Monday, May 7, 2012

Mystic Monday

HI All,
Well we didn't get to see the super full moon on Saturday night due to the rain and clouds in Wisconsin Rapids.
However, I did go back to First Ward School in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. We started the night in the kindergarten room playing with the balls to get the kids (ghost) to interact with us.

We also brought a few kids with us to help get the games started. We went from tossing balls around, to tinker toys. We were able to capture many orbs in this room.

 I did get the feeling that there was a female adult watching us from outside the doorway in the hall. We played in this room for a good part of the night. There was one picture that had a pink light show up. I told Jenny to take a picture on my right as I felt something there. You can see a pink light to my right.

By 11ish we moved up to the Attic to see what we could get up there. We had a few snaps and cracks in the wood. We also had a strange noise that lasted a few minutes.

At first we thought it was a pigeon and then it started to growl and then got very quiet.  I caught the light orb picture as we were leaving the attic to go downstairs earlier during our tour.

I did have a voice recorder and kept it running all night. I have to go over it to figure out some of the noises and to see if the kids gave their names.
A few of us sat in the third grade room at a table. There wasn't much action until I started playing music off my iphone. The ghost didn't like Pitbull, but liked Guns & Roses and some other hair bands from the 80's. We were visited by a mobster. A man wearing a suit and nice Italian shoes with short dark hair came in and he and I had a conversation for a minute and then he left. As he left a man's voice came on over the walkie-talkie we had.

To end our night Justin cut the power to the building and we went downstairs to the basement to check out the wall where we thought there might be a vortex.

So Flashlights on and down we went. EFM detectors, voice recorders, and Justin's crazy grid flashlight on. We started out sitting in the coal room and taking readings of the wall's temperature.

This is where we think the vortex or portal is. This wall has a history of having people thrown up against it by nothing that can be seen. After sitting for a little bit I felt a female presence outside the door. Justin asked if anyone wanted to communicate but I got the feeling it was too crowded in the room so I went out to sit in the room the coal room opened out to. I had my little flashlight with me and after a little while Justin came out to sit with me. He began asking questions and this folks is where my education started. The light went on for questions to answer yes, and then Justin would say please turn off the light so I can ask another quesiton and the light would go off. As we talked through this session with the spirit in question I was getting visions and one word here and there. I heard things like grid, coven, five, old ways, magic stick. I was shown lite white pillar candles, a grid, a circle of 12 people (coven), the magical stick, and a grim reaper.
So now I have to go back through the voice recordings to see what I can get, if anything, on recording.
It was a pretty good night.
More next week as I am going back to Kristin's River Walk on Friday night and the School House on Saturday.
Oh hey, Did anyone burn their full moon intent?

Blessings All,

Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. Wow! That sounds like an awesome weekend!

  2. I wish I could have been there! Love the orb picks. Way cool!
    <3 Lyn

  3. I'll have more this weekend. We are going out with a film crew that the head guy doesn't believe in psychics and I'm told he likes to provoke ghosts,(I don't it's just a respect thing for me) so it should make for an interesting blog on Monday.
    Where is everyone from who's reading and wanting to go? Maybe I could set up a tour.
    The school house will be on A&E my Ghost Story. I'll ask about the dates.

  4. Great blog Wendy! Ohhhh, that would be cool to do a tour, we might have to talk about that!

    Thanks again hun, I can't tell you how I look forward to Monday : )

  5. We will have to talk about it. I'm sure Justin would love us all to come out.