Monday, December 3, 2012

Mystic Monday's


Hi All,                           

I am so so sorry I screwed up the full moon date last week. I will double check things and then check again before I post. I hope everyone did their manifesting!

Next weekend I will be in the U.P. of Michigan visiting a childhood friend and doing readings at her Inn in Calumet. I will post some pictures and hopefully have some stories as we will also try a mini investigation of the Inn. I will be back in the swing of Expos in the New Year and as always I am available for parties. All I ask is that the hostess books at least 6 guests and then her reading is free. We can also turn these into Reiki parties and I will also teach Reiki to you and a friend or a few, at your home. So anything is possible just send me an email or a call.

On that note let's get started.

I like to recommend things that I use and can't live without so I am going to tell you a few things. I cannot live without my Witches' Datebook from Llewellyn's. This datebook tells me things like when Mercury goes retrograde, the moon phases and it has little Wicca facts along with stories and background on some of the holidays, moons and other points of interest. It also tells me things like the Celtic Tree calendar and what tree is "it" for the month.

Now if there was an app, I'd be in Heaven if I could merge it with my calendar on the iphone.

Speaking of Apps I have the Moon Phase App. Now I think I paid for it but it wasn't too bad maybe $1.99 and I love it because it tells me the time when the moon is at its fullest.

It also tells you the moon's location in the zodiac if you watch that kinda stuff. That's a bit beyond me, I like simple. If you click the little "i" in the corner it will tell you a small background about the name of the moon phase. Love it.

Angel Numbers just like the book from Doreen Virtue. I have to have this because I will once in a while get a number that repeats itself throughout my day and I have to think it means something so I bought this app because carrying the book around can be a bit much. You just type the number in and it tells you the angel message behind the number.

Going along with that I bought the ibook and downloaded it to my phone of Steve Farmer's "Animal Guides". Now I have this book and love it, but again at expos it's not like I want to carry it around to reference so on my phone it went. How do I use it? Easy peasy! The other week a Hawk landed on our fence at work. (I'll include the photo) and it let me get real close and it just looked at me. I was like WOW! So I grabbed my phone and went through the index of Animal Guides to find Hawk and I was like Holy Schinkies!, the meaning of what Hawk is, when it comes into your life was what I was going through at the time.

I know a few healers that keep this book on them in their purses to look up things as needed. Well worth checking out the app or the book.

Ok that's my plug this week on what I cannot live without as a healer.

Now on with the blog!

Grab your datebook:

 December 9th is the beginning of Hanukkah.

December 6th is St. Nick's Day.

December 13th is the New Moon- We're going to talk about this in a minute.

December 21st is Yule/Winter Solstice-We'll talk about this in an upcoming blog. (Days start getting longer)

December 24th is Christmas Eve

December 25th is Christmas

December 28th is the Full Moon or the long nights moon.

Manifesting and the Moon Phases:

I have learned that the Moon can help or hinder your manifesting. Now I still believe that you should spend a little time every day manifesting because the more energy you put into something the better.

New Moon

The new moon will help you release that which doesn't serve your highest good. So get rid of all the crap in your life and release it to the angels to have them heal it and you so you can move on.

Waxing Moon

Now I can never remember these, so I'm always pulling out my book of knowledge that I've collected to help me out. (my paper brain, lol)

During the waxing phase of the moon you actually see more of the moon until you see all of it being the full moon.

When this is going on you want to manifest. This moon energy will help increase gains.

Full Moon is when manifesting is most powerful so on this night I do a burning ritual where I make my list of what it is I want and burn it under the full moon.

Waning Moon

Is when the moon starts to go bye-bye and you see less of it. When this happens it's time to release what's not serving your highest good. It's at its height with the New Moon.

Waning = remove

Waxing = manifest

Now there is such a critter as a Dark Moon

It is 3 days before a New Moon. What do you do? Well, it's a great time for healing and looking towards the future : )

So that was a lot of information to shoot at you all this week.

Any questions, as always please ask. I’m kicking around the idea of doing a series on healing ourselves. I know we've been doing that here and there but what are your thoughts?

Let me know.


Blessings All,



Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master



  1. As I have bored everyone with almost every week now, I avidly practice manifesting during the full moon. So seeing these pertinent dates listed here with an explanation means so very much to me. Thank you Wendy for your hard work every week. It means the world to me :)

    Happy Holidays!
    Hugs, Keira

  2. Hi Keira, Thanks a bunch! My hawk picture didn't post:( oh well.
    Have you tried working wtih your shadow self? I was just wondering. I've been kicking the idea around to help with healing and moving forward.