Monday, June 4, 2012

Mystic Monday

Hi All,
This week we are going to get back on track with self-healings and our energy.
How are your meditations going?
Have you met your spirit guides?
Any success talking with angels?

Those are my check in questions. J
Here we go with the blog for today.

Tonight is the Full Moon. What's that mean?  This is a powerful time for manifesting. It is also a time for finishing up projects.
Another date to keep in mind for this month is Spring Equinox which comes up on June 20th this year. We will talk about this in an upcoming blog to celebrate.
So today we are going to dive into keeping your energy clean. One of the first things one of my Reiki masters taught me was how to cut energy cords. What are energy cords and what do they do? Well here's the scoop. Everyone has an aura and chakras. Your aura is your body's energy field and your chakras are energy wheels that spin throughout your body. I know this is kinda the 101 explanations.
When you are out and about during your day, your aura comes into contact with everything in your environment. This includes other people. Now it is possible with all this contact that you pick up other peoples energy and drag it along with you throughout the day. See, when you are out and about you put out energy cords through your front and connect with people you talk with, and in turn people put energy cords to your back when you communicate with them.
Some side effects from all of this are— you can become drained, tired, and crabby. You may also take on some of the symptoms of the people who are draining you. If you are a healer this is so important to do after you read or give an energy sessions to others.

 Cord Cutting
Okay, so here is how I learned to cut cords. You should do it physically until you're sure you have it down and then you can do it mentally and it works just as well.
Start at your head. Go from the front to the back like you are bundling a ponytail. Then I go to my throat, then my heart, stomach, hips, knees and feet. Then I do the same starting at the feet from back to front and go all the way up until I'm back at my head.
Next, lift your hands straight up over your head, bending your hands at the wrist so that your fingertips touch. This forms a knife. Now you want to breathe in and forcefully sweep your hands down to your feet. Then do the same for the back. The energy cords will pool at your feet and dissipate to Mother Earth who will recycle the energy.
If you feel like you are not clearing your energy properly and need a little help, call on Archangel Michael. Ask him to come down with his flaming sword and cut all energy cords to your right, left, above and below you.
Ok so now you know about energy cords and cutting them. Listen to your body and do this as much as you need to during the day.

The Aura
Your body's energy is the aura. Below is a good diagram of the aura and how it relates to the chakras. Now all of this we will go into in later blogs so let's look at this as the intro week to the body's energy. The first layer of the aura sits the closest to the body and is what I use most when giving a Reiki Session. The outer most layer of the aura is the one you can expand and contract to either take in more energy from your surroundings or very little. You can also "suck it in" when you are tense and nervous about something. In meditation you want to just let it expand so relax.
When you practice you can push your energy out to protect objects such as your car at night from deer. Yes, you can!  At night when I get in the car I ask for a bubble of white light going out 500 feet in all directions to protect the car and me in it. Now when I get in the car and I know I'll be driving in wooded areas, it helps to stretch out my energy in front of the car and to the sides like a shield for animals to feel and stay away. So when I'm behind the wheel I push my hands out from my heart chakra and set the shield up. I ask the angels to help keep animals away from the car as I travel and let no harm come to me or the car.
So this week for practice I want you to get to know your own energy and what it feels like. Here is a basic hand exercise we have been working with called Sensitizing Your Hands and Ball of Energy.
To sensitize your hands to energy you are going to just rub your hands together like you would if you are cold. Palms together and rub until you feel a little heat.
Then I want you to slowly start to pull them apart paying attention to the energy between them. When you lose the feeling, simply rub them together again and continue.
To take this a step further, when you can feel the energy between your hands start to imagine the energy in the form of a ball. Keep your palms facing each other but pretend you are gliding them over an oily ball and expand your ball bigger and then make your ball smaller. When you are done you can release your little ball of positive energy into the Universe by holding it up in one hand and blowing it, while gently pushing it with the other, giving it the intent to go where some positive energy is needed. You can even send it to a loved one if you wish.
Well that's it for this week. Practice and practice! Comment or email me with any questions.

Blessings All,

Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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