Monday, November 26, 2012

Mystic Monday's


Hi All,

Mark your calendar because Thursday is the full moon. Get ready to manifest and burn your intentions under the full moon. What? Ok if you are new to the blog, the Full Moon is the most powerful night of the month to manifest your wants. First, start by writing out a list of what it is you want. Be specific. Make sure you list all the qualities you want. If it’s an object get in all the options you want and what price you want to pay for it. When you have your list written, say a prayer of intent to the Universe asking that you be put in the situation in where you will get what it is you want. Then it’s time to go outside and burn your list under the full moon. I usually take my list outside to the backyard, say my prayer of intent and then burn my list in my cauldron while asking Sister Moon to help bring my list forward into my life. Then I dump the ashes by my birch tree to release them back to Mother Earth to be recycled. Get creative and no worries because there is no wrong way to manifest with the moon. Listen to your intuition.
Good Luck!

This week I want to touch on music. In my readings this weekend the Music card came up a lot. It was strange that almost every card reading I did Music popped up. Music can alter your state of consciousness, help you heal and de-stress. Angels love piano music, so to attract angels play piano music in the background as you’re doing things around the house. Instrumental music helps you alter your state of mind so you can meditate. The radio can be manipulated easily by crossed over loved ones, so you might be getting messages from them with the songs you are hearing. So start paying attention to your music to help your moods and energy levels.   

A few clients had me try contacting a crossed over loved one. Being that I was in a public place I did pick up on other people’s people. LOL. When reading for a couple, some of their family was sitting around and I ended up getting visions that were for a man that was with them and not for them at all. Also, the name Dale came out loud and clear and it wasn’t until the next woman sat for a reading that I found out that Dale was for her. So it was a pretty strange day.

Club Forest investigation was quick for me this weekend as my children were “home” with me for the holiday. When I arrived I felt like I was being watched in the parking lot. I could feel mob energy there in the tree line. I tried to take a picture but it was snowing so you couldn’t see anything but some snowflake “orbs”. Once inside I could feel some energy around and then all a sudden a cute ghost dog ran through. Now if you remember the history of the place from the beginning of the year, Val researched and the place was once a kennel for dog breeding. Freddy and I sat for a bit in a booth in the back. I did snap a few pictures around the inside, but I only had one come up with an orb. We had some action with the flashlight on the table but we chalked it up to residual energy since there was a pattern with the light turning on every 3 minutes or so. After sitting a while, I went into the basement with the girls. I walked right into the dark room that I refused to go into last time and nothing...I snapped a few pictures and nothing there either. So then I walked into the back basement room and snapped a few pictures and asked the resident ghost to turn on our flashlights. When I requested the lights come on, I heard one of the guides say, “But there’s no one here lass.”  Ok trusting them I gave up for the night and went upstairs to see Freddy. My Cinderella time was up any how since I promised my boys I’d be back early.

So that was pretty much my weekend. I did get the Nemeton Energy System Manual out to the U.S. Copyright office so I can’t wait to get the certificate. Now to finish the book. : )

Blessings All,


Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master




  1. Thank you so much for the full moon reminder and tips. I started writing down my wants during the full moon a few months ago and what a difference that moon makes :)

    Have an awesome day!

  2. It's pretty strange how sometimes that moon phase energy will work for you or against you. I have a moon phase calendar on my iphone. That helps keep my manifesting and letting go on track.

  3. Hi All,
    I totally screwed up. Today is the Full Moon and an eclipse. The moon will be at it's fullest at 8:45 this morning in CST.
    Big I'm Sorry. I must have looked at the days wrong.
    I hope I didn't mess your manifesting up.