Monday, May 14, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hello All,
I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!
I know this week I was going to share ghost hunting, but things in that area didn't go well with the living, so sadly I have nothing to share on the ghost hunting front.
Let's jump into some other things to help you get on the path of meditations, guides and healings.
I was thinking angels, and then Reiki and I just wasn't sure what to write about. This weekend I did spend some time working with Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing energy. A friend and I are working through a manual of mine that I had been attuned to a few years ago. Shamballa helps you connect with God energy and unconditional love and is really about working on all of your crap, so that you can vibrate at a higher level and take care of karma without creating more to work through. St. Germain is one of the leading teachers though this system and it was channeled by John Armitage a.k.a. Hari Baba Melchizedek.
What I found interesting with this system is the history and the connection to Atlantis. I know you're rolling your eyes thinking, "OMG Atlantis, really Wendy we didn't think you were strange with this stuff."  But yes my friends- Atlantis. So if you'd like a little intro to it all there is a great little book out there by Phyllis M. Brooks called Shamballa Mulit-dimensional Healing.
As my friend Heather and I were discussing this system we also started talking about A Course in Miracles (ACIM). This book is called a foundation for inner peace and was written by Helen Schucaman and William Thetford. I had been introduced to it while reading a book by Doreen Virtue, who had mentioned it as something she listened to as she jogged. I was at an expo shopping when I stopped at a book table where all the books were 4 dollars. I got the book for 4 dollars!  Because it's a daily lesson kind of book I got into it and then didn't stick with it. However, now I'm looking at it again because you can get the lessons via podcast on itunes for free. With the podcast you don't need the book in front of you to do the daily lessons because it walks you through each one.
So I guess this blog turned into self-healing somehow. Interesting.
I bet you're asking "Where do I start?"  Have you started with your meditations?  That's the first step. Again here is where I ask for feedback, please let me know where to go with all of this otherwise I'm going to keep just blabbing along and you might not need what I discuss on a given week.
Guides you should have met by now. Your guides will help you with self-healing through your mediations. Don't forget to ask for help. We have free will, remember. That means they can't just see you need help; you need to ask for help or they can't do anything for you.
Get your area set up, shut off that dang phone and turn on the music, light the candle and breathe. Take your three deep breaths in your nose and out your mouth and relax. Ask your guides for help and go to the place where you meet up with your guide or guides and just have a chat about what it is you want help healing in your life. When you are done, grab your journal and write it all down. You don't want to forget any of it. You may need it later on.
Now that your mediation is done, let's talk self-healing while you're relaxed. You should try this during the time you set aside for meditation. I do mine after, but before is ok too.
First, run your hands together quickly and when they feel warm slowly pull them apart. I think we covered this in a blog about getting to know your energy. This is called sensitizing your hands. You're getting them ready to work with energy when you do this. Then I want you to scan your body's energy. Do this by sensitizing your hands, then hovering your hands a few inches above your body. You are looking for any area that feels different energy-wise. For me my hands will tingle like pins and needles. So when I don't feel pins and needles then the area is clear but if I feel it there is stuck energy. When you identify an area that needs some work, stop there and then visualize white light coming into your crown chakra from the universe and running down your body to your arms and hands, out your hands and into the part of the body that you are stopped over. Keep your hands there with the white light flowing until you feel your sensation go away, letting you know the energy block is gone.
When you have done your entire body then ground yourself and thank your guides for their assistance.
That is as simple as it gets my friends.

 Until next Monday.
Blessings All,

Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. Hi Wendy! Ok first question...I tried meditating (again) relaxed some, but no guides came. I also tried with music, but that distracted me, tried without and that went a little better. Any tips on connecting with my guides?

    Second far can you go with self-healing? Can Reiki help with cronic knee pain/swelling and what about hair loss?

    Just wondering, or is it better to go to a master for help?

    Thanks for being here!

  2. Hi Savannah,
    Reiki can help with just about anything because it all comes down to balancing your energy so you are releasing everything that isn't for your highest good. Reiki helped me through major baby blues so that I could be medication free. I've also used it to help people with strokes and cancer along with sleep issues.
    So from what I have experienced and heard in my circles you should have success with it helping knee paind and hair loss.
    Meditations: Well ok no music for you and I think you are going to have to busy your body for your mind to check out. Of course I forgot that your mind doesn't shut down does it? So what you want to do is practice in short sessions just focusing on your breathing and when your mind wanders bring it's ok just bring it back to your breathing. Start with 5 minutes. Let me know if that works if not I"ll do some digging for you through my books and people and see if we can't get you meditating. :)
    Self healings, I have trouble with because I can't feel my own energy. So I have to set my intent and just do it. You can't go "to far" because it will stop flowing when it's not needed and all "extra" energy will just ground. If you feel light headed that's a clue to ground your energy.
    Going to a Reiki practitioner will help you learn the feeling of energy during a session. It would also be more intense than what you are doing at home. I still go because my healer can clear out much more that I can alone when I need it. :)
    Hope this helps.