Monday, September 17, 2012

Mystic Monday's

Hi All,
It's been a busy weekend driving everywhere. I drove to Wisconsin Rapids this Friday so I could stay over and be up early for the Fright Night Fundraiser at the First Ward School in Wisconsin Rapids.
I got there at 9 am to set up my table. When I entered the school and then came out to my car to start getting my stuff I swore I heard the "Shepard" spirit say "You can stay."  I was like ok I guess I'm staying. When I walked through the Kindergarten room I had the kids run up to me and I got cold. They told me "he's mean to us" and I picked up on their anxiety, yet I had no clue what the crap was going on. The energy in the building seemed off. So Justin and I started talking and I followed him downstairs to find a table and he was telling me of Friday night’s events. Apparently the Shepard spirit wasn't happy with all the people that had been in and out investigating. There has been light bulbs popping and people getting pinched and scratched. He also said that all of the psychics who were on a panel ended up leaving early because they were all sick or had headaches, so the building was messing with their energy. He said be careful today and protect yourself, the Shepard is upset. I said well that explains the kids then they ran up and started saying he's mean to us. I told the kids they could hang out in the area where I’m set up today. On and off all day in the landing where my table was I was getting cold. I never felt a threat but I did feel like the (ghost) kids were there because it was a "safe" place for them.
I did go back later that night when investigations were going on but I was there more to talk with Heather and we pretty much went out back to sit by the fire and drink a little. While sitting by the fire though I had my ponytail pulled.
I really don't have much to report on the school house since I didn't go and do an investigation.
So throughout the stay I traded services with other healers that were there in our little corner. I learned a great deal about myself and helped some others with their skills and practices. So the day was a good day.
Saturday was the new moon. Did you remember? 
The full moon is coming up on Saturday the 29th. Be sure to mark that down!
I am going to start some work with the shadow self so maybe we will touch on that next week.
As far as this week I want you to find your style of how information comes to you and you need to let me know how meditations are going. We will pick up with healings next week unless something else comes through.
 Blessings All,
Wendy Jackson
Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. Very cool story. I love hearing about your experiences. And yes, I knew I had the urge to talk to Jen and we always have to talk for a reason, every time. We don’t know what that reason is until we speak. That reason was so that she could remind me about the moon. I dress it up in silk stockings and take full advantage of it, lol :) I joke but the full moon has been very good to me.

    Thanks for being here Wendy!

  2. wow..intersting story..those little stinkers ..pulling your was good that they had your space to hang out in and make them feel safe,..hope things went well the rest of the day..

  3. Hi Ladies,
    The day although I made nothing was very rewarding as far as information from the other two healers. And well I made a new girlfriend and had some girl time by the fire. I can't believe I didn't investigate. That's a first.
    Hey don't forget Saturday is the first day of fall so there could be some strange things happening that day. :)