Monday, October 28, 2013

Mystic Monday


Happy Mystic Monday All!

What a weekend! Wow! Readings at Kristin’s Riverwalk went great. Kristin and I even hopped on the bus for a tour. Lots of things happening at Kristin’s. The investigations after the tours had activity. Kristin and I had stuff come through the dining room where we were chatting at a table. It was just crazy. Not as busy as last year so I’m thinking maybe we need to change it up a bit…I’ll have to ask the club what they think.

Kristin and I did some pretty amazing work with each other and communicating with the other side. Then basically we caught up and had girl talk over a beer…always a good thing, right!

I did learn a lot about Stevens Point on the tour. I had no idea how much mob history is around that town. Chicago mob and Twin Cities mob all kinda using Stevens Point as a middle ground for business and stops on their way up north to their hide outs. Very interesting.

Anyone experiencing crazy unexplainable stuff happening around them? Well it’s going to be Halloween soon and the veil between the worlds is going to thin so lots of stuff can happen. It’s not all in your head. Last week we talked about protecting your property so make sure you do that.

Raising the vibrations in your home can help as well to keep out the crazy energy or lower energy that could come in during this time. I like to burn lavender or dragon’s blood in the tea light burner. Smudging your home with sage or palo santo wood can help as well. Just remember to keep a window open a little so the energy you want released can escape.

Well my friends this week’s blog is short and sweet. Next week we are going to get back on track to helping ourselves be true to our path and healing.

Mystic Monday ~ the Book should be ready shortly for eBook purchase! We are working hard to be ready ASAP. I plan to have it out in print in a few months. I will be selling it at expos and some friends will also have copies to sell. I’m going to see about some local stores and of course Kristin at Kristin’s Riverwalk will have copies to sell. It’s getting close. I’m super excited!

Have an amazing week everyone!


Happy Halloween!

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