Monday, March 25, 2013

Mystic Monday


Hi All,
Let’s start with dates you should know.
Wednesday March 27th is the Full Moon. This one is also known as the Storm moon. The old saying March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb, relates to this moon. But okay, really I’m sick of seeing the lion this month. How much more snow will there be? The storm moon in March is called such because of the unstable energy of this month as spring tries to break through winters grip on the earth. This year, this seems most fitting as winter just will not let go.    

Don’t forget to manifest this night.  : )

First, I want to pass along that Eucalyptus oil is amazing for sinus problems. I’ve been dealing with sinus congestion for almost a week and burning a eucalyptus in my oil burner has helped me to sleep. However, I had to use lavender oil with it to help me sleep as the eucalyptus although does an amazing job clearing the sinus, it tends to keep me awake.

Now let’s get back to working on ourselves.

A few Mondays ago we started to talk about communicating with the other side. This week I’d like to get back to self-help and moving forward into the new as spring is upon us. Spring is a time for new beginnings. The full moon this week is just in time to help you manifest those new beginnings.

Set your space to ready yourself for meditation. Turn out your lights, light a candle, put calming music on your CD or Ipod. Today we are focusing on your chakras and getting the chakras to be clear and spinning in the right directions at the right speed.
Now if you are not good at visualization it’s okay, just say in your mind what it is you want to happen.

Get comfortable, say your prayer of intent. See a bright white light of the universe beaming down from the clouds and entering your crown chakra. Look at your crown chakra; it is a white ball of light spinning clockwise above your head. Are there any dirty spots on your chakra, is it spinning as it should? If there are, channel a spark of the universal white light into the charka. Watch the spark fly around inside of your chakra cleaning away all the dirt and grime and setting it to spin as it is now normal and healthy.

Go down to the next chakra, your third eye. The third eye is purple in color and should shine brightly. Once again look for any dirty or spots of grime. Send a spark of the universal white light into the chakra to clean all the nasty stuff away and set it spinning healthy.
Repeat these steps for all the chakras. Throat chakra is blue, heart chakra is pink or green, solar plexus is yellow, sacral is orange and then the root chakra is red. When you are finished draw the universal white light in through your crown chakra down through every chakra and through your feet grounding it. When you are finished and if you feel light headed, ground your energy into Mother Earth. Say a prayer of thanks to close your session. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Great work!

If you would like to learn Reiki and have a few friends that would like to learn as well, I will travel to teach in person classes. I also teach Reiki via distance learning. Please contact me if you have questions, is my email.

Please tell me what you think about the new look to my website. or will get you there.

Blessings All,



Happy Easter!



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  1. This was amazing, thank you Wendy :)

    Have a wonderful Easter.