Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thirsty Thursday!

This week I’m hoping to leave you with a warm and Fuzzy feeling J

Also I’d like to dedicate this blog to Robin, because she is always talking about those darn Fuzzy Nipples, LOL and notice there really is such a drink! So here’s to you Robin, I’m holding my drink up high…Cheers!

  Fuzzy Navel (original)

1 1/2 oz Peach schnapps
Mixing instructions:
Pour peach schnapps into ice filled collins glass. Fill with orange juice and stir to combine.

Fuzzy Pierced Navel
Mixing instructions:
Pour over ice, stir.
Fuzzless Navel
Mixing instructions:
Pour peach nectar and orange juice into a chilled glass filled with ice cubes. Stir well and garnish with a slice of orange.
Creator/contributor's comments:
The non-alcoholic variation of the Fuzzy Navel.

Fuzzy Nipple


Mixing instructions:

Pour all liquids over ice and shake. Pour into high ball and garnish with either an orange wheel or a cherry. Can also be made frozen.

Creator/contributor's comments:

If you want to spice it up add 1/2 oz orange liquer



Mixing instructions:

Just pour equally in shot glass

Creator/contributor's comments:

This original is tasty

Fuzzy Asshole


Mixing instructions:

fill coffe mug half full of coffee. Fill the other half full of Peach Schnapps. Stir and drink while hot.

Creator/contributor's comments:

Add as much coffe or Peach Schnapps as preferred.

Fuzzy Balls

1 part Absolut Citron

Mixing instructions:

Mix alcoholic ingredients one part each - and add 7-up. Eight shots of each requires a 2L bottle of 7-up.

Fuzzy Banana
Mixing instructions:
Mix all parts together in a glass, or pitcher, depending on the amount of people you wish to serve.
Creator/contributor's comments:
I use 2 oz shot glasses to mix this into a glass. You can modify it for a pitcher or punch bowl or whatever, I suppose. My Fiance & I came up with this last New Years, and it was a hit at our party.

Fuzzy Irishman

Mixing instructions:

Pour Raspberry first, Butterscotch next and Irish cream last. Need not be layered but pour in order given. Top 'O the Mornin' to you!

Fuzzy Screw


Mixing instructions:

Fill glass half with ice, add vodka, peach Schnapps, and then orange juice. Stir.

Creator/contributor's comments:

For those who like a Fuzzy Navel but with more of a kick.

Have a warm & fuzzy day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Laugh It Up Tuesday!

I know many of you love your Typo Tuesday and look forward to them each week, but believe it or not, it’s getting harder to find typos, lol. So I am changing Tuesday’s to Laugh It Up Tuesday, where you will find me posting some funny stuff and don’t worry, I will post those much loved typos when I find them! J

Have a fun filled day!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
Today I think we'll talk about Protecting yourself from psychic attack or protecting your home.
I believe we had talked about energy cords in a different blog and how to cut them. This is a form of protection because you are protecting your energy from being drained from a client or another person.
When you do work with energy, healings, readings, or ghost hunts, it's always good to get into the habit of setting your intent. What is it you want to get out of your session?  Saying a prayer of intent is a powerful way of protecting yourself from harmful energies. When ghost hunting, I quickly say a prayer with something like  “and help me to communicate clearly but keep me protected for my highest good and let no harm come to me as my intent is to do no harm.”

Personal protection can be done in many ways. You can wear a small mirror as a piece of jewelry. The mirror carried with the intent that it bounces back any negative energy to the person who is sending it.

I've known people that have carried a small piece of sponge in their pocket. The sponge was given the intent to soak up any negative energy that could come into contact with the person. At the end of the day the sponge is then cleared by running water through it.

White light is a powerful way to protect yourself and it's easy. Just visualize a bubble of white light around your body. I use this around my car when driving, to keep deer away. I also make it a little stronger by drawing a pentagram as I sit at the steering wheel and then push out a circle of white light surrounding the car by 500 feet in every direction.

