Monday, April 23, 2012

Mystic Monday

HI All,
We were talking about spirit guides and how to meet them and in general, testing them to build a relationship with them.
This week I've written a meditation that you can tape or read and just do on your own to help you get to the point of meeting your guides. Some people have said they were having a hard time actually getting into a meditation, so I thought this might be a good way to do that. Let me know what you experience!
First, set your space. Take your phone off the hook or shut it off, get your music going if you play music and light your candle or whatever it is you do to get yourself ready. Have a notebook ready for afterwards to write down your experience.
Set your intention:  I usually say something like Dear God and Goddess, angels and guides, please help keep me protected and guide me through my meditation for getting to know you better. In this meditation I would like to meet you all my guides.
Close your eyes and you are going to take three deep cleansing breaths. You will breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. With each in breath you will breathe in calm and relaxing energy and with each exhale breath you will release all the tension in your body and become more relaxed with each breath.
Deeply inhale breath one; in through your nose, feel the breath enter your chest and calm your body, when you exhale out through your mouth release any tension and stress. Let go and relax.
Deeply inhale breath two; in through your nose and out your mouth allowing all the tension in your body to leave as you exhale. Feel your body relax.
Deeply inhale breath three; breathe in through your nose, feel yourself become the most relaxed you have ever been and calm. All your stress and tightness in your body leaves as you exhale out through your mouth. Relax and send all of your worries away.
As you breathe regularly, know that with every breath you will relax on a deeper level so that you can prepare yourself to meet your guides.
I want you now to visualize yourself floating on a cloud. The cloud is soft and forms to your body as you lay on it feeling comfortable and supported. Feel all the tension in your body drift away. Your neck relaxes and is light feeling. Breathe in and push the stress from your shoulders down and out your feet. Let the cloud take it and the wind gently blow it away.
Breathe and feel your shoulders relax and then move on to your chest. Push all the stress out of your chest and arms down to your feet letting the cloud take it and the wind gently blow it away.
Breathe and feel your entire upper body relax. Now focus on your stomach and hips and with the next breath release all the stress and tension from your middle body down through your feet letting the cloud and wind take it away.
Feel your legs, feet and toes become light as you release all tension and stress from them to the cloud and wind.
Take a few relaxing breaths and let go of any stress or tension that may linger.
I want you to feel your cloud moving slowly. Drifting through the sky and when you feel ready your cloud can slowly and gently drift close to the ground and come to a stop. When your cloud stops I want you to slowly see yourself stand and walk over to the edge of your cloud where you will find a small staircase. There are five stairs and then a small landing and five more stairs to the grass. There is a beautiful garden with a fountain in the middle of it. When you are ready step down onto the first stair. As you descend look around; what are you seeing? Relax and step down to the second stair. Feel the railing that you may be hanging on to and the cool marble stair you are standing on. Breathe, relax and step down to stair three, take the next step to stair four, breathe and relax, step down to the fifth stair that is the platform and see the garden not far from you. You can smell flowers, hear birds and you are wrapped in a feeling of warmth and love. Start your descent down the last five stairs. Listen to the sounds around you. Step down the first step, breathe and see yourself take the next stair and breathe, Take a step down to stair three and breathe and relax. See yourself move to step four. When you are ready step down to step five, which will be your last marble step. When you are ready step onto the soft grass and feel it soft under your feet.
Take a look around, take note as to what you are seeing. Feel the suns warmth on your face. Find the middle of the garden and the fountain that is there. Start to walk over to the fountain. It is ok to stop here and there to smell flowers or watch birds. Relax. As you walk over to the fountain there is a person sitting there. Is the person a female or male?  What is he or she wearing?  It's ok to go up to the person and introduce yourself. This is your time to take a walk with your guide or sit with your guide and get to know him or her. If there is more than one, that's ok too. Ask your guide what his or her job is for you. Is your guide that you're meeting today your protector guide?  Your medical guide?  Your money guide?  This is a great time to ask questions to establish a trust between the two of you and get a feeling of how your guide will give you information.
When you are finished, thank your guide for their time and wisdom. Then slowly walk away from the fountain and feel yourself coming back into your body. Breathe deeply and take notice of your feet and your legs. Breathe deep again and feel your hands, arms and shoulders. Stretch and wiggle around as needed. If you are lying down, slowly sit up before making any fast movement to get to your feet. You may need to take a few minutes to just sit and be. It's all ok.

You did a lot of work today. Great job!  Journal about your experiences, your feelings and what you took in with all your senses.
Remember your guides will always give you a sense of love and trust. That everything they will communicate with you is for your highest good and will never be negative or in such a way that you should second guess. If you are feeling uneasy about anything it may be your ego trying to take over. Bless it and let it go.
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 Blessings All,

Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. This was so awesome thank you. Jen has gone on and on about a Sprit guide and I had no idea what she was talking about until, now. Thank you.

  2. You're welcome. I thought I covered who your guides are but maybe I didn't. Hummmm. Maybe a review for Monday.

    I hope people found this meditation helpful. :) I'm off to go teach a Nemeton Reiki Class tomorrow. It's all about healing with trees. Gotta Love Trees.