Monday, November 28, 2011

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Ok this week we're talking about vibrations and raising them up so that lower energy or vibrations cannot affect you. A friend called and asked if I could come and clear his house. Of course I can, but he wanted it done ASAP and my schedule just didn't allow it. So, what can you use to help clear your space?

Lavender is a great herb for raising vibes and protecting. Sage and Palo Santo are the best for clearing space. I love Palo Santo because it has a sweet smell to it and not that "I've just smoked pot" smell of sage. It comes in small sticks. To use, just light and blow it out to get a good smoke stream going. Then wave the smoke to the spot you want cleared. Sage comes in loose leaf and smudging wands. Use the same way, light up and then blow out to get a good smoke stream.

Then take the item you're using to clear by smudging and start down on the lowest floor and work your way up to the highest level of your home. Smudge all four corners of each room and then ask the area to be blessed.

After the entire house is done or space you want cleared, lavender incense are good or burn lavender oil to raise the vibrations of the room or house.

Another client wanted to know if her, ex hubby's negative energy was affecting her home. I suggested she do the same thing and had her add a small ritual for claiming her space at the end with salt and lavender outside of her house.

Over the next few weeks I plan on talking about the Earth's energy and the holidays that can affect our energy along with the Earth's energy.

As always, feel free to email me any questions...and don't be shy! If you have a question, concern or would like a more indepth explanation, I'm here to help.



  1. Hi Wendy!
    First let me thank you for doing such an awesome job on the blogs! I love reading your posts, they've been very helpful.

    I had a question and thought I'd ask it here rather than email you, just in case someone else is wondering the same thing. Where would I find lavender or Palo Santo? Seriously, don't laugh, but I don't know lol. And do I need to do 'smudging' before I would burn lavender oil as an incense? Will incense sticks work as well?
    As you can see, I'm very interested in doing this : )

  2. These tips are very much appreciated. Thank you :)


  3. Hi,
    Lavender incense will work just as well as burning oil. Lavender oil you can find in any holistic store or holistic food store. I know in St. Paul the Mississippi Market carries it. Palo Santo I get from a new age shop in Minneapolis. But I know you can buy Palo Santo online. The Eye of Horus is online and they sell it. I have a guy named Keith that I met at an event that I buy from. If anyone would like his email just email me and then tell him I sent you.
    You do not need to smudge before burning lavender. Lavender itself is very cleansing. But if you want to make sure you've cleared real good then the smudging is amazing. When I feel just blah I smudge.
    Keep the questions coming....I will blog more about energy and destressing next week. :)