Monday, July 30, 2012

Mystic Monday's

Hi All,

This week I have Ghost Stories or I should say a ghost story.

Saturday night I found myself driving to Wausau to meet a client. (location and photos at a later date after we meet with the client.)

The owner of a store met with me an hour before the team came in. This was a great time for me to not only connect with the owner but the building as well. As always I went into the building cold, meaning I knew nothing other than the owner thought there was a ghost in the building. I knew nothing of the history of the place or how many ghosts they thought they had.

My tour took about an hour. His energy hit me as soon as I walked in. I don't think I was in the door two minutes when I had a heavy feeling in my chest and it was hard to breath. We put my stuff in the office. I grabbed my notebook, mini mag light and voice recorder and off we went. Leaving the office and being on the sales floor I picked up a little girl who ran from the back of the store to the front and just left. She was maybe 6 with Piggy tails in her lighter colored hair. She also had a dress on.

We started in the basement of building 1. In this case the store was actually two neighboring buildings each with a separate basement. So basement 1 is where we started. Huge!  As we entered the basement from the stairway I heard, “You, Hey you need to leave this is my space.” said a Mickey Rooney old man, and then “poof” he was gone. I looked at the owner and asked who Mickey Rooney was and he was stunned I was picking up stuff already. We went into a few hallways and back to a room. I stepped in the room and got an instant headache and just the feeling of needing to be out of the room quick. I put the flashlight on and stood it up. I said to the room, “Ok the owner is here with me and he can't hear, see or feel you like I do, so I am getting the feeling you want me out of here and I'll go but, I want you to show him you are here and that you want me out of this room. Would you please turn the light off or tap on something to give me a sign that you want me to leave your space.”  The owner and I looked at the light for a second and out it went. I said “Ok thank you, I'll leave but please know a group of people I work with are on their way and they will be down here later.” The owner looked at me and was stunned because he had never seen anything happen like that. While talking with the owner he said most of the time he feels uneasy and he has had things move and boxes stack themselves perfectly while he was in the basement. We then walked to another part of the basement, a hallway with shelves on both sides of it. I heard the word “Bootlegging” and then “Johnny's Girl is here”. Ok there is my que for mobsters. So I looked at the owner and asked, “Does bootlegging mean anything to you?” and he chuckled as he asked “You got that already too?" Then I saw a man dressed in a very nice suit from the 1920's-1930's. The man pointed to the floor and said, “It's buried there.”  Now I have no clue what “it” is and I'm not sure if I want to know. But it's in the corner of the basement hallway. The owner then told me that in prohibition there was a tunnel for running alcohol from the building next door to the basement we were in. So ok, Bootlegging it is.

I didn't get anything on the main floor or up on the loft area so much except in the loft I did feel like someone was pushing on my chest again and it became hard to breathe. Upstairs we were in the hallway and I heard the word “women”. So I asked, "Hey, what does women mean?"  He looked at me and said the store used to be an old JC Penny back in the day and the women would be up here making change for the cashiers downstairs and they had tin cans and a string system to get the money up and down. Wow! Ok. So I went to a back room that had a few fuse boxes in it and when I turned I could see a woman pacing up and down the hallway. She had on a floor length dress that had a high collar on it. Her hair was darker and in a bun. I asked him if he heard pacing up here in this hall, He said they didn't have any reports of it.

Up to the attic was our next stop.

In the attic I picked up on another man who looked at me and said these rooms are the bosses. With that we left. Down to basement 2.

In basement 2, I didn't really pick up on much. When we were down there the team called and they had arrived. So up and out to the street to get the team.

We then toured with the team. Back to basement 1. We were in a room we called the “Man Cave” since there were girly pictures down there. J  I didn't feel welcome there at all so I went out. We took the team to the room where we did the flashlight and asked if it wanted me to leave. We put a flashlight on the floor and turned on. The team started asking questions like “are you with us… Can you turn the light off if you are here or tap to let us know you are here.” I heard, “You need to leave me alone again.” To which I looked at the owner and the team and said, “I have an idea, I'm going to leave the room and if you want me to stay out then when I leave please turn the light off.” I walked out and wasn't even turned around yet when the group was laughing because the light had gone off already. IT was crazy. Crabby old man didn't want to talk to me at all. But as it turns out he didn't like any of the girls along. We went into another small room that the owner said makes him feel creepy. Freddy and I stood in there with the owner and the flashlight and started to ask questions. I didn't say anything but I looked at Freddy and said “keep asking I'm going to step out.” As soon as I left the room the light started going on and off as requested by Freddy. So Val went in and she asked questions and it wouldn't respond to her. So then she said, “Do you want all the girls to leave? Turn the light on if you want all the girls to leave,” and of course the light went on. So out all of us girls went. Then the guys went in and started asking questions and had a great session with the flashlight and the ghost. The owner told us the janitor had passed away back in the day when the store was JC Penny and he loved work and he had a name other than ‘Mickey Rooney’ lol. And yes he was grumpy in life as well.

We then split into teams and went off. Girls upstairs and the guys had an amazing session down in the ‘Man Cave’. We had a little luck upstairs with a ghost who gave us the name Emily with the flashlight. The name popped into my head and I asked the flashlight to turn off if she was Emily. It turned off. We did not get a lot of activity after our tour. I did manage a few good pictures of a mystery light and some orbs. I have yet to listen to my voice recorder.

The girls went up to the attic and we didn’t get much activity there. So we went to the basement 1 and to the hallway where I saw a mobster. While we tried to get a session going, nothing happened. I did pick up on two names a Marcus and Anthony or Big Tony. lol. Val will do some research and see what she can come up with. I also caught some images on the camera so when I am able to post I will.

One of the team members asked me if there was a little girl running around. He said later that night after I had left, he was walking down the stairs and saw a small girl in a white dress. He thought by her clothes he was guessing 1960's. Something a girl would wear to church on Sunday. I wonder if she's the little girl that ran through the sales room earlier that night.

I had to leave the team early so I was only on site until Midnight.

Once we do a reveal with the owners I will be able to post pictures and share names.

Sunday I was at a private house. A woman had called the team to say that her daughter was being bothered in her room at night. The team had investigated before I had been out and found what they think were two ghosts…a man and woman. I came in during the day and didn't pick up much. We (the owner and I) did a clearing ritual and I hope it worked. I'm sure I'll hear this week from her if it did or didn't work then go from there.

So that was my ghost investigating weekend. It was fun to be out with Stevens Point Paranormal Club again. They're a great group of people.

If you think you have a ghost and are in WI don't be afraid to get ahold of me. The team will do free investigations. Business or residents. SPPC will then give you a very professional reveal with all the evidence that was collected.

 Blessings All,


Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master

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