Monday, September 16, 2013

Mystic Monday

Hi All and Happy Monday!

Let’s get this week’s important date out of the way. Thursday is the Full Moon. Now if you are a follower of the blog what does that mean? Yep, Time to manifest! For me it’s also going to be a ritual of getting back on track. So what should you be doing on this full moon night? You should be reflecting on what it is you want to attract to your life. What is it you want most? What would it look like to have it? Then write it down and burn it to set the intention free.

Thursday’s full moon also goes by the Harvest Moon. In the days of farming and worshiping the land, the Harvest Moon was one in which the crops were being stored for the winter. It’s a time of focusing on home and hearth. It’s time to clean out the baggage that has built up in your life, both physical and emotional.

Well with that said it all goes with what I was thinking for a subject for today. I was thinking that today we should discuss our lessons since I’ve been reflecting a great deal on mine and what it is I’m going through. But not just me, it seems like the more healers I talk with, the more I am finding out we are all going through similar things right now.

So with the full moon I ask that you not only take time to figure out what it is you want and goals you make, but what is it you are learning today that will help you with this process of raising your vibrations to match what it is you want.

Let’s talk lessons. We all chart our experiences and choices to bring us closer to the Divine when we are on the other side. So our lives are ways for us to learn and experience things that help our souls grow and evolve. You may not lay out everything in detail, but you do figure out what it is you want to learn and how you will achieve the goal or the lesson you wish to experience. Your guides are here to help keep you on track and to learn alongside of you.

Well with that said, our homework is to figure out why we are going through what it is we are going through, and what are we learning from it so we can move forward. Now, I can’t tell you what it is or how to get there, that’s your work to do.

With the full moon approaching it’s time to clear out the crap in your life and ask what it is you really want to make room for so it will be able to manifest.

Good luck and Blessings All,

Oh hey, watch for more information as Halloween grows near, Stevens Point Paranormal Club will be hosting Ghost tours around Stevens Point, WI again this year. We will be teaming up with special events at Kristin’s Riverwalk. I will be booking readings again this year so hurry and book yours before my schedule fills up!


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