Monday, April 16, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
Ok we are going back to meditations and spirit guides this week.
To begin you have to find your meditative space.
The first step is to set your space and get the music going or what it is that you do to meditate. 
Next set your intention with your prayer.  I say something like dear guides I need help with blah blah... 
Then I start to focus on my breathing and visualize my area where I meet my guides.  Depending on who I'm meeting, the vision will change.  If I'm meeting my Native American guide, my horse will appear to take me to the field I meet him in.  If it's my Scottish protection guides, then it's my big oak tree that I walk to.  I sometimes am greeted by different Shamatic animals like eagle or bear, sometimes mountain lion will walk me to where I need to go.  Don't question what comes to you or judge it, let it flow and work with it.
Remember anything that is for your highest good isn't going to tell you negative information or harm you in anyway.  If you ask questions to test the information you should be given straight answers that are not given in a negative form.  If the guide is offended then it’s not your guide and is a lower energy messing with you. To prevent this, ask the angels for protection and your higher power to help you connect with your angels and guides.  Your guides will expect that you test them with questions to build your relationship with them.
You can confirm information by using other tools to get information.  Examples of tools would be angel cards or oracle cards, pendulums and what not.  It's also helpful to keep a journal of your experiences because you can go back and look at a session and it may make sense to you at a later date, than it does in the moment.
Practice asking your guides for help.  Start small; parking spots are a good start or asking them to put in order how you should do your daily tasks. 

The key to knowing your guides is practice.  When you build your skills with communicating with them and you know them, you will know when the information you are getting is from them and true.  We all doubt no matter how skilled we are with getting information from our guides.  It's our ego's way of protecting us, plus ego doesn't like to be checked or put in its place.
This weekend was a busy one for me.  I had an expo in Ashland where I talked with many friends and had some much needed work done on myself. 
In May, I will be going to Waverly Hills for an investigation in KY.  Check it out on the net and I'll be blogging about it when I return. 
As always, if you have questions please ask. J

Blessings All, your homework is practice.

 Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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