Monday, October 8, 2012

Mystic Monday's


Happy Monday All,

I’m not sure if you all know this, or follow me and/or Savannah on Facebook, but there has been a crossing over in our family.

So I was thinking of what to write about this week and was actually thinking the haunted items blog, but I think we’ll take this time to talk about the other side and what death is or looks like.

HEY! Don't be pushing the button to leave! We’re not going the depressing route here. I’ll talk a little about a personal experience, and then what I believe through my experience with the other side and crossing spirits over.

I was raised Catholic so I grew up with that death means Heaven or Hell or well, Purgatory, the place where if you aren’t good enough to get into Heaven you do ‘make up work’ before you can enter Heaven. Up until 2007 I had been to family funerals and dealt with death as the normal person does. When my grandfather passed and crossed over that changed for me because I was practicing my skills with being a medium.

About a week before my grandfather’s transition to the other side, my aunt—his sister, came to me a few times to tell me that she would be there to help him over. The night before he passed he came to me and said he was done with the chemo and the sickness that went along with it. I said it will be “okay” and your sister will help you over. The next day my dad called to say that Grandpa had passed. My grandpa was helped to the other side from my aunt. I remember there being a feeling of peace and knowing he was fine.

In 2002 a friend of mine went missing and was later discovered murdered. We were once very close. I started to feel someone in my house. Then I started hearing our song. I went to my Reiki Master for a session and while I was under in deep meditation on her table there was a bright gold light and then I could see him and feel him on my right side. He bent over and kissed my cheek and said, “I miss you and I'm ok”. That was huge for me. I asked my master, “What the crap? Who was here and how?” She said, “You know who was here and how, I do not know other than he has to be very important and working with you for your highest good because my guides would not have let him in otherwise, they don’t just let anyone in. He is going to help you on this journey of yours with healing and being a healer.”

Over the years I’ve learned this. Now you can agree with me or disagree with me, it doesn’t matter. I’m simply sharing what I have learned on investigations and working with crossed over loved ones.

The other side is all love. It’s unconditional love. When you die from this earth life you cross over to the other side where we are home. Your relatives from your soul group are there to greet you and help support you as you get used to life back on the other side. Life goes on over there just as it does here. There are animals, homes, lakes to fish on and whatever you want.

When you cross over you are taken to the Great Hall with your guides where you review your life and the lessons you wanted to learn, along with the chart you had made before being born. You then determine if you’ve learned everything you wanted to learn and if you will want to incarnate again. Once that review is done it’s business as usual. You can pop in on your earth bound loved ones and you can wait for them, or you can incarnate again to be with them in a different form.

I’m hearing it’s important to tell you this: When you cross over you are leaving this physical body and all behind. So when you are crossed over you can pick the age you want to be over there. This age does not affect how you will manifest when you talk to your loved ones who are earth bound. You will also leave disease behind or any disfigurements.

I know this first hand due to a reading I gave with a group of women. The spirit of the grandmother came through during a reading session. She was showing me hands that were swollen with huge knuckles all balled up and she could barely move them. I heard "arthritis" and told the women what I was seeing. Then I heard, “But my hands are now beautiful like yours, deary, and they need not worry I’m not in pain any longer.”

Before we are born we chart our lives. We chart the lessons we want to learn. We have choices. Choice A may lead this way and choice B will lead our soul to learn that way. We can choose our children and our partners. But because of free will we may choose backups. We even choose exit points where we can cross over and how.

Murdered victims may choose that exit because they are teaching the people around them a lesson through the murder. People who die younger may also be choosing to teach their family and friends a lesson, vs learning a lesson themselves from their short life. Have you ever felt like you have been through something with someone before and you feel like they aren’t getting it and you’re just done no matter how much pain it causes you to walk away? Chances are you’ve contracted with them to teach them something and they aren’t getting it so you walk away.

Death isn’t the end; it’s a transition from this learning plane to the next. You will see everyone you love again on the other side and you will help them out in another life time or in another way. Have faith you will see your loved ones again. Remember, time on that side doesn’t work like time over here.

So what do I want you to take away from this blog? Life is your time to learn your lessons to advance your soul. You will be reunited with your people on the other side. The other side is unconditional love. I’m told it’s beautiful and whatever form of God you believe in is all loving and forgiving. Judgment is on you, you judge yourself harder than what your all loving parents will.

With that I wish my family members peace and love and light as they get through what they perceive as a dark and sad time. It’s never easy to lose a loved one physically on this side. But they are truly never lost, they’ve just beat us home. Talk to them often if you need to and listen for their answers and look for their signs. I’m always amazed when I feel depressed and like crap over things, like being dumped by a guy or having a hard day, and then I get in the car to make the commute to work and our song is on the radio. Now our song is a song the radio never plays, so in my mind it’s my friend manipulating the radio-waves and letting me know I’ll be ok. That is my sign. J

Maybe next week we will talk about charts and the records. Oh hey we can’t forget Halloween though! J


Blessings All,



Wendy Jackson

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master


  1. Great blog. Wendy and Savannah, I am very sorry for your losses and pray that your great strengths will pull you both through.


  2. Wow Wendy,that is so inspriring.I used to mourn death the old way also.When my mom passed on in 2004,I didnt think I could manage without her in my everyday life.When I remember the time when she passed over,we were in the hospital for a week and she hadnt been taking in any fluids or food, and we knew her time was coming soon,she just lay there sleeping,not moving,and when her time did come, I was holding her hand and she began to let go of tears,I too cried and was thinking she knows its happening and is trying hard to let us know and she was really pushing for those tears to come out..I thought it was because she was sad and didnt want to leave just yet,but,I was wrong. After reading something from James Van Prage,(that when a person dies,they are never alone and greeted and guided home) and now you confirmed it...she wasn't crying out of sadness for leaving us, she was crying out of joy and happiness,I believe now that her mom and her oldest son were reuniting with her to bring her home,and she was seeing them again after many years.. and after realizing this,I am at peace with her passing over,knowing that she didn't go alone on her journey. and who knows...maybe when my time comes,she will be there to take ME home too... I really loved what you wrote here Wendy,and I hope others find this peace in the death of a loved one also.

  3. A truly amazing blog post...and a great comfort. Thank you, Wendy.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss. This will help me as well as I lost an old friend of mine early last week. Thanks for this, it is a comfort.

  5. Hi All, Thanks for sharing your comments. I'm glad I could help in some way. If you have questions please email me if you need to. Blessings all.