Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Reader's Spotlight

Hello everyone! It seems to be the norm for writers to interview other writers and then post those interviews on their blogs. All this is great. Those that read the posts get to learn more about an author as a person, as well as their latest books or works in progress. But we authors need to say thank you and give a huge round of applause to the READERS!

Starting today I will be sharing “Reader Interviews” on Thursday’s over the next few weeks. I have asked several avid readers who I’ve seen leaving comments regularly on Facebook, if they would be so kind as to let me interview them and then be a guest right here on H&N. Our readers are the biggest part of the equation when it comes to our success in the literary world. Without them we would simply be writing words for our own amusement.

Sit back and get comfy and see what the readers think about how we writers are doing…

Reader Interview ~

Name: Rosemary Pfeiffer

Age: 55

Location: Stiles, Wisconsin

Savannah: How often do you read?

Rosemary: Well in the summer I might read once a week. I babysit my 3 yr. old granddaughter and 11 yr. old grandson most of the week, so on my free days it’s laundry, cleaning the kitchen, shopping etc. So when I’m not on Facebook getting more free eBooks then I will read on my Kindle Fire. In the winter or when I’m home more I can read a book every few days. So I guess it depends on the I REALLY LOVE TO SIT ON THE COUCH WITH MY BLANKIE IN THE WINTER...

Savannah: Do you prefer one genre (horror, romance, mystery, etc.) over the others, or do you mix it up?

Rosemary: I used to just read certain authors like Danielle Steele or Stephen King in paperback. But then I GOT A KINDLE FIRE !!!! AND MY LIFE CHANGED…I got connected to a few free eBook sites that started me on reading all sorts of new authors and types of books. I’m not really into the horror/monster books but my 16 yr. old granddaughter loves them so I get them for her and her mom for their Kindle. I love to read ghost stories, spookie about crazed deer and people swallowing I’m sure you know those kinds of books. Having my kindle has really opened my eyes.

Savannah: What first attracts you to a book?

Rosemary: I must admit that I do judge a book by its cover. If there is a couple hugging passionately on the cover then I’m pretty sure it’s a romance book and depending on my mood at the time, I might look into it to read the cover insert that tells about the storyline or just pass it up. If there is some freaky looking monster with blood dripping out of its mouth then I pass. But if it has a nice or unusual cover then that might intrigue me to open it up and give a look- see. Especially, if it has ghosts on the cover.

Savannah: And then what makes you purchase the book?

Rosemary: For a print book its reading the inside or back cover that tells the story. On Kindle it’s just reading what it’s about and if it sounds interesting then I get it. To me a good book will pull me into the story like I’m living it or watching it from the window. That gets me to buy it.

Savannah: Do you take into consideration before purchasing a book, its reviews or ratings?

Rosemary: No never, people have different tastes and likes when it comes to reading. Just like for the movies, I don’t go by reviews unless they are all bad...I do read the reviews for the books and usually it helps me to get a better understanding of what the book is about by how the reader interpreted the book.

Savannah: What stops you from purchasing a book?

Rosemary: Ah ha, ok here it’s usually the price...I am on disability and have a fixed income so that is a big factor for me, unless it’s a part 2 of a book or one that I must really have no matter… then I’ll pay for it. For other reasons it’s like I said before, the cover gets my eye first, if it doesn’t attract my eye to find out more, then I put it down or pass on it.

Savannah: What will cause you to not finish a book?

Rosemary: If it’s boring or too many things going on and hard to keep track of… too many people in it all at the same flipping back and forth between too many storylines... and I will never just read something because "everyone else is".

Savannah: Do you prefer print or eBooks?

Rosemary: You know, I used to love to collect print books. I was born and raised in the heart of the city of Chicago and worked downtown, so I had access to all the big book stores and when payday came...there I was at B&N or Crocks and Brentano’s picking up Danielle S's new hardcover book. But times and the economy have changed. I am no longer working and I have a Kindle Fire which is so much easier to carry with me, and I can download so many free eBooks and don’t have all the bookshelf’s with dust on But I recently read an eBook and bought a copy that was personally signed with a special "first signed book" for me that I will treasure, thanks to Jaidis Shaw and "Destiny Awaits”. But now, I guess I do prefer the eBooks but print books like that are a special to me.

Savannah: While we’re on the subject of eBooks, how do you obtain most of yours? Do you purchase them, wait for them to be “free” or try to win them in a give-away? Any other way?

Rosemary: I have done it all... and all ways..!!!! Lmao... but mostly I wait for them to be free. I do enter contests for them but sometimes there are so many things to do with them that I can’t /won’t do. Like I had to join Twitter for some but I don’t really follow it...if I have to do all that then I usually don’t finish the contest...I want it simple…click like...enter my name and I’m I have purchased a few ebooks too and the price has to be right.

