Monday, March 26, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
I am fresh off a ghost investigation with Stevens Point Paranormal Club.

Saturday night we all started our haunted evening out with a professional photo shoot. Pictures will be posted at the clubs website of
We then headed to the clients. I can tell all next week after we show the client our findings.
We had activity early at about 9pm as we were being given a tour by the owner. The place was a big, bar, restaurant and the upstairs was once a hotel with about 14 rooms.
We were in the dining room when the owner started to look at the tables that were set, only to find them all messed up and one totally cleared and a tray stacked with the settings for the table that was cleared. The wait staff was called in and they were all in shock and upset because it had taken them a long time to set everything up.
We then moved on to the basement area where in the stairs by a door, I heard a growling noise. We headed to the basement and looked around a bit there. Then we headed up to the hotel part of the building which is being renovated. We had some activity up there. On the tour I had 4 ghosts that I could track, 2 men, a little boy and a little girl. One of the men and I had a pretty long conversation while on the tour and then he came back later while I was up in the hotel part to talk to us some more. I met the little girl in the basement where she had fun answering questions with the divining rods. We tried to get her to play with the flashlights but she didn't. Up in the hotel later, in the early morning hours, I was able to get her to play with both the flashlight and the EMF reader we had. Freddy also asked her a bunch of questions and played a game of peek-a-boo with her by having her turn off the flashlight. She was pretty amazing.
Early in the night Jennifer, Angel and I ran from the basement screaming like the girls we are. : )  We were at a dead-end part of the basement where there was one way out and as we were getting to a corner Jennifer felt something and when she ran, we all did.
Missy and I had an encounter in the hallway of the hotel as we were on the tour. We both were standing next to each other when we felt something start to make our hands cool. I started to channel Reiki with Missy's hand just above mine and we both felt the ghost pull the energy from my hand which lasted a minute or two. Another team member grabbed the thermometer and started to confirm what we were feeling in a temperature drop. I experienced many changes in temperature around my legs in one of the hotel rooms.
Freddy was up in the hotel with a team and they had a good session with flashlights and yes and no questions with a ghost up there. I can't wait to hear some of the recordings.
All and all we had a pretty good night with our investigation. I have a few pictures to post once I am able to do so.
Our equipment we take is pretty simple...ok well some of it is. We take a few different colored mini mag lights. We can use the small lights to communicate with the ghost by asking the ghost to turn on one color vs another. Usually it's purple and blue or purple and red. If we only have one light we can use please turn the light on for yes and turn it off for no. With the mini mags they can also get the light to flicker which is way cool to watch in action.
We have many cameras. Mine is a regular digital canon. Jennifer has one that does night vision which is cool. Then we have a thermal reader which is Jennifer's baby. It shows a room in different colors based on the heat level objects put off. So the time I channeled Reiki and said my hand was getting cold they watched my hand turn blue. She can also snap a photo on the thermal reader.
Voice recorders are used when we are asking questions and then they are gone over to see what was picked up in the white noise. Freddy and Val are amazing with finding recording.
EMF detectors are used to see if a ghost can make the lights move up or down. We can sometimes get a ghost to turn one green light into two green lights and an orange or all the way up to red.
Freddy also uses his computer and sets it up to take pictures every so many seconds. He can also set it to take a picture when it sees a movement.
I almost forgot our favorite!  The spirit box. This is small and looks like the told FM radios we used to carry around as kids before boom boxes. It scans radio frequency and when you ask a question the ghost can use the frequency to answer.
That is about all we take with us when we go. I usually bring an emergency bag of sage and other items to help us shield if needed or if I am asked to clear an area by the owner.
I hope you all have a wonderful week. Next week I can post pictures. I will also have the stories from our meeting with the client, to go over evidence.
Saturday I am at the Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids for a Wellness Expo with BodyLabUSA!  Please come and see me. If you mention you are a fan of Mystic Monday I will discount your session. :)
Blessings All,
Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master
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  1. Very cool weekend I am so jealous. I wish I could make it to the expo, I love the mystic reader discount, that is awesome :)

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Keria, Have an amazing week!