Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Every now and then a little rain must fall

This month I will start the process of re-fashioning Savannah Rayne. For far too long, she has slipped away, unnoticed by most, silently through the literary world’s cracks. I am a little stunned by how quickly I was forgotten and the few posts I managed to get done on social media sites received no “likes” or “comments”. Most fans faded from being active on my page, to barely acknowledging my sporadic  appearances. A few have remained steadfast and I thank you for being loyal; for allowing me to be human. Book sales declined and quite honestly had me feeling why bother? My life has been busy, stressed and sometimes unbelievably chaotic. That has played the major roll in my lack of consistent blogging, media socializing, promoting my published works and completing new ones. I’ve sadly let life’s daily happenings dictate ME and how I go through my days. 

BUT on the bright side that is thankfully going to change. Life has finally reached some normal stability. Stresses are much less, life is happier, calmer. 

Time still proves to be my greatest obstacle; there are just not enough hours in the day to meet my responsibilities and the needs of everything and everyone…however, that too will be changing. Come summer my full-time day job will become more part-time. Those “free” hours will then be dedicated to time I can write and focus on promotion to further my career as a writer. Eventually, as my day job comes to an end once the triplets that I care for start school, I have decided to “retire” from the childcare profession. Thirty-four years of caring for little people has been wonderful, but I need a change. I’m hoping by that time I will have made enough progress to become a full-time writer and still put food on the table.

So starting this month I will be having things re-designed to better fit Savannah Rayne and her style of writing. A new logo, banners/headers, swag and promotional materials will be done. I’m VERY excited about this! It’s kind of like “redecorating” my house, and you know how I LOVE decorating and changing things up, lol. I’ll also start blogging regularly again and hitting the social media circuit for some fun and laughs. Contests, giveaways and random surprises are just a few of the goings-on you can look forward to!

With a whole lot of luck (fingers crossed) I’m hoping to kick it all off with the release of a new book…or two. 

Yep, it’s going to be a VERY busy time for me/Savannah. No longer will I let life hold the reigns to my happiness. I’m back in the driver’s seat and plan on staying there!

This won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen! If you love storms I hope you’ll come along for the ride, just make sure to hold on tight to your umbrella!


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  1. wow..nice ...so glad to hear that you are finally going to retire and concentrate on your writing..I know that I for one have been waiting for the continuing stories in all of your awesomely wonderful books..Im thinking that you need to do another book signing maybe after things get settled..like in Green Bay somewhere ???? hope things are going well for you now and hope to read more on this wonderful blog.. ! love ya sweetie