Ask your guides and angels for protection. I have many a times asked Arch Angel Michael for protection while out and about. I've also asked him to put a bubble of white light around the house as we sleep, letting only what is for our highest good in. You can also add to this by asking that an angel be placed at every door and window to your house to protect and stand guard until morning.

You can smudge or burn incents to help rid your area of negative energy. Lavender is pretty powerful to burn. Sage and Palo Santo wood are great to use for smudging. I use these a lot to clear my stones and space. Fanning the smoke around myself helps to get rid of any negative energy that may be clinging to me. I can usually feel the difference immediately.

Frankincense & Myrrh help create a sacred space and banish unwanted energy.
Using symbols to call on energy is another form of protection. Drawing the pentagram will help set the intent to protect. If you practice Reiki, Raku is an amazing symbol for banishing unwanted energy to clear space. Remember to use it to sever connections between you and your client. I've known people to use Raku to banish negative energies within a room by drawing and chanting the symbol three times.
March 24th I will be on another ghost investigation with Stevens Point Paranormal Club. We will be in downtown Stevens Point. So more information to come on that night and pictures to follow after it's been discussed with the client.
March 31 Wisconsin Rapids at the Mead Hotel, BodyLabUSA will be hosting a Holistic Expo. Doors open at 10am.

 Blessings All,

Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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Thanks much,
Savannah Rayne

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Million Wishes

Thank you Savannah for inviting me to post today about my very first book release! A Million Wishes is the first in a four book series and tells the story of an abused girl Mikayla and her childhood crush Noah. Both go through some traumatic times, and they have their ups and downs, but love prevails. I’m a romantic at heart, I love a happily ever after. J

 A Million Wishes Blurb:

 Mikayla Johnson... Growing up in a poor, abusive household after her father is killed in a car wreck; Mikayla had very few things in life that gave her joy. Her writing, the old oak tree, her big brother Callum and her childhood crush Noah. Could he help her heal from her past and give her the family she has always wanted?
Noah Cane... Noah is a Navy seal war hero coming home to the Georgia peach plantation he was raised on to recover from losing his leg in war. His heart was stolen by Mikayla the moment they met under a peach tree where she was stealing peaches off his parent's property. Can she help him heal from his injuries and give him something worth fighting for?

Join Mikayla and Noah on a whimsical journey of love, passion and the discovery of what they were truly meant to do with their lives. Sit back and enjoy their playful banter and intense loving while they show the town of Sugar Creek what it really means to have a heart of gold.

(Excerpt from A Million Wishes ©DeAnna Felthauser 2012)

(Set-up: The scene is that of Mikayla and Noah, in a very intense scene that gets interrupted by Mikayla’s older brother Callum calling. Talk about bad timing!)

Well, so much for that. He tugged the string that was tied in a bow at the waist of her pajama pants and just barely tickled his fingers under the band, feeling her stomach as it quivered under his soft touch. She should probably slap his hand away and stomp off or something similarly “good girl” instead of standing there secretly hoping he would touch her one more time, just once. His head dipped towards hers and the kiss he gave her curled her toes and had her tippy toeing up to kiss him harder, deeper still. Teeth scraped her lips until she was panting, whimpering his name between kisses, reveling in feeling like a woman hungered for by a man. Unfortunately that didn’t last long when the shrill of the telephone jerked them from their reverie. Pulling from him she went to her bedside table and grabbed the phone looking at the caller id and groaning before she answered.

“Mikayla, I was wondering about you since you never called again or came by this weekend. I called Vivi’s and she said you were at Momma’s, I mean your house, and that Noah was with you. Did he stay the night with you?” Callum was obviously unhappy finding out she had stayed with Noah alone, but she was grown and wasn’t in the mood for his big brother antics.

“Callum I’m a big girl and I can come and go as I please. It’s none of your business if he stayed here. I am getting ready to shower and head back to school for my finals in the morning, but I’ll be heading back here to stay on Friday or Saturday.”

