Monday, October 17, 2011

Mystic Monday's

Today Wendy will tell us about Summerwind

Summerwind Mansion Northern Wisconsin
 Summerwind is rumored to be the most haunted property in Wisconsin. I had the opportunity to check out the ruines of Summerwind with the husband and wife team, Tony and Devon Bell out of Eau Claire, WI. They also brought along a team member Jessie. We all drove to Summerwind one cold rainy September day. When we turned the car down the driveway I began to feel flu like sick. I had to jump out of the car right away to ground and shake off the sick feeling.
As soon as I got out and took a few steps from the car, as the team walked away to find a place to set up for filming, I heard a male voice say "the deed is not here". So I called out to Devon and said "hey what does the deed isn't here mean?"  She  walked over very quickly and said there was a story about the original owner of the property having the deed to the property burried in the cement of the foundation of the mansion. Well it wasn't there. We continued to look around and Tony filmed different shots for their web series. As we walked to the basement I saw a little girl playing. She didn't say much and she didn't stay around long.
Later we went up to what was the patio and I had the opportunity to talk with a governess of the mansion. I'm not sure what her name was I’d have to dig up notes and look at the extent of the conversation. But she gave details of doors opening and closing, and a bad energy about the place. Then I had a quick vision on Native Americans and the land being important to them. I can't remember much so I'll check notes for next week and update everyone if you are all interested.   We had another friend of Tony's and Devon's join us via a kayak. He had come into possession of a rock from the foundation of the building. Everyone who had a turn having this rock had a string of bad luck or bad things happen to them so he was bringing the rock back to the house. He hoped it would break the bad luck.
When we first arrived I stood next to the fire place and could feel warmth. I then placed my hands over the fire like I was warming them and they did get warm. As I said it was a cold day that rained on and off. Devon said that when she stood next to the same fire place she felt someone tug on her necklace.
 Some people have reported seeing a mist above the trees while out there. We did not, course it was rainy. And others say there is a smell of oranges.

Here is a link to Tony and Devon's historical video to check out the history behind the property.

They also have one on Careyville, WI. I was there for that one as well. I think I'm in it also if I remember correctly. :)

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  1. Hi Wendy...I have always wanted to go to Summerwind, due to hearing a lot about it being very haunted..LOL Love the photos!!!

    I have a question about the things you are now into. You have talked about how Reiki can open the mind...can it close things off as well, say for a person who has dealt with those sort of things since they can remember?

  2. Reiki could help you heal and set boundries for what you want to allow in and what you don't want to deal with. If you are open to communications with the otherside and don't wish to communicate any longer you can shut it all down you just need to set a clear intention of what you want done and ask your guides and angels to do it for you.

    My email is if you want more information on this subject.
    I am also at the Eau Claire Best Western next Saturday for an Event. To get into the BodyLab USA event it's 5 dollars. Healers and Readers will be in a common area offering there services and I"ll be there.