Saturday, April 14, 2012

Your opinion please...

Short Story or Novel…which do you prefer?
 I’m doing a little research here this weekend. I was wondering if you would all help me out. I have quite a few ideas for new stories, I know, it happens once you’re bitten by the writing bug J

So I was wondering, do you as a reader prefer to read a short story or a full length novel? Oh, Deer and When It Leaves are short stories, which could be read in a single sitting, depending on the reader’s time constraints. I was told that it is actually harder to write a short story because you have to make sure everything develops (characters & story) in a short amount of time.  A Novel, on the other hand, gives the writer ample time to let the characters and the story grow.

Now, I personally like both, BUT, I have always read print books until lately. Because I spend long hours working on a laptop, doing editing/copy editing, I prefer doing my "enjoyment" reading the good old fashion way, with print books. However, there are a lot of great writers and stories only found as an eBook, so I do read those now as well.
So that started my wondering if maybe other people feel the same way that I do. Does the fact that with eBooks you’re reading it off of a device, effect the amount of time you read in a single sitting, or whether you prefer a shorter story you can read to completion in that sitting, so next time you can start with a new book?

I do know I will be writing more short stories, but I also know a few will be novellas/novels.

I just thought this was a subject worth getting opinions on…

So please leave a comment and help me out!

Thank you so very much and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Great subject, Savannah. It depends on my mood, really.I like novels, but sometimes they can be too long. Not a real huge fan of short stories because if it's a great story, I don't want it to end. However, if I am wanting to just pass by a bit of time, I prefer a short one. I say Novel or maybe even a novella. Good luck!

  2. I would rather read a novel but lately I've been reading a lot of short stories since I started buying e-books. Short stories are great when you're short on time but want a good read. Like you, I traditionally love to read a paperback because I love the feel and smell of books. (I know, that probably sounds weird.) The thing I find with short stories is I usually wish it was longer lol. I love when an author has a series of books because I like getting involved in the characters and seeing where life takes them. I guess that means I like really, really long stories! :) Great post!

  3. Thanks for commenting! I understand DeAnna about the "smell and feel" for a book, ahhh to spend hours in a library or book store is wonderful! But, I also love the convenience of getting a good book to read with a simple "click". And like Patrick, my mood as well as time, plays a big part in what I choose to read. Guess the jury is still out on this one!

    Keep those comments coming!

  4. I enjoy both short stories and novels. I have been attempting to put out reviews for indie authors lately. Unfortunately; with short stories I have a hard time writing the review because I don't want to spoil the book by putting to much information in the review. Hope that helps.

    1. Thank you Lynn...and that is something I never even considered- reviewers. Great point!

  5. These comments were left on Facebook, but thought you might like to see their opinions as well!

    Darren Sant: It's not cast in stone for me. I like a good novel but get a real buzz from short fiction sometimes. I have anthology fatigue at the moment so enjoying the novels.

    Edward McKeown: Novels for me. Shorts can be fun but I prefer a novel for both reading and writing

  6. What can I say....I like them both! I enjoy writing short stories when I get tired of writing in one of the novels that I'm working on. And to me...if someone can tell a really great tale in a short read then they are just as good as those that it takes a full length to do the same thing. Number one example: Alfred Hitchcock!!!

  7. I will devour anything literary. But I am apt to read something short before tackling a novel, even though I love novels too.

  8. I like short stories and novels, but even though I have not an issue reading a thick story. I do like them still on the short side,so Novella is prefered. I love series books because you get to hang out with the characters a little more longer. I think this is why I write them. I read alot of series books in my teenage days (Nancy Drew Case files/ Fear Street) I do not mind if each book to that series isn't thick. If it's a great story then I am happy. I would think other readers feel this way too. I hope this helped you :0)

  9. It looks like it really depends on a lot of circumstances 
    Most seem to like both!

    Thanks you for your input, Robin, Hellfire and A.D.! I really appreciate it : )

  10. Here are a few more opinions from Facebook...

    Selah Janel: it depends. I read shorts mostly in anthologies or collections by authors I love but I'm likely to get into them if an author can get me interested in them. Otherwise if I'm walking around looking for a new title to pick up I'll usually gravitate to novels.

    Tasha Turner: Depends both work for me

    Ian Walkley: I can't get into short stories, no matter how hard I try.