Monday, December 22, 2014

Mystic Monday

Hello All,

We have some changes coming with the New Year! Savannah and I will be moving Mystic Monday to its own blog. For January it will still appear here as well as on the new blog site. In February Mystic Monday will be solely on the new blog website. It will continue on Mondays but we made add some stuff during the week or special write ups by fellow healers.


How did Yule/Winter Solstice go for everyone? It was a crazy day with some eye openers here for me. It’s also a time for letting it go. So I spent some time closing doors on old feelings and energies with people that no longer serve my highest good and changing some ways of thinking. Savannah joked that maybe I’m finally getting my lesson of patience.

Today ends the Celtic Tree month of Elder.

Wednesday is Christmas Eve. The Celtic Tree month of Birch starts. Birch is one of my favorite energies to work through.

Thursday is Christmas. 

So it’s going to be a busy week.

Okay, so let’s talk energy through this crazy time.

When I started out really studying energy with Reiki and then reading about Paganism and Wiccan ways, I started to take notice of the wheel of the year and the energy that the earth brings about. The veil between worlds, and how that interacts with everyday life. Now, daily I am not in tune to the other-side. I don’t walk around looking at people or listening to friends and getting stuff from their guides. I think I would go crazy. But on days that are “high energy” I feel it or notice that strange things that wouldn’t normally happen, do. 

Christmas is a hard time for me only because of the energy around the day, and maybe some of you are like this as well. It’s not that I hate Christmas, I just don’t like the chaos and energy high that is created around this time of year. I thought it was just me, until a Reiki Master explained to me that during this time falls the Twelve Days of Christmas which in turn brings on Twelfth Night. I was told that, like Halloween, the energy is at a high for the 12 nights. The veil between the worlds slowly thins and then closes during these 12 nights. This can be why, during this time, emotions are high and strange things happen. Now I wasn’t sold on this idea until things started happening to me. Over the years that I have been more open and practicing energy work, more signs from the other side happen during this time. But when I looked into this time of year, traditionally it is pretty much just a time of party.

Here is what I found. Twelfth Night is the night of January 5th or 6th . It is the last night of celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas. It is also a time when everything is reversed. In the days of old, peasants became high born for the day and vise-versa. Masters would wait on their servants; stuff like that. There was also a feast and cakes. Tradition has it a cake would be baked with a bean in it and the person with the bean would be King or Queen for the celebration. 

This is also the night of the Epiphany. I had to look that one up because it’s been a long time since I’ve had catechism class. The Epiphany is the baptism of Jesus or the recognizing that God the son is human. So this is a religious feast day as well.
So there is your brief history lesson for the day.

The other thing I want to just put out there because it happened this weekend, is I am never done being amazed at the accuracy of signs from the animal world. I have the book “Animal Spirit Guides”  by Steven D. Farmer and it never fails when I go to look something up that it is scary how much the animal goes with what it is I am going through. I truly believe everyone should have a copy of this book. I have a hard copy and I have it in my google play books so I can look it up on the go when needed. Amazing reference!

Have an amazing week!
Merry Christmas & Blessings All,

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