Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
Last week we talked about Meditations. This week let’s talk about Chakras. There are 7 major chakras.

Starting above your head there is a spinning wheel of light (chakra). The color of this chakra is white. It is your crown chakra and it connects you to the universe and the divine spirit. Next down is your third eye, which is purple. This charka is intuition, and enlightenment. Next is your throat chakra, which is blue and used for communication and speaking your truth. Heart chakra is next and is green or pink. This is the chakra of love and relationships. Solar Plexus is yellow and located by your belly button. This is your self-will and your power. Sacral is orange and is just below your belly. Sacral is reproduction, sexuality and creativity. The last chakra is the root chakra which is red in color. It is your survival and physical needs. This one also helps to keep you grounded.
When all your chakras are balanced and spinning correctly, you maintain wellness. When one is closed or stuck there is a state of dis-ease. Symptoms vary with each person. Here is a meditation to do to clear and keep your chakras balanced.

Get into your meditative state and work your way down from crown to root. Start out with your prayer of intent and ask for assistance from your guides or angels. Then, visualize your Crown chakra. I see it as the size of a baseball spinning all white in color. Call down the universal white light and have a spark of that light clear out your chakra and balance it. I think of the spark as a Tinker Bell inside the chakra cleaning it of all the dark spots that maybe on the chakra. Once you see your chakra burning bright white and spinning clockwise, move to the next. Do this for all your chakras down to the root chakra.

When you are finished, ground yourself, drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush out any stuck energy or left over energy.
I want to hear back and get some conversations going on this. What are your mediation styles?  How did this chakra mediation go?  I will pick one lucky person who comments for a free mini distance healing or reading via email.

With that I hope everyone has an enjoyable Thanksgiving Holiday.



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