Monday, June 10, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

What to talk about today? Well Saturday was the New Moon did you remember to release whatever isn’t serving your highest good?

Ok so since the New Moon has passed it’s time to start your manifesting. Now remember you can do manifesting in a few ways but the key is to spend a few minutes each day telling the universe what it is you want.

This is how I manifest: I write out every quality I want in what it is I want. So say a new car. I would write out the year, the make, model and all the features I want on a list and then I would put what I am willing to pay for it. Then every day I would read the list to the universe saying this is what I want, bring it to me please, thank you.

Now a friend of mine manifests by pretending she already has it and thanks the universe for it. So her manifesting prayer starts out something like this. “Universe I am so happy and grateful for ….” And then she spells it out.

Remember on the night of the Full Moon the energy is at full power for manifesting so that is the night you should connect a ritual to your list. I write mine out and then burn it under the full moon and then release the ashes back to Mother Earth.

Ok change of subject. I’ve had some gardening Reiki questions come up. A few weeks ago I was working on transplanting some of my plants and used Reiki to attune the rocks that I put in the pots to help the plants take root in their new home. I also used Reiki directly with the plant to help it recover from the trauma of being replanted.

So this is what I do. I work on my plant just like a person. Start by opening the plants aura. Then I simply hover my hands over the plant and channel Reiki to it by chanting the power symbol’s name three times. After I channel for a few minutes when the plant’s energy is calm then I seal the aura. When transplanting, I will Reiki the plant and the dirt that I’m using. I will also Reiki a rock to go into the pot with the plant to continue to give Reiki when the plant needs it. I also always Reiki the water I use for my plants every week.
Now if you are not attuned to Reiki you can still send healing energy to your plant, just pull down the white light of the universe. Start by visualizing the white light of the universe beaming down from the sky and entering your energy through your crown chakra, then traveling to your third eye and throat to your chest, down your arms and out your hands and into your plant. Once there it will go where it is needed.

To charge your water simply pull down the white light of the universe while hovering your hands over the water and visualize the universal white light going to your crown down to your hands and into the water. Remember to say a prayer of intent and then thank the universe for assistance.

I was asked if our plants take on our energy and I guess they can since they share our space. However, if that’s the case mine must love chaos, cause with two boys and their friends running through the house all the time that’s the environment mine live in. I think the cat helps them too though by laying in their space all the time. A cat’s purr can clear energy fields. Although, not so much when he’s tipping them over.

Have a wonderful week all and hope all your plants are doing well. : )


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