Savannah: Do you use one outlet for purchasing books more than others? (Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Book Store, etc.) The reason?

Rosemary: I mostly use Amazon, ENT, Pixel of Ink, and the Kindle Fire website mostly because I signed up for them and they put pop ups of the free books on my Facebook page constantly through the’s very easy and like in Amazon, it tells you if you have bought the book already and when. And I think it’s ENT that tells you the genre of the book as well as what it’s about. I have purchased books directly from the author’s sites too.

Savannah: How do you compare books put out through a publisher, to those that are self-published? Do you see a difference and if so, what?

Rosemary: I have never seen a difference, I do know that self-published ones are talked among other authors more, but otherwise that’s about it.

Savannah: Do you as a reader follow any Publishers, looking for what’s new from them in both newly published books as well as new authors, or do you primarily follow individual authors?

Rosemary: I don’t usually know who the publishers are. You know it’s interesting how much my world of reading has changed and been enhanced by eBooks. I have met a few authors on here that I have become very good friends with, like you for instance, and have read some of your books and paid for them!!! Lmao...cold hard cash for getting the deer to scare the poop out of me now when I’m driving on those back roads...thank you very much !! And don’t get me started on the upcoming "FALL SEASON" WHEN THE LEAVES BEGIN TO FALL…LMAO!  But on a serious note, I really don’t pay any attention to who published your books or anyone else for that matter, but I do have a few authors that I follow and keep in touch with waiting for sequels and new books.

Savannah: As a reader, in what areas do you think eBooks could be improved?

Rosemary: Hmm I don’t think I have ever had any problems with eBooks so I don’t know about this one. Other than some prices that I have seen are pretty high. But then I don’t think that’s an eBook issue.

Savannah: Would you or have you, purchased a book by an author you’ve read previously, just because it was written by that author? Do you watch for and purchase all their books?

Rosemary: Yes and no on both. I have purchased 3 books from one author because she had a series of ghost stories that I love and wanted to read. I got the first one free which is how it usually starts…but she also wrote mystery novels that I’m really not interested in, so I didn’t buy them. Now if maybe the first one of that series was free then I might get them as well...I have a few that I have met on here, like I mentioned before, and I do keep in contact with them to get more of their books.

Savannah: With all the social networking these days, do you “follow” any authors and if you do, what prompted you to do so?

Rosemary: Ah yes…I do read the authors pages but not like on Twitter or anything. Some of them have blogs that I do I usually just check their Facebook page everyday because I’m on that.

Savannah: And where/how do you follow them? (Ex: Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, blogs, etc.)

Rosemary: I like the personal touch and have just those few so I watch their Facebook pages and occasional blogs. I’m not that savvy to "blog and Twitter" much and it takes too long to go back n forth between the I do leave reviews and check in on Goodreads every so often.

Savannah: Are you on any authors emailing list for updates? If not, is this something you would be interested in?

Rosemary: I have only 1 author that sends out email updates because she doesn’t have a regular Facebook page for’s just her author homepage so she sends me emails on when her next book is coming out etc. I’m not big into email contacting...I like to talk to "my friends" no, I’m not interested in that and I don’t check my emails

Savannah: In regards to social networking, do you as a reader feel it matters if authors are always “professional” or would you rather see the “real” side of them?

Rosemary: Interesting question...I think I need to be seeing the real side of some of them. On some occasion...this explanation might get long I think it depends on the style of books they write, like if it’s about ghosts, then no I don’t need to see the real side of them because then the book is still the book about ghosts. But if it’s about things that are based on their real life experiences or a friends life then yes, knowing them on a real basis would be nice, For me it would make me understand where they were coming from when they wrote it...does that make sense? But it’s always fun to know the real nuts who are writing these books that I love so

Savannah: On that note, if you saw a book you’d love to read, but saw on line that the author wasn’t someone you clicked with as a “person”, would that stop you from purchasing the book?

Rosemary: Hmm ...this is hard to answer because I don’t know the person first, just the I would like the book ... and maybe if I got to know the author and we maybe didn’t like each other for whatever reason, yes I would still buy the book if it’s one I really want to read.

Savannah: In your opinion, what marketing tool(s) for books, grabs your attention the most? (Ex: Facebook threads, blogs, ads on the FB sidebar, word of mouth, recommended by a friend, etc.)

Rosemary: Facebook threads first...they are most common for me but I see some authors on other authors pages has brought me to new books and new when they say you should read this and like their page…then sometimes I will go to that authors page and check them out...and that can lead me to another author etc..

Savannah: Let’s talk about blogs! Do you read/follow any blogs?

Rosemary: I love Hugs and Nightmares" that introduced me to Robin Renee Ray. I loved that story "They Just Want To Play"...and that kind of blog I will follow, but like I said before...I’m not checking them much...I just talk to them on Facebook.

Savannah: How often do you read them? Do you leave comments?

Rosemary: I would say I visit blogs maybe twice a week and I do leave comments when I need to. I have left some reviews on the blogs too.

Savannah: What sort of things would you like to see blogged about? Their books, personal life, things unrelated to books or writing, etc.?

Rosemary: Well it could be either...if they want to blog about their books then that’s fine, but I like to read about the crazy things they do in real life, lol and pictures help...a

Savannah: Does the “look” of someone’s blog make a difference to you? (Ex: too much going on/ distracting or boring)

Rosemary: Yes in some cases...I don’t like all the big share posters that take up a lot of all the cute puppies and butterflies and sayings etc...that turns me away.

Savannah: What do you think we writers could do to reach more readers?

Rosemary: I don’t know...I think what you’re doing now is great...I got to meet you thru another author's page…so maybe everyone keep sharing your books on their page… and offering free eBooks is always a good

Savannah: Do you watch book trailers? Where? (Ex: Youtube, when posted on Facebook or their blog)

Rosemary: Not really because the trailer might not interest me...I like to be drawn into the book as part of it so the trailer might take that away or make me see the book differently. Although I have watched was on the authors page about their newest book…it was more like a series of cover shots...I might watch it if it looks interesting and maybe begins to tell the story behind the book.

Savannah: Does the trailer make a difference whether you will purchase the book or not?

Rosemary: I guess it might help if it’s like maybe a ghost story and it animates a part of the book, like setting the stage...that might be interesting...or if it tells a story that the book continues.

Savannah: What annoys you the most in regards to writers/books/marketing?

Rosemary: For me personally its seeing so much of books that I’m not interested in and that just seems to go back to how everyone has different likes and tastes in books...others might not like seeing so many of the kinds of books I like. But that’s the marketing point. I don’t really have any author annoyances other than waiting for the

Savannah: What is the best book advertising you’ve seen as well as the worst?

Rosemary: Nothing seems to come to mind on this one as the worst, but I think the best for me was seeing new authors on other people’s me that is good advertising.

Savannah: If I had a new eBook coming out, what could I do as a writer, to convince you to purchase it?

Rosemary: Guilt me into, but seriously, I love what I have read from you so far so I don’t think that’s a problem to get me there since I did buy 2 about buy part one and get part 2 free or vise- versa...something like that usually gets me to pay for it.

Savannah: Is there anything overall, you would like to see changed in the world of reading?

Rosemary: Easier contests...more free books or sales prices. Other than that I think the world of reading has become totally wonderful since I have my Kindle Fire, and I have met so many new authors and “friends" and read books I normally would have not if it wasn’t for the authors.

Thank you Rosemary for sharing your thoughts with all of us today and for being the very first guest in The Reader’s Spotlight!

 Hugs & Nightmares from,


  1. Savannah,

    What a brilliant idea to interview readers and get the 'real scoop' on what they like and want.This has been so enlightening! And i just may have to 'steal' this fantastic idea, myself. thank you so much for being your usual brilliant self and sharing this!

    1. Thank you Carol! It just made sense to me to go right to the source for the answers we writers have been wondering about. I hope you'll come back the next few weeks to see what the other readers I've interviewed had to say. Although they were all sent the same set of questions, their answers vary greatly! You're right, it is enlightening to say the least.

      Hope all is well & best of luck with your new releases!

  2. Wonderful idea! Please keep it up. I don't know why authors haven't thought of this before. I got several hints on what to do through the interview. Thanks to Rosemary for doing this and for being an enthusiastic reader. Bonnie McCune, author, 'A Saint Comes Stumbling In'

  3. Rosemary Pfeifferposted to Savannah Rayne

    Hi sweetie...

    I just read the comment on hugs n nightmares about your great idea to interview readers and saw the comment from your friend Bonnie... I wanted to comment back but it just wouldnt work for me ,so Im going to put it here and hope she reads it...thanks....

    Bonnie,it was an honor for me to do this for Savannah.When she asked me if I was interested I was so excited to "do it and be her first" couldnt believe that someone like her(famous published author) would want my opinion on anything ..but I love doing things like this anyone else"wants me"..Im just glad that it turned out so well and she is happy with it,cant wait to read the other readers ides too,


    1. Rosemary, I copy/pasted it from Facebook to here for you...blogger can be a pain sometimes! But I wanted to make sure Bonnie sees it, as well as the other people who read my blog!

      I loved having you be my first guest "reader" and it seems like you helped me get this idea off to a great start! I couldn;t have done this without you. Thanks so very, very much!