Monday, November 12, 2012

Mystic Monday's


Hi All,

This weekend I was at an expo in Shell Lake, WI with BodyLabUSA. Saturday I was doing both healings and readings equally which was kinda unusual as every expo I usually do more of one vs the other. I did have an experience that will be talked about in a little bit as it was a past life that was healed.

This Monday we will be talking about “past lives” since I've had a few people inquire about how past life regressions work and how past lives can effect this life.

Where to start? Well I guess we'll go back and revisit the idea of being on the other side and having a chart created. When we are on the other side we are always working to evolve our souls by learning lessons. We figure out what lessons it is we need to learn that will help our soul. Then we get together with souls from our soul group and write our charts with those who we choose as our guides. Together with our guides we figure out what it is we want to learn and who it is we want to learn lessons from and teach lessons to, because as we teach we are also learning. That means we can repeat lessons in such cases if we didn't learn the lesson, or the person we have the lesson with didn't learn the lesson. Karma can also play a factor with past lives. If you did something to someone in one life you may have to make up for it in another life. Past lives also tie into physical pain. Our cell memory can hang onto pain that was suffered in a past life. Fears are another thing that can be brought over from a past life. Ever been afraid of something you have no reason to be afraid of? It could be a past life.

Here some examples of how past life can affect the current life and how you can correct it in this life so you can move on without repeating it.

So, back to the Expo on Saturday. I was doing a healing session on a friend who had some pain that he couldn't explain. He is also a healer and knew he was dealing with a past life. As I was working an energy session on him I was taken back by the guides to the life he was in which was causing the pain. I was able to heal, alongside of that life's healer, his bones and wound. The session had gone into a kind of psychic surgery. When I described the life and what I was seeing he was able to confirm what I was telling him. When we were finished he went back to his day and I mine; within a half an hour he was back to tell me that his hip was better and the rest of the wounds as well.

Past lives can also tie you to the people in your life. You may feel like you know someone by looking in their eyes. When you're with someone and you know you belong with them. The feeling may not only be one of knowing you actually belong together, but it can also be tied to the past. The two of you could have shared many past lives together to help each other learn whatever lesson the two of you are working through. If you don't get the lesson in this life you can figure out if you want to learn it together in the next life, or if you want to figure it out with someone else.

Fears can be based from a past life. Do you have a fear of crossing bridges? Chances are you there is a bridge in a past life that has that fear tied to it. I had friends that would only wear button down shirts or necks that had buttons such as polo’s. The two of them won't even consider wearing a t-shirt as the neck would be too tight. We always joked the two of them were horse thieves in a former life and hung because of it.

Ok so those are some “examples” now how do we cure it? Well you can see a healer such as our first example. An intuitive healer can help figure out what it is that needs healing when you are in a session if it happens to be a physical pain. If you are experiencing a situation or a fear then your best bet is to have a Past Life Regression. In a past life regression a past life regression a practitioner will guide you through first a relaxation meditation. Once you are relaxed and open, the practitioner will guide you through a meditation to help you uncover your past lives. You will be able to go back and experience the life or watch the life play out as you safely view it. You are never completely under hypnosis. You are simply walked through meditations that will allow you to access these higher self-memories.

Now you can also try the Akashic Records but that is another Monday in itself.

I am currently booking home parties for Readings and Intuitive Healing sessions. I am also taking on students who wish to learn Reiki or the Nemeton Energy System.


Blessings All,



Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


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  1. Thank you Wendy,

    I read this Mystic Monday with my fullest attention, my mouth hanging open and my breath in my chest. I also agreed with what you said that fears can be brought on from a past life. I also feel that the two reoccurring dreams that I have are from a past life. Dreams can also be solved or metaphorical, I think. Example: when my life was spiraling out of control, I had the reoccurring dream that I was falling. But once my life was on track that dream went away.

    There is dream, I have always had where I am drowning in a large green body of water. There is no rhyme or reason for me to know that it is Lake Michigan in the dream, I just know. I did nearly drown in this life, but it was in a pool and I actually was in a coma. But I came out of it in hours. However the “drowning dream” was way before that. As long as I can remember.

    The other dream ironically has a green river that flows through it. It’s an attic apartment that is ridiculously beautiful, it has high pillars and is beige marble and resembles what I imagine heaven would look like, but I always access it through the attic of a place we once lived. There is decorative river that flows though the apartment. The water is clear but appears green because the bottom of the pool is made of Emeralds, which I am very, very fond of. My favorite stone as a matter of fact.

    Have an awesome day!