“What do you mean it’s none of my business? You’re my baby sister, and I don’t care who he is but he better not be disrespecting my sister or I’ll kick his ass, SEAL or not.”

“Oh good grief Callum calm down, it’s not like we got naked and danced under the moon it’s too damn cold outside.” It was wicked of her to tease him, but he was so easily riled she couldn’t resist.

“So what, you danced naked inside, is that what you’re insinuating? I’m on my way over…” click. She looked at the phone stunned and busted out laughing.

“So, it looks like Callum is on his way over to defend my honor. You have fun with that Romeo; I’m going to take a shower.” She went in the bathroom and shut the door, giggling as she locked it.

Noah stood there for a second and started laughing too. Well if Callum threw a punch it wouldn’t be the first time in all the years they had known each other and probably wouldn’t be the last. Especially once he told him he was marrying Miki. He went to his bag and pulled on his sweatshirt from the day before, then headed to the laundry to toss his other clothes in the dryer.

By the time he heard Miki turn the shower off Callum was charging through the door in a huff.

“What the hell are you doing here with my sister all night Noah. Mikayla is my sister bro! What the hell man?”

Noah grinned “Want some coffee man?” He didn’t wait for an answer he just headed for the kitchen and poured them a cup and sat at the table so he could wrap his leg.

“Hey, I’m talking to you Noah!” Callum was fuming and his skin was red with anger.

“I hear you Callum. Calm down, drink your coffee, Miki will be out of the bathroom in just a minute and you’ll see she is just fine.”

“I just heard her on the phone, I know she sounds fine. My point is, are you sleeping with my sister?” By the time he got the word sister out he was yelling loud enough Miki heard him loud and clear.

“Callum, shut your filthy mouth! We are not sleeping together yet. I mean we slept together but we didn’t sleep together, got it? Not that it’s any of your business!”

“Besides Callum, I asked Miki to marry me and I’m hoping to have her convinced by the time she and I come back with her stuff from Atlanta that she needs to make an honest man out of me.”

“Yet? YET?! So you’re planning on sleeping with him Mikayla?

Miki’s face turned beet red and Callum looked like he was about to blow a fuse. She had seen that look on his face before and knew he was about to snap so she stepped in between him and Noah, who was acting oblivious to Callum’s temper tantrum, content on methodically wrapping his leg and attaching the prosthetic with a satisfied grin on his face.

“Callum calm down. There is nothing for you to be getting so worked up about.” She patted his arm and pulled out a chair. “Sit. Relax.”

Noah was thoroughly enjoying pressing his best friends buttons and working him up. Even though Miki was glaring at him, wanting him to stop, he was just so damn happy he wanted to make Callum miserable a little while longer.

“Come on buddy you know I’ve had it bad for her since she was in Jr. High and I was in High School. Remember I used to scare off all the boys that flirted with her because I didn’t want them flirting with my babydoll.”

Before she could stop him Callum jumped up and punched Noah in the face “You sorry son of a bitch talking about her like that! She was just a baby back then you jack ass!” Noah was laughing as he got up from his chair, grabbing a few paper towels and wiping the blood off his chin.

“You still hit like a girl Cal. I guess once we get back and settled down Uncle Noah’s gonna have to go teach your boys how to fight so they don’t hit like a girl like their Daddy does."

Callum swung again but Noah ducked and weaved, while Callum tried again to land another punch. Noah caught his fist in his and grinned “HOOYAH!” That made Callum grin and chant with him “HOOYAH!” The next thing you know they hugged and slapped each other’s back like nothing ever happened. Laughing about the punch and then talking about high school and all the fights they got into back then. It was if the subject of Miki and Noah disappeared and the same old camaraderie was back as per usual. She shook her head and went to gather her things, pulling Noah’s clothes out of the dryer and tossing them on the table in front of them.

