left gifts of food for their ancestors or set an extra place at the table for them. Apples were buried along trails or roadsides for the dead who did not have anyone to help them.

This week I had a question come up in a conversation on how to get rid of negative energy. Well there are several ways to do this. A quick way is to cut your energy cords a few times a day. Smudging with sage or Palo Santo wood is another way and meditations where you grow a ball of white light and push lower energy out of your energy field or home is yet another way.

Ok so let's start easy. Energy cords are those nasty energy cords that you put out to attach to people and they in turn plug them into you. So time to get rid of them. At every chakra I start with my hands behind me and bring them forward like I’m making a ponytail. I do this from head to toe. Then stretch your hands up above your head. Bend them at the wrist so that your fingertips touch and breathe in deep. When you breathe out forcefully bring your hands down to your toes. Then do the same balling up energy cords to your back and again severing all cords. Then step out of the circle of cords at your feet.

Smudging. Simply light a bit of sage and then blow it out so that it smokes. When there is a good stream of smoke coming from it fan the smoke up over your head or you can circle your body with it from head to toe.

This week I have been working hard on the heart chakra. When talking with friends who are healers, heart chakra issues seem to be going around at this time for some reason. Many think it's because of the energy shift that is coming at the end of the year. For whatever reason, I spent a great deal of time this week and last working on my heart chakra issues. The heart chakra connects us with relationships and the people in your life so it's easy to see how this chakra would need work or frequent clearing.

To clear out this chakra in mediation, visualize your chakra. It's about the size of a baseball or softball, see it spinning, and it’s green or pink in color depending on if you are healing or dealing with love issues. Check it out and see if it is dirty, spinning to slow or too fast. Now in the chakra see a white spark of the divine light. Watch the spark fly all around the inside of the chakra, cleaning it and setting its speed as it goes around and around. When the chakra is clean, clear, and spinning normal, ground your energy and give thanks to the Divine for assistance with your chakra.

Next week I hope to have some stories from the Ghost Tours in Stevens Point, Wisconsin J

Have a great week and blessings all,



Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


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