Monday, January 26, 2015

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

I can’t believe we are almost through the month of January already. It’s crazy how fast it all seems to go. 

Let’s talk balance this week. Get ready because we are going to talk about everyday life and looking at things like your schedule to your own energy system.

First let me ask you this. How much time do you take to be by yourself during the day without any distraction? Or should I say where in your day can you fit 5 minutes of time where you can close your eyes and just breathe? If your answer is I have no time at all then let’s talk because I was that person. My Reiki Master asked me to start with 5 minutes and do you think I could even figure out where to get 5 minutes from? No I couldn’t.

Let me throw some ideas out there because we need to figure out how to fit in “me time” and create some balance so that we can start finding ways to bring some peace into our lives. Last March I believe I posted a blog on the water experiments and how negative and positive energy can affect how symmetrical or odd a water drop can turn into an ice crystal.  will get you a short three minute video of words, music, and pictures of how water reacted.

I share this to get you thinking about how much negative energy you come into contact with and how what you hear can have an effect on your body and energy as we are after all made up of water. However, I also wanted to throw this out there again just to get you thinking about how what you take in during the day can boost you or bring you down. Therefore getting your “me time” in can help recharge yourself and help get rid of some of the stress you face during the day.

Let’s start small. We talked once about energy cords that you put out to everyone you come into contact with throughout the day and those people then can plug into your energy sending cords to you. This week I challenge you to get rid of those cords throughout your day. Now, I hear it already. Wendy, really I work in an office and never have time to myself so that I can do this privately? How do I do this without everyone looking at me? You go to the bathroom don’t you? It takes seconds to do this simple cord cutting. If you are good at visualizing then just close your eyes for a second at your desk and get it done that way.

Start by bundling up all the cords to your front. Start at your crown and work your way down to your feet. You are going to place your hands at the back of your head and bring them to the front as if you were making a pony tail with your hair. Then I go down the body bundling energy at every chakra. When you get to your feet you will bundle energy from front to back and here I go in between chakras. When you get to the top take a deep breath in, stretch your hands up over your head and bend your hands at the wrist so your fingertips face each other. This forms a knife with your hands. Then forcefully sweep your hands down as you exhale big through your mouth and have the intent that all energy cords be cut and released. Now bring your hands up take your breath and do the same to the back. The cords that are cut will be at your feet, step out of the circle they make and they will disappear back to mother earth.
If you are good at visualizing simply take a minute to see yourself doing this and have the intent that you would like all these cords released.

Now, we need to find time in your schedule for “me time”. Can you get up 5 minutes early? Can you hold off your bed time 5 minutes? During your work break can you go somewhere, maybe to your car, and put on some soothing music to close your eyes for 5 minutes and do nothing but focus on your breathing?

Focusing on your breathing is the first step to meditation and calming your thoughts. So this week I want us all to take just 5 minutes to start the change and just focus on the inhale and exhale of our breath and what our body feels like at the time we are doing this. It is okay if your thoughts wander just pull them back to focusing on the in and out of your breathing. 

This is your homework for the week! Next week we are going to work the chakras and I’ll have some books and CD recommendations to help with this.

Until then have an amazing week!


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