Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beware the Dybbuk ~ Part Ten

Beware the Dybbuk
By Robin Renee Ray
Part Ten

          After holding Sam so tight he had to complain about not being able to breathe, Gabby got to her feet with her little brother in tow and pulled him up the stairs to the bedroom that they’d shared, the last time they had all been together. Both looked around with eyes twice their normal size, trying to get a glimpse of the being that had attacked. “I have to find my bag,” Gabby whispered as she pushed the door open.”

          “Me too…”

          “No…” Gabby spun around. “You have to watch our backs, Sam. I have a weapon, just let me get it.”

          Sam rolled his eyes, turning to look out the bedroom door. “I was going to get a weapon too, Gab. I have a pocket knife.”

          “You have a boy scout knife. I have this,” Gabby stepped up beside him holding up a small can of pepper spray.

          “That’s your weapon? What ya gonna do, burn his eyes to death?”

          Gabby punched him in the arm. “The cops use this stuff.” Her brows were wrinkled and the importance of his understanding was written all over her face, so Sam nodded. As they stepped out of the door, two firm hands grasped the front of Sam’s shirt and yanked him off of his feet, causing him and Gabby to both started screaming. The can of pepper spray appeared and Harold Grey’s guttural cries could be heard all through the estate.

          Sam’s eyes were burning from the fog that came off of the stream of pepper spray that hit Harold’s blood coated face. He pulled his fist back and hit Harold as hard as he could. The old man’s flesh split at the jawbone and slid with Sam’s hand as it went up and over the side of the man’s nose. Both of the hands that were wrapped in Sam’s shirt let go as they went to the open wound. Sam looked back at his sister who was screaming non-stop, then turned back and kick the big man who then fell backwards down the staircase.

          Grabbing her hand, Sam darted down the stairs, leaping over the crumpled man lying midway down the slightly curved stairway. “Just jump, I have you!” Sam yelled, pulling on Gabby’s hand.  He watched as the fear spread across her face and lifted his foot and stomped it down hard on the top of the man who had haunted them since he had opened the front door. “Now, come on, he can’t hurt you.” Nodding past the tears, Gabby took the three step leap over the horror under her feet and let her baby brother hold her.

          “I’m so scared, Sam.”

          “It’s gonna be okay Gabby. I won’t let anything happen to you.”


          He could hear her crying as the throbbing pain invaded his ears. Mike tried to listen to his surroundings before opening his eyes but all he could hear was his sister and the pulse of his own heart, the sound that came with every throb of the pain that started from the kick to his face. Taking in small breaths through his mouth, he leaned forward and opened his eyes. The room was empty except for him and his baby sister who was curled up on her side with her arms tied painfully behind her back.

          “Cindy, baby can you hear me?”

          “I wanna go home,” she cried her reply.

          “We will sweetie, I just need you to be brave for me and stop crying. Can you do that for me?”

          Cindy nodded and slowly became silent. “Good girl. I almost have my hands free, you just let me know if you see or hear anything. Everything’s going to be all right.”

          “Did you see his body all twisted on the ground, Mike? Sam was right, it was in that man.”

          Mike cut through the rope and quickly brought his hands around, crying out in pain as he grabbed his shoulders. “Mike!” He hushed her then began cutting the restraints around his feet. Afterwards he rushed to Cindy’s side, first hugging her then immediately cutting her hands free. Once her feet were free, he lifted her up off the floor.

          “Do you think you can walk?”

          “I don’t know…and my arms hurt so bad Mike.”

          A loud sound came from the wall behind them and Cindy would have screamed had Mike not been close enough to put his hand over her mouth. He shook his head and as fast as he could made his way to the door that took them down into the basement. The moment they stepped through a bright glow floated down from the floor above their heads, and just as quickly vanished through the closed door that once held the locked wooden box, that the siblings thought of as a treasure chest. Mike stepped toward the hidden door and Cindy grabbed his arm.

          “Don’t Mike, let’s just get out of here.”

          “You start up the steps, I’ll be right behind you.” He gently pushed her on the back, nodding, then continued toward the door behind the basement steps.

To be continued….

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