“There’s your clothes Romeo, and if you are coming with me, you need to get ready so we can go to your house and get your things for the week, that is…if you two are done acting like idiots.”


Everyone that leaves a comment today will be entered into a drawing for one of two free e-copies of A Million Wishes! The winners will be chosen by Savannah on March 9th.

I’m also doing a big giveaway on my blog It’s easy to enter and there is a great prize package plus an e-copy of A Million Wishes! The contest ends March 9th.

A Million Wishes Trailer

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thirsty Thursday!

Woooohoooooo! Welcome to Thirsty Thursday! Some of you already know that there’s a few of us in my circle of writer friends that like to party on Facebook. Yes, we throw parties and we even like to have a “virtual” bar! We have drinks and laugh…and more drinks and MORE laughs and you can guarantee it’s going to be a good time!
There’s been times that when someone had ordered a drink we weren’t exactly sure what it was, much-less what was in it. So I thought there couldn’t be a better way to spend Thursdays on my blog, than by educating my writer pals in a course of mixology!
One of the drinks I order regularly from the “virtual” bartender is Sex on the Beach. It is a very tasty drink ; )

So, I’d like to start the very first Thirsty Thursday off with some Sex on the Beach, oh and just in case a few of you don’t like sand in places it shouldn’t be, I found some other places you can have Sex! Oh, the Sex drinks, you silly people, get those minds out of the gutter!

Sex on the Beach


Mixing instructions:

Half fill with cranberry juice and grapefruit juice, stir in highball glass.

Sex On The Beach - Jersey Style
Mixing instructions:
Makes 1 gallon of punch -- mix all 4 liquers in 1 parts and fill rest with pineapple and cranberry juice

Sex on Daytona Beach
Ingredients:1 oz Vodka
Mixing instructions:
Blend ingredients by shaking well.

Sex on an Arizona Beach
2 shots Absolut Vodka
Mixing instructions:
Mix ingredients and add some ice.
Creator/contributor's comments:
If you drink enough of these, you will know that Arizona truly has beaches!

Sex at my House
3/4 oz Amaretto Di Saronno
Creator/contributor's comments:
Every time I ask "How was the sex!" I get "Great!"

Sex in the Shower
Fill Shaker with Ice
Creator/contributor's comments:
This drink looks like the waters in the Caribbean and is smooth enough to be sipped all night long. Enjoy!
Sex in the Desert
1 oz Tequila (Herradura)
Shake and serve on the rocks.
Creator/contributor's comments:
Nice. To be enjoyed in Baja, California. Cheers!

Sex on Ice
1/2 oz Vodka
Mixing instructions:
Combine all ingredients in a blender with crushed ice and blend until the drink has reached the desired consistency. Pour unstrained into cocktail glass and garnish with whiped cream and a cherry.

Sex on the Pool Table

1 part Triple sec

Mixing instructions:

Over ice, mix equal parts of each alcohol. Top with the grapefruit juice. Shake to blend.

Sex on the Grass
1 oz Vodka
Mixing instructions:
Shake all except orange juice with ice. Pour into a hiball glass filled with ice. Fill with orange juice.
Creator/contributor's comments:
Similar to Sex on the beach, but should be a nice grassy green color, hence the name. You can adjust the curacao to get the right color. Nice summertime drink!

Sex on the Brain
Mixing instructions:
Fill glass with ice, insert a straw and then add the first three ingredients (Vodka, Midori, Schnapps) then layer the juices using a barspoon to get a separation of alcohol and mixers. Leave a little room at top of glass to float the Sloe gin on top. Garnish with a cherry and orange wedge. The drink should look like a Stop Light. Green at the bottom, yellow in the middle and red on top.
Creator/contributor's comments:
Can also be made into a blended drink by adding all ingredients into a blender and served in a margarita glass. Garnish with only a orange wedge.

First drink is on the house!

Place your order in the comment section below and let’s see if we turn this into a party!