Monday, January 23, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,

Over the next few weekends I'll be pretty busy with Events and classes and in February a ghost investigation! I figured these busy times will bring some good subjects to write about.

Ok so now on to the Moon. This weekend brought about the Dark Moon. The dark moon brings the perfect energy for releasing old, removing blocks, breaking habits and closing doors. Saturday night I used the Dark Moon to help close the door on a relationship. I burned a photo of myself with a friend who no longer finds the time to talk with me. I asked sister moon for her help in clearing him from my energy and breaking any ties between us across all time and space so that I could move forward without any "what ifs".

Monday brings in the New Moon. This moon is perfect for assisting you with new beginnings, opening doors, and new creative energies. You guessed it—it's time to start manifesting! So for the next 14 days, until the full moon manifest your heart's desires!

Next Saturday I will be in Shell Lake at Vitality Village for Nemeton Reiki Class. It starts at 10am. If you're interested please email me. We will be learning about tree and plant energy and how it helps us to heal.



 Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. Dearest Wendy, I wanted to thank you for all of your help. I recieved something that I wish I could post a photo and show you that came to me the day after we spoke from my Indian friends in the mountains. All has calmed and nothing has happened since!!! I have it hanging by my staff and have done everything you said to do.

    All is well in my home!!!

    Big Hugs~

  2. HI Robin, I'm so happy to hear things have calmed down. Can you email me the photo?
    I'd love to see it. :) Blessings.

  3. Hi Wendy! Was wondering, what is the strongest way to or thing to do, to manifest during this time? I know you said on the Full Moon to write out your wants on a piece of paper, burn it then sprinkle the ashes by a tree. So was wondering if there's something we should do to help manifest during this time as well?

    Thanks, for doing this every week, I'm learning so much : )

  4. Hi Savannah,
    During this manifesting time I usually write out in detail what it is I want in my life. So for example say your car is breaking down a lot and has high milage but you just can't come up with a way to get that new car. You'll manifest it by writing out what you want then asking the Universe to help you bring this new car in but here's where the writing comes in. Write I want a new 2012 black, ford mustang, with a/c, power seats, power mirrors, that cool sync my ride thing, leather and heated seats, 15,000 miles or less, for x amount of dollars. Then every night you're going to pull out your list and aske the Universe to bring this into your life. Now there are two ways I've done this, you can tell the universe you are so happy and grateful for this item that came into your life (yep talk like you own it already) it's everything I wanted and list the qualities you want. Or you can, as my intuitive friend Laurie says, "I tell the Universe exactly what I want." "I lay it all out there and sometimes I even get angry and say no more I want....."

    I myself have done both. So play around with it. There is no right or wrong way as long as your intent is there.