Monday, August 12, 2013

Mystic Monday


Hello All!

What’s going on this week? Let me check the datebook…looks like a whole lot of nothing this week. LOL : )

Okay, well let’s get on with it then. What to talk about this week…I thought about Reiki and infusing it throughout your home. But, I felt like we did that a few weeks ago.

So, how about a mix of things about energy around your home?

This Saturday I spent the day painting one room. Yeah, the day on one room. Then again Sunday morning, doing touch ups on that room. Happy Joy.

Now, I’ve heard of Reiki practitioners using Reiki with their paint. What? Yep, you can attune the paint to Reiki before using it to paint your room. By doing so, it will keep Reiki energy flowing through your space. I’ve been told of a practitioner who crushed up amethyst and mixed the powder into a little paint and then used the paint to paint Reiki symbols in the corners of a room in the house that needed an energy makeover. I plan on drawing Reiki symbols into the four corners of one of my rooms before I paint it, to keep the energy people bring into my house from bringing down the vibes in my house. I’ve also used the power symbol, the grounding symbol, and the symbol for harmony drawn in the air in rooms to clear out lower energy in a room, or to help my kids sleep.

Is your cat doing his business in the house? Well mine did at the old house, and I had to rip out carpet and then bleach the floor in the basement. Then a friend of mine said to draw Reiki symbols over the spots he soiled to keep him from doing it again. She said that Reiki would clear the area of the energy of the cats that were in the house before we were there, and of his energy of going potty there.

Plants:  Plants can’t get enough of Reiki energy so give it to them often! When transplanting my plants I draw the Reiki power symbol in the dirt before putting the plant into the pot. I also like to attune a stone with Reiki energy and then put that stone in the pot with the plant to keep Reiki energy flowing into the plant when the plant needs it. I think it’s the only thing that keeps my plants going, as I’m not great with remembering to water them. (Good thing most are of the cactus family). But, really you should see my Christmas Cactus. Huge!

I also use Reiki when working with my flowers and plants outside. I recently brought over to my house some of my grandmother’s Lily of the Valley, so before I planted them in my yard I drew Reiki symbols into the ground that I had ready for them. Then I channeled Reiki energy to them after I had them all settled into my yard. For the first week, I then channeled Reiki into the water I used to water them with. We will see what happens next year.

Personal products: Kick your skin care up a notch by infusing it with Reiki energy before applying it. That way the product will always work for your highest good. Yeah, I forget to do this so I can’t really tell you long term effects. I get caught up in life like everyone else and forget to do the ideas that I pass along to you here.


Okay, you’re thinking, ‘great Wendy, but I’m not a Reiki practitioner and I have no plans on becoming one so how does this apply to me?’ Well, instead of channeling Reiki, use the white light of the Divine. Hold your hands over your plant and then pull down a beam of the Divine white light of the Universe in through your crown chakra, down to your third eye chakra, to your throat chakra, then see it travel down your shoulders, and arms, out the palms of your hands, and into the plant or object you are intending to infuse with energy. Now, you may feel light headed after you’re done, so make sure you ground yourself.

Well good luck trying some of this around the house and let me know how you do. Have a great week!

Blessings All,

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  1. Let's see who reads the comments.
    I've been writing a book based on the blogs of Mystic Mondays. Savannah and I have been calling the book Mystic Monday's the book to keep the blog and book straight when we're talking shop. Any ideas on what to title the book? Let me know your ideas? Blessings, Wendy