Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Typo Tuesday


Have A Wonderful Tuesday!

Hugs & Nightmares,



  1. So not a good thing to read while two grands are sleeping by you...I was LMAO the whole time I read these!!!

    Favorite of the day: All employees must wash genitals...LMFAO

    Woman, you kill me!!!!

  2. These are hilarious! It still amazes me how many of these are out there. I'm with Robin on the favorite of the day. The sign about washing genitals must be in a whorehouse or something! LOL ;)

    Have a great day lady!

  3. Thanks ladies for stopping by! I do try to find some funnies to make you all chuckle once or twice. I'm pretty amazed at the amount of stuff out there too, at least it keeps us smiling : )