Friday, April 13, 2012

Measuring Success

Author, Savannah Rayne - Measuring Success

When Dawn asked me to write my success story for her blog, I was like really? I guess I have never thought of things in that way—by measure of success. When I sat down to write this blog, I wasn’t even quite sure where to begin, so ended up putting it off for days.

Then a very good friend and fellow author for Hellfire Publishing and I were talking and bam, there it was! I knew where and how to start. So here it is, my story J

In late 2010, I was offered the chance to work for Hellfire Publishing and in accepting that wonderful offer, I have come to wear quite a few hats. I am the Right Hand Demon (I love the sound of that so much better than being a plain old assistant, lol) to the Executive Editor and owner of HP. I also do some editing, but I am primarily the Senior Copy Editor. All of this keeps me busy and out of trouble!

Unlike most writers, I had never even thought about being a writer. Heck, it wasn’t even on my bucket list! But in January of 2011, an idea came to mind while talking with a friend, and we decided to see if we could turn those thoughts into a story. I co-authored a book and we submitted it for consideration to HP. I knew in my heart it was a really good story. I had never in all of my reading years, read anything like it. Hellfire Publishing agreed and we were offered a contract! I was super excited, and wanted to shout it from the roof tops, only to have that excitement end as quickly as it arrived. There was a conflict with the co-author and to make a devastating story short, the book was scrapped and never published.

Hellfire Publishing told me that if I ever decided to write on my own, they would gladly give my work consideration. Again, my first thought was really? Not wanting to give up and to show that I did have the talent to be an author in my own right, I wrote my first story Oh, Deer. It was accepted and released in June, 2011. In November of 2011, my second eBook was published with Hellfire and is titled, When It Leaves. I guess some would say, I am now a success! I have several manuscripts in the works and all of these will be submitted to the place I will call home for all my writing—Hellfire Publishing.

I’m grateful that Hellfire Publishing encouraged me to write something on my own. I think the fact that they saw something in my writing skills and left the door open for me to walk through again if I so chose to, gave me the confidence, drive and desire to take the steps needed to reach the new personal goal I had set out to achieve. I was given a very, unexpected gift in finding out just how much I love and enjoy writing! I have always been an avid reader, but never did I think I could be a writer and tell stories that other people would enjoy reading. It goes to show life is full of surprises.

Had someone told me a few years ago that I would be a published author, I would have laughed. But having someone tell you that you’re good at something and sincerely mean it, followed with encouragement, can make all the difference in what you choose to do next. Try to remember that when you’re talking with people, friends or family. What you say and how you say it, may make a huge difference in the path of someone’s life.

I guess how one measures themselves as successful depends on the person. Up until now, I had thought I was successful at being a great Mom, raising two children that have grown up to be amazing, responsible adults. I’m also a great day care provider, as well as running a smooth, clean household. Now I’ve been blessed enough to add to that list, editor, copy editor, personal assistant and published author. I assume the list will keep growing…isn’t life wonderful?

Now, if I could only get over my fear of the dark and flying J

Oh, Deer

Jacob Ellis and his wife Donna live in the north woods of Wisconsin. Like most young couples, they have hobbies they enjoy. Jacob likes the outdoors, choosing four-wheeling and hunting as his forms of relaxation. Donna loves cooking, but her true passion is working in her flower garden. That is until her labor of love becomes nothing more than a colorful, tasty treat for the white-tailed deer, who share their surroundings. One night the pair experience more than the typical four legged visitor to their yard. The evening sets the path for Jacob’s decision to go against nature. After hearing a legend passed down through generations of the Chippewa Indian’s, Jacob must now decide if it’s just a myth or a lesson in the balance of law and justice— between people and nature.
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When It Leaves

Playing in the leaves is something all children do; twins Steven and K.C are no different. One autumn evening the five year olds ask to go out and play until dinner is ready. What happens that night will haunt Steven for the next twenty years. Now with a daughter of his own, Steven is left to struggle with the painful, guilt ridden choice of keeping his daughter safe or help the brother he lost, long ago, the one person Steven always thought he would do anything, to have back.
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  1. Great post, Savannah!!! I kind of know how you feel. ; )

    You have come a long way in a very short time and I could not be more proud!

    Big Hugs~<3

  2. I have no idea how I missed this post until today but I'm glad I found it! Great post and wonderful success story Savannah. It does make a world of difference when someone believes in you! You are a fantastic writer and I'm with Robin...I'm so proud of you! :)

  3. Awwww, thank you both! And you know I'm proud of you gals too! Surrounding yourself with people who love, support and believe in you and your efforts is huge...and I'm glad to have you both in my corner!