Monday, September 24, 2012

Mystic Monday's

Hi All,

How many remembered the Equinox? Some of my friends are reporting a shift in the energy. Some of us are feeling down and out and some of us are feeling stuck. If you're feeling this way and I know I am, it's more than likely do to the energy of the Fall Equinox. So just push through it and it will move on soon.

Also Saturday the 29th is the full moon. So you should right now be in manifesting mode until the night after the full moon. Remember the full moon is the time when manifesting energy is at its highest. On full moon nights I have a ritual where I sit up at my alter (old trunk) light a candle with my music going and write out everything it is that I want. Then I take my small cauldron and go outside by my birch tree and locate the moon. While looking up at sister moon I give a prayer of intent that my list be brought to me in this life on this plane. Then I read my list and burn it to release it to the Universe. I then empty the ashes under the birch giving it to Mother Earth. Then I go inside and warm

It's getting colder up here in Wisconsin at night. J

After all of that I may sit down again and give thanks for everything I already have in my life such as the roof over my head, my job which allows me to pay the bills and the health of my children and what not. I also include in here my guides and their unconditional love and support along with any crossed over loved ones.

It's your ritual so do what you feel is best for you and may you be blessed with your work.

I’ve been thinking a great deal this week about ancestors and abilities and where abilities come from. If we all have healing and psychic abilities as our birth right, does our inherited bloodlines help bring those about? These are questions I have no answer for, I have opinions but really no answer. Like why me when I have a brother and cousins who share the same bloodlines but have no abilities what so ever. I've been told by crossed over loved ones that I chose to have heightened abilities and am the only one strong enough to handle these abilities. Nobody in my family from my mother's side can remember anyone having abilities. My father's side is lost to us. We never knew my grandfather and my abilities came through after the death of my great grandfather so there is nobody to ask on the Jackson side. Yet I feel a strong connection to people on the Jackson side that I've never met.

So my answer to that question is this, I believe that everyone is born with abilities but if you are a part of a family with abilities, yours will be stronger because you have relatives who can teach you and bring out those abilities more. I also believe that it does run through families and somewhere out in CA there is a Jackson family member (kucserka/sellinger) who knows of the history but hasn't been able to share. Ok off that soap box...sorry for my ranting on that subject just something to set all of your minds thinking and maybe we can kick up a good chat in the comments section. J

Ok here is where I'm going to plug some events. Look for me at Kristin's River Walk on the 27th of October. The Stevens Point Paranormal Club will be running Ghost Tours around Stevens Point from Kristin's. I will have more information posted on the website this week. I will be at a private party on the 28th of October. November 3rd… I want to plug this so if any of you Chicago girls can make it up, I'm sure Savannah Rayne would love to have you over, I will be doing a "reading" party at Savannah's house. J

I am hoping to start some work with the shadow self and pass on what I am doing so that you may include it in your work as well. I am also looking into working with flower essence. So there may be some new topics out for Mondays to come.

Ok, who is working with stones or thinking of it? This just popped in my brain that I should quick write about picking your crystals so here goes.

Make sure you can hold the crystal you are looking at in the store. Why? Because you want to be able to feel the energy of the crystal and if it feels right to you. If it doesn't feel comfortable then put it down and pick up another. When you get your crystal home be sure you clean it. Smudge it with sage or palo santo wood. Then you want to give it an intent. Tell it what you want it to help you with. Is it a healing stone or one of protection? It's important to program the stone or crystal with your intent of how you want it to help you.

You can do this by holding up your crystal that has been smudged and then blow your intent into it. I always attune mine to Reiki as well. Then carry your stone or crystal around with you for a while so it can pick up your energy vibes. Then use it in your work. You should smudge it every now and then to clear it of any negative vibes it picks up.

Any questions please feel free to ask away. J

Blessings to you all,



Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


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