Monday, August 25, 2014

Mystic Monday

Today is the New Moon. Time to banish things that aren’t working for your highest good! It’s also a good time to start looking into your shadow self and what it is you are in need of healing from.

So there is our subject for today and one that is new to me. I did want to go on and continue with the Twin Flame but I really need to do some more research and work on it before I present more information here and how to heal. But that does lead us into healing our entire self, which we must do in order to be ready for a Twin Flame relationship, and we can’t be totally healed unless we look at the shadow self. 

When we are children and we act out or express emotions that are not acceptable we are told to “stop it” or “you can’t do that or say that”. We learn to stuff those emotions down and lock them away. But what becomes of all of them? What happens when we don’t express the negative?  

The shadow self is created. It’s the dark half to the lighter half of us that is accepted. It is the place we may fear to look into because it’s all the unacceptable things we may be. The shadow is not evil it’s just the bad and ugly we refused to deal with. When we heal this and learn from it in ourselves then we can heal ourselves on a soul level and be in a better place. This helps us in turn create a better reality for ourselves by taking care of the negative and taking responsibility for it. Owning it and working on it. We are human and we make mistakes, we judge, we do all it is that makes us human. 

By working with the shadow and not letting the shadow control, but help us heal it, we then create a better place for ourselves spiritually which will manifest into our lives.
So start with meditation. When meditating ask yourself what needs to be looked at. What’s causing your feelings? What is it you need to look at?

This week I leave you with that and good luck.

Blessings